Catch Return Responses

NameDateBeat FishedTime started fishingTime finished fishingNo of In Season Trout KilledTotal In Season Trout Under 9"Total In Season Trout 9" - 13"Total In Season Trout Over 13"No of in Season Grayling KilledTotal In Season Grayling Under 9"Total In Season Grayling 9" - 13"Total In Season Grayling Over 13"No of Out of Season Grayling CaughtNo of out of Season Trout CaughtNo of Salmon Parr CaughtRemarks
Mike Handyside01/01/2020Church Fields10:3012:001
Mike Handyside01/01/2020Banhadla13:3014:302
Wilf Nelson05/01/2020Banhadla11:0015:30629.47, warm and clear. Not a riot, all on PTN. Lot of river bed movement after recent high water
Rob Park25/01/2020Banhadla10:3012:30Blank
Mike Handyside31/01/2020Franklin12:0015:3012
Ian Baguley30/01/2020Carreghofa14:0015:30Zilch (despite perfect conditions.)
Pat Conner06/01/2020Banhadla10:0012:001
Pat Conner08/01/2020Mathrafal10:0013:0021
Pat Conner08/01/2020Graveyard13:3015:002
Steve Whitney08/01/2020Glantanat Isaf08:3012:301314Very mild day. Fish looking up and most took a dry in preference to a nymph.
Mike Handyside10/01/2020Dolobran12:0015:0022
Wilf Nelson11/01/2020Dolobran11:0013:3032Windy!
Mike Handyside11/01/2020Banhadla13:0014:301
Wilf Nelson19/01/2020Mathrafal11:0013:30Nowt! 1.3 and fairly clear. Big frost, no fish.
Mike Handyside19/01/2020Castellmoch Fawr12:3014:3011
Mike Handyside20/01/2020Banhadla13:0016:0011
Pat Conner24/01/2020Dolobran10:0013:003
Pat Conner24/01/2020Graveyard13:3015:0011
Ian Baguley23/01/2020Glantanat Isaf13:3015:3010.58 falling. Running clear. Misty afternoon.
Wilf Nelson25/01/2020Bartholemew14:0015:3012.5 is a good level here
Mike Handyside25/01/2020Glantanat Isaf11:3013:001
Wilf Nelson25/01/2020Glantanat Isaf16:0017:001
Mike Handyside25/01/2020Castellmoch Fawr14:0015:00
Mike Handyside05/02/2020Banhadla12:3016:001The grayling was two pounds or over.
Pat Conner03/03/2020Dolobran10:0013:3031Fished the lower end in the slacker water, very cold but saw LD olives. Good to finally get to the water.
Mike Handyside05/03/2020Mathrafal12:3016:3012
Pat Conner06/03/2020Mathrafal10:0014:0012
Mike Handyside06/03/2020Banhadla12:0016:0031
Ian Baguley07/03/2020Bartholemew13:0015:0011
Kevin Voyce06/03/2020Franklin12:3015:00Cynlliath tree lined sections make for tricky casting would suit 7' brook rod and 3# weight line. Tested the river with a set of spiders but no takes. River at 0.7m was clear but a bit too high for me although great the break the cabin fever and get out.
Mike Handyside14/03/2020Mathrafal11:3015:302
Mike Handyside19/03/2020Llyn11:3015:00
Mungo Munro20/03/2020Llyn11:3014:0011First day out this season. 5 degrees with a stiff easterly wind. No surface activity. 2 fish caught on one cast, Only fish touched.
Nick Browne20/03/2020Glantanat Isaf10:3012:3000000000000Nice day for a walk bit of a chilly windStandard catch return for me at this time of the year... Lots of debris underfoot from recent floods take care.
Mike Handyside20/03/2020Banhadla14:3016:30
Mike Handyside21/03/2020Dolobran11:0015:0022
Wilf Nelson21/03/2020Mathrafal10:3016:30011216Water very cold and a bit coloured, cold upstream wind. Brief hatch of Olives and LDO in afternoon. Couple off the top, rest on PTN. Pretty good considering.
Pat Conner23/03/2020Dolobran10:0013:0013
Ian Baguley23/03/2020Dolobran14:3016:303LDO hatch at 2.30 nice to see. Caught on dry fly.
Rob Park13/05/2020Carreghofa08:3014:30since not a booking may move. not remotely bothered if others cut in as long as social distancing just glad to be out.1ROD
Rob Park17/05/2020Llanblodwel09:3015:002 RODS - Brian Owen accompanyingNot a booking system so don't be put off just good to be out
Mike Handyside13/05/2020Carreghofa10:3016:00Going out to fish.
Steve Whitney13/05/2020Church Fields11:0014:00Out fishing
Steve Whitney13/05/2020Wigley's Fields14:3016:30Out fishing
Rob Park13/05/2020Carreghofa08:3012:002221All that you would expect clear low water algae++ nil rising and cold. No fry. Little insect life -all in all poor fishing. Thats the negatives out of the way marvellous to be out good to be alive and it beats the awful alternatives so many are facing right now.
Steve Whitney13/05/2020Church Fields11:0015:00422Nymphs and dries. Good hatches from about 1pm with a very few Mayfly peeling off. Unable to fish Wigleys as called away early.
Mike Handyside13/05/2020Carreghofa12:0017:00141All on dry. Best two were 13 and 14 inches.
Robert Boutflower16/05/2020Church Fields11:0015:00Fishing + picnic!! I’m lodging at Nantmawr just above so happy to give way to distance travellers.
Kevin Voyce15/05/2020Church Fields11:0015:30fishing 1 rod, chasing trout and freedom
Andrew Dale14/05/2020CarreghofaGoing out to fish from about 14.00
Rob Park17/05/2020LlanblodwelPlease ignore earlier entry Brian and I may go elsewhere given the changed circumstances
Mike Handyside15/05/2020Llanblodwel11:0016:00Going out to fish.
Sandy Chapple-Gill19/05/2020Mathrafal14:0018:00If anyone else will be there happy to move to upper Tanat
Ian Baguley15/05/2020Carreghofa13:3017:00Thought I would give it a go
Robert Boutflower16/05/2020Church Fields11:0015:00Pulling out because I now believe I currently reside in Wales...
Robert Boutflower15/05/2020Glantanat Isaf14:0017:00Going fishing
Rob Park17/05/2020Wigley's Fields09:3014:30Fishing with Brian Owen=2 rods
Rob Park17/05/2020Llanblodwel09:3015:00Fishing with new Member Brian Owen = 2 rods
Mike Handyside15/05/2020Llanblodwel12:0017:3012Really difficult in such low water, but best two were around 13 and 14 inches again.
Robert Boutflower15/05/2020Glantanat Isaf14:0017:3021Liberating.Nice to see I was checked out by Neil! Lots of wildlife.
Kevin Voyce15/05/2020Church Fields11:0016:0041Good fly hatch buzzing off the water all day, with trout rising from midday and throughout the afternoon along the entire beat. Baby Sun and Iron Blue Parachute dry flies proved best.
Ian Baguley15/05/2020Carreghofa13:3016:301220.23m Few mayflies but trout not interested. PTN for all. Oh....and next time I'll remember my waders!!
Robert Boutflower16/05/2020Llanerch Emrys13:0017:00Going fishing one rod
Robert Boutflower16/05/2020Llanerch Emrys13:0017:001Pied flycatchers, wood duck, and lots of fly life. Low water quite tricky.
Steve Whitney19/05/2020Church Fields09:3013:00One Rod
Steve Whitney19/05/2020Wigley's Fields13:3016:00
Rob Park17/05/2020Wigley's Fields15:0016:00Walked down and up with Brian effective fishing v little. No flies no dimpling.He has a good grasp of all the English water now.
Rob Park17/05/2020Llanblodwel13:3014:30Walked both ways dipped in a couple of times with Brian nil happening
Rob Park17/05/2020Carreghofa11:0012:0021Walked from the Horseshoes to Welsh Border bottom below the weir.No aerial flies apart from some midges nil rising or at least one did and was caught.Totally enjoyable occasion with Mr Owen who I hope enjoyed looking at the river.
Brian Owen17/05/2020Llanblodwel13:3014:30Thanks to Rob today for giving me his time and guidance. Low water, bright sunshine wasn't helpful
Brian Owen17/05/2020Llanblodwel13:3014:30Thanks to Rob today for giving me his time and guidance. Low water, bright sunshine wasn't helpful
Brian Owen17/05/2020Carreghofa11:0012:00
Brian Owen17/05/2020Wigley's Fields15:0014:00
Steve Whitney19/05/2020Church Fields09:3013:0012“Saw lots of fish and they saw me!” Very low and clear. Good hatches after 11am. All on dry fly in faster water.
Steve Whitney19/05/2020Wigley's Fields13:3015:00
Mike Handyside19/05/2020Llanblodwel19:0021:30Going out to fish.
Sandy Chapple-Gill19/05/2020Mathrafal14:0018:00022A few fish rising Water a bit thin Great to be on the river again
Mike Handyside19/05/2020Llanblodwel19:3021:3011The large one was 14 to 15 inches.
Charles Morris20/05/2020Carreghofa17:3018:30one or two rising. No fish but caught 2 poachers with the help of the Police!
Robert Boutflower25/05/2020BanhadlaGoing fishing
Kevin Voyce24/05/2020Carreghofa11:0015:30fishing 1 rod
Wilf Nelson24/05/2020Llanblodwel09:0012:00Fishing!
Sandy Chapple-Gill27/05/2020Mathrafal15:0020:00Plan to fish
Mike Handyside24/05/2020Church Fields13:0017:00Going fishing here later.
Andy Renwick24/05/2020Llyn12:0015:000010Blowy, cold wind, nothing showing Consistently ..... had the fish on the far side where there’s those stones 2/3 the way back to the dam...... couple of other pulls. Evaded the police in case 12 miles wasn’t local enough !
Mike Handyside24/05/2020Church Fields21Thought I had done really well landing a beautiful trout of about one and a half pounds, but got broken at the end by one which could have been twice the size or even bigger.
Wilf Nelson24/05/2020Carreghofa12:0016:30825Low, but various flies were hatching so fish were moving. Good fun
Wilf Nelson24/05/2020Llanblodwel09:0011:30722Clear and windy, but they were on, nymph and dry
Kevin Voyce24/05/2020Carreghofa11:0016:0021Trout smashing a steady but light mayfly hatch. Lots of hits and two fat trout on a Mohican May Fly pattern. Salmon parr was 6 to 8 inches. Retrieved 10m of line and a treble hook spinner from a tree about 300m up stream of weir. Designated parking area on grass verge could do with revising as a little tight for passing tractor and trailer traffic.
Rob Park26/05/2020Carreghofa15:0020:00I rod goin fishin
Mike Handyside25/05/2020Llanblodwel17:0021:30Going to fish this evening.
Richard Herzog26/05/2020Llanblodwel11:0016:00Would like to fish please.
Mike Handyside25/05/2020Llanblodwel17:0021:301
Richard Herzog26/05/2020Llanblodwel11:0015:302Enjoyably challenging. An inch or two of rain would be very welcome.
Steve Whitney27/05/2020Llanblodwel09:0011:30One Rod
Steve Whitney27/05/2020Wigley's Fields12:0015:00One rod
Rob Park26/05/2020Carreghofa15:3017:302345
Robert Boutflower25/05/2020Banhadla12:0018:0011Very low, bright and windy. Late hatch of Mays caused us to stay later, but nothing stuck although decent fish moving intermittently. The Barbie has a wasps nest in it... no longer.
Steve Whitney27/05/2020Llanblodwel09:3014:30251All on emerger patterns.
Ian Baguley28/05/2020Llanblodwel09:0016:00Intend to fish
Mungo Munro28/05/2020CarreghofaIntend to fish 9.00 to 16.00
Sandy Chapple-Gill27/05/2020Mathrafal18:0020:3000100000000Missed s couple
Mike Handyside28/05/2020Church FieldsGoing to fish later in afternoon.
Ian Baguley28/05/2020Llanblodwel09:0015:00131Ridiculously low clear and hot for May. A few rising fish. Mayflies about in the morning.
Andrew Dale14/05/2020Carreghofa13:0017:0000000000River very low and clear. Quite a good hatch of fly incl clouds of smuts, and occasional duns and mayfly; good numbers of fish rising, but they wouldn't look at anything on my line.
Nick Browne28/05/2020LlanblodwelGoing fishing 1800 onwards cheers
Mungo Munro28/05/2020Carreghofa09:3015:3023Extremely low, extremely hot, very little fly life. Flogged Carreghofa and Llanyblodwel. Missed a few, persisted with dry fly and had to go down to a size 24 Adams which took me 10 minutes to get the line through the eye and I couldn’t see half the time, before I had any joy. Obviously not in the same league as Wilf and Rob. Think I will wait for a bit more water or drop in temperature. Should have grubbed the bottom with a weighted nymph!!
Nick Browne28/05/2020Llanblodwel19:0021:0000100000000Mayflys on the top bumbling about just like me with my dry imitation...Reverted to a mayfly nymph bingo.........
Mike Handyside28/05/2020Church Fields17:0021:004
Robert Boutflower29/05/2020Wigley's Fields18:3020:001Very wary, plenty of fly but very tricky.
Wilf Nelson30/05/2020Church Fields19:3021:301211Dropped in on way back from Gamefishers. Nice olive spinner fall at 9pm in the quick rocky water at the top of the beat, some really nice fish moving - mainly away from me
Robert Boutflower30/05/2020Wigley's Fields19:3021:001River down 2” on previous night! Very little fly (compared to Wilf’s report), and only grayling at the top end showing. Have concerns about the resident merganser...
Steve Gauge02/06/2020Llanerch Emrys17:0020:30At least it was nice Evening, Didn't seem to be a lot of movement, half a dozen rises maybe but first go on the beat so not sure what 'good' looks like
Rob Park04/06/2020Carreghofa14:3016:0011
Andy Renwick04/06/2020Church Fields17:3019:3000000000Despite low water the pools are still deep, fished like a duffer, raised four nothing big, missed them all..... not much fly
Andy Renwick04/06/2020Ty Nant19:3021:0001Very thin, not much rising, had one beautiful small trout on a mayfly emerger......
Andy Renwick06/06/2020Carreghofa11:0012:3001Lost an hour helping a farmer rescue a cow we found fallen down the bank..... my guest Andy Barkley had a trout on a dry mayfly ..... very low, no pace to it
Andy Renwick06/06/2020Llanblodwel12:3013:30Nowt, very few flies, no mayfly, couple small fish rising.....
Andy Renwick06/06/2020Church Fields14:0014:3001My guest caught the fish, little seen, we moved on when the farmer started spreading muck
Andy Renwick06/06/2020Banhadla15:0017:00Very, very low, very quite some fish seen, lots of changes from the floods, saw two kingfisher say together
Sandy Chapple-Gill09/06/2020Mathrafal15:0019:00Plan to fish
Mike Handyside03/06/2020Llanblodwel12:3015:001
Wilf Nelson07/06/2020Franklin09:0013:00582Very clear, but lots of fly about and fish rising, and lots visible. Most on the dry, lost a 2lb+ job on a nymph. Lovely bit of water.
Wilf Nelson07/06/2020Llanerch Emrys13:3016:3032Fair few fish about at the bottom of the stretch. All on dry, left a fly in a good one. Some massive trees in the water, Mungo will need a giant chainsaw....
Steve Whitney08/06/2020Llanblodwel08:3015:30One rod.
Steve Whitney08/06/2020Llanblodwel09:3015:00362“Saw lots of fish...” but they didnt see me this time! Extra long leader, 7X tippet and CDC’s.
Nick Browne07/06/2020Banhadla18:3021:000210000000Sorry for late entryA haze of evening fly life not much surface activity apart from tiddlers splashing about. Low water the trout were bashing the fry about made for a very eventful and surprising catch.
Steve Gauge08/06/2020Junction16:3019:001Water very low along pretty much whole beat. Couple of decent fish moving in the bigger pools close to vwrnwy confluence but i spooked them from the high bank. oops
Robert Boutflower07/06/2020Glantanat Isaf15:0018:001Now very low, one chuck on a very long fine tippet or they’re gone. Challenging stuff! No rise particularly, just off fish mostly small.
Pat Conner09/06/2020Carreghofa09:0011:3043122Plenty rising, all on un weighted nymph.
Pat Conner09/06/2020Llanblodwel11:3014:0041
Pat Conner09/06/2020Church Fields14:3015:302
Ian Baguley09/06/2020Ty Nant12:0015:00211A struggle. Very few rising up here. 0.185 from memory far too low. Best fish 14 inch. Nymph better than emerger.
Mike Handyside12/06/2020Llanblodwel13:0016:3011
Timothy Bell12/06/2020Glantanat Isaf13:3015:3011
Kevin Voyce13/06/2020Llangedwyn Hall11:3013:30Low flow conditions, glides were clear and shallow not holding many fish. Tried dry fly but with no success.
Kevin Voyce13/06/2020Llanerch Emrys13:3016:3011Switched to Endrick spider on point and another rainbow bead headed spider on the dropper, landed both trout in the same cast off a riffle in to a deeper pool. Catchment desperately needs some rain otherwise it is going to be a long hard summer for fishing.
Wilf Nelson14/06/2020Franklin17:0020:3021Still low, still clear. All on dry. Fished up from Gamefishers below - saw some immense Grayling there, and one huge one on Franklin’s - mind boggling
Pat Conner15/06/2020Franklin08:3013:3051
Pat Conner15/06/2020Church Fields14:0015:3013
Ian Baguley15/06/2020Franklin12:3015:3032CDC emerger.
Mike Handyside15/06/2020Llanblodwel12:3015:00
Mike Handyside16/06/2020Carreghofa12:3016:0022
Wilf Nelson19/06/2020Ty Nant14:0017:00251Bit of water and colour, and rain and wind! Huge changes to the course of the river after the floods, like fishing a new river. Mostly in riffles on the nymph, fished the top end.
Wilf Nelson19/06/2020Banhadla17:0020:0079121Fairly pleasant evening, a few off the top, the bulk on the nymph. Good day.
Jon Edwards14/06/2020Llanblodwel19:0022:0032Dry Fly - excellent evening - lost another three and missed several more - better fisherman would have caught more!!
Steve Whitney20/06/2020Llanblodwel09:0014:3047612
Kevin Voyce20/06/2020Franklin11:0015:301Trawled the beat from top to bottom with a PTN nymph and spider. Didn't see a single fish rise all day.
Robert Boutflower14/06/2020Franklin15:3018:30Blank needs water
Wilf Nelson20/06/2020Glantanat Isaf08:3015:0022522Not the riot it appears to be! Early on was tiddler snatching on the dry, then in the pots and riffles from the farm and up, better fish on the nymph. State of the river is appalling- blanket brown algal covering everywhere. If we don’t question the farming practices In the valley - viz current muck spreading on the flood plain up to the rivers edge at Henblas, we’ll soon Have nothing.
Jeremy Schrecker20/06/2020Ty Nant13:0017:0041One pool completely vanished after floods leaves the old oak tree dry and stranded amongst pebbles. A few rising here and there, I managed to latch onto most of what I targeted with a Thorax Adams dry. Pleased to see the river taking the longer route though the steamer weed bit left side of the island going up.
Andy Renwick21/06/2020Llanerch Emrys10:0013:000110River was rising, caught the fish klink and dink on the nymph, lots of algae in the water, will be better tomorrow. Couple of rises and just the two fish, but it was like French onion soup....nice to see a bit of flow
Mike Handyside20/06/2020Llanblodwel13:0017:30213
Rob Park22/06/2020Ty Nant10:0012:30621
Rob Park22/06/2020Carreghofa14:0015:30221
Pat Conner22/06/2020Banhadla10:0012:30534
Pat Conner22/06/2020Glantanat Isaf12:3015:00632
Steve Gauge22/06/2020Church Fields17:0021:0011
Mike Handyside22/06/2020Llanblodwel12:0016:0031
Timothy Bell23/06/2020Glantanat Isaf10:3012:30000000Nothing moving
Ian Baguley23/06/2020Church Fields09:0011:30912Cracking grayling of 15 inches. Lively morning by my standards. Klink n dink mixture. All the accesses now cleared. Peter who lives at the top end is creating a garden from the field but is happy for us to fish through.
Terry Carrington22/06/2020Banhadla14:0016:0001000000000No rises. Strong downstream wind made things difficult.
Richard Herzog23/06/2020Llanblodwel10:0012:003
Steve Gauge23/06/2020Ty Nant17:0020:00Didn't see a fish at all until right at the end but i'd had enough by then
Ian Baguley25/06/2020Wigley's Fields07:0010:00522Insanely warm. All caught on emergers. Forgot you need nerves of steel to wade here.
Wilf Nelson27/06/2020Franklin08:3011:00121Low and clear and quiet, except for the 10 minutes when I parted company with 3 big fish on the bounce. Grrrrr
Wilf Nelson27/06/2020Llanblodwel11:3016:00121Very wet and quiet. Bottom end of beat has some nice new pools since the flood - with a bit of water should be good
Steve Whitney30/06/2020Carreghofa08:3014:003624
Andrew Dale30/06/2020Banhadla15:3017:00321River up a bit (.37 on the gauge) and carrying a bit of colour. Scattered hatch of fly hatching including a few late mayflies, a few fish rising but no sustained move just oncers. All fish but one on nymph.
Steve Gauge30/06/2020Llanerch Emrys17:0019:301
Pat Conner01/07/2020Franklin09:0013:306114Poor in the morning caught nothing but Parr until noon, a good hatch of small olives got them rising.
Pat Conner01/07/2020Glantanat Isaf14:0016:00913All the days fish caught on a 18 Duster , I lost count of fish lost including a large fish which moved deep and slow until it spat the hook.
Rob Park02/07/2020Franklin11:0011:30Didn't actually fish 2 anglers I have seen here in the past were setting up their spinning rods and sporting barbed triples on the metal work- I departed. I feel we either have this water and set the standard or go back to Phillip Franklins ticket £3/session. In the last 10 years it can be great water some of the best on the Tanat.I suspect they were going to fish the confluence for salmon with illegal tackle or were out to murder the trout/grayling.
Rob Park02/07/2020Llanblodwel12:0015:0005120115Only the grayling on emerger rest on nymph. Nil rising a few E.ignita 2pm plus some medium sedge.
Mike Handyside01/07/2020Llangedwyn Hall13:0016:00623
Ian Baguley02/07/2020Banhadla14:0017:001111Morning spent strimming. There are now paths you can walk through
Wilf Nelson02/07/2020Wigley's Fields10:0011:30314a few fish looking up, all on the dry except the parr. lost the usual lunker, this time a grayling - one day my luck will change
Pat Conner02/07/2020Carreghofa11:0014:0043
Terry Carrington02/07/2020Carreghofa13:0016:300200021210
Kevin Voyce02/07/2020Glantanat Isaf12:0017:0012Iron Blue Parachute & Griffiths Gnat dry flies
Web Master04.07.2020Llyn09:00Test entry
Web Master04.07.2020Llyn07:00Test entry
Mike Handyside04.07.2020Llangedwyn Hall13:0015:0032With the river up good to be catching fish still on a kink and Yellow French Partridge may fly.
Mike Handyside04.07.2020Wigley's Fields15:3016:00
Mungo Munro02.07.2020Banhadla14:0016:00111
Mike Handyside05.07.2020Banhadla11:3015:0023Satisfied with five on a dry fly, although one took it submerged.
Mike Handyside05.07.2020Banhadla11:3015:0023Satisfied with five on a dry fly, although one took it submerged.
Wilf Nelson05.07.2020Ty Nant08:0011:308224very windy, bit of colour in the water helped
Wilf Nelson05.07.2020Llangedwyn Hall12:0015:004125
Mike Handyside06.07.2020Mathrafal11:3017:0046212
Steve Gauge06.07.2020Banhadla17:0020:30211
Wilf Nelson07.07.2020Mathrafal08:3014:306512215clearer than expected, no surface activity, cold and wet. Everything stopped at about 1pm. All on GRHE
Wilf Nelson07.07.2020Dolobran15:3016:30111had a quick go at the top, rose one of the big boys and pulled the fly out of his mouth, then hooked him next cast on the nymph - as per usual he came off.
Mike Handyside08.07.2020Banhadla11:3015:3081
Steve Gauge08.07.2020Ty Nant10:0015:302Foul weather. Slow fishing. Better than being at work
Wilf Nelson08.07.2020Llanblodwel09:0016:30951215.3 is just about right here. Very few rising fish, though as the deluge started some fish started rising. mostly on PTN, best fish a very chunky 14 inches. missed far more than I landed, they were skittish.
Pat Conner08.07.2020Glantanat Isaf09:3011:3072
Pat Conner08.07.2020Banhadla11:3015:0051
Wilf Nelson09.07.2020Llyn11:0016:30711Too much water int river, so braved the track to the Llyn. Just caught the end of a good rise, all fish taken off the surface, biggest 17 inches. Plenty of good fish showing for the first 2 hours, went very dead after that.
Mike Handyside09.07.2020Llyn12:3017:0081
Steve Gauge10.07.2020Llyn09:0014:3021
Pat Conner10.07.2020Mathrafal09:0015:006152cold down stream wind made it hard going, all fish caught on heavy hares ear near the bottom. Plenty rising but have a feeling they were taking emerging midge, tried everything in fly box.
Wilf Nelson10.07.2020Llyn09:0013:0061Very windy, and the fish were coming short - trying
Wilf Nelson10.07.2020Castellmoch Fawr14:0017:307134Good height at .42, nice clear tea colour. All on #16 Ptn, plenty came off too. Grayling were superb - 2 at 16ins, and one nearly 18
Pat Conner10.07.2020Mathrafal09:0015:00611312Correction! I forgot Grayling were in season
Kevin Voyce10.07.2020Banhadla12:3017:0061My guest accounted for 4 trout on Iron Blue Parachute and PTN, I had 3 on soft hackle dry fly. Well done to the grounds staff for a well strimmed path allowing easy access to the bend up stream of the hut.
Kevin Voyce11.07.2020Mathrafal11:0016:002Both grayling and trout freely rising all day and taking dry fly. Iron Blue Parachute and Klinkhammer tempted two good sized grayling. Two days out fishing out on the trot, you can tell the wife is away for the weekend!
Mike Handyside12.07.2020Llyn11:0014:303
Andy Renwick12.07.2020Llyn10:0013:3051Bright, sporadic rises, nothing to dries, pulled wets on an intermediate
Andy Renwick12.07.2020Llanerch Emrys14:3018:0021Lost a clonker on a nymph ( maybe 1.5lb) in the run below the old foot bridge.....size 16 hook didn’t find a proper purchase
Brian Owen12.07.2020Llanerch Emrys14:3018:0011Both on dry fly
Brian Owen12.07.2020Llyn10:0013:3022Nice Brownie over 2lb, all took an imitation tadie
Robert Boutflower12.07.2020Castellmoch Fawr15:3017:301
Charles Morris12.07.2020Llyn14:3015:301Got one immediately near the dam and then the rise stopped and no further action. I enjoyed the picnic
Ian Baguley13.07.2020Arllen Fawr10:0015:0031218All on nymph despite lots of little fish interested in my dry fly.
Pat Conner14.07.2020Glantanat Isaf08:3011:3042
Pat Conner14.07.2020Banhadla11:3014:30213
Terry Carrington14.07.2020Carreghofa14:0016:3024
Charles Morris15.07.2020Church Fields16:3018:301
Richard Herzog16.07.2020Banhadla10:0013:3021Spotted some nice fish. 18" grayling my best in a few years.
Terry Carrington16.07.2020Llanblodwel13:0016:302131
Terry Carrington16.07.2020Llanblodwel13:0016:302131
Wilf Nelson16.07.2020Carreghofa16:0020:0031651Good to start with but went very dead from 5ish - picked some belting cherries which made up for it
Pat Conner17.07.2020Carreghofa08:3012:004231All on dry and better fish on the move than of the last week or so best grayling 16" best trout 17".
Pat Conner17.07.2020Franklin12:3016:0063All on grhe wind picked up, spotted some large trout here and there. Best fish 18" A very good day.
Mike Handyside15.07.2020Llanblodwel19:3021:3011
Jeremy Schrecker19.07.2020Graveyard11:0014:3011Gin clear water, bright sunny , fish mostly hiding
Jeremy Schrecker11.07.2020Graveyard10:0016:3011111River level was a bit high, used a dry , should have tried a nymph
Steve Gauge17.07.2020Castellmoch Fawr15:0017:30Water very low and wind making it very tricky. Kites, Kingfishers and an Otter made up for it
Steve Gauge19.07.2020Church Fields14:0016:301
Kevin Voyce20.07.2020Church Fields10:0014:001Quieter than a covid19 paranoid shopping centre.
Wilf Nelson19.07.2020Llyn08:3012:0031Fish were rising a plenty on arrival, but stopped pretty much dead after 9am. Dawn start must be worth a try!
Wilf Nelson19.07.2020Dolobran13:3017:301112low, gin clear, no fly, made for trying conditions. Saw some good fish and lost a decent one.
Steve Gauge20.07.2020Carreghofa17:0019:30111
Richard Herzog21.07.2020Banhadla11:0015:0011
Mike Handyside22.07.2020Llanblodwel19:0022:0032
Richard Herzog24.07.2020Llyn10:3014:00122Two peregrines chasing a mallard was highlight of the day.
Mike Handyside24.07.2020Llyn12:0015:002
Mike Handyside24.07.2020Llanblodwel20:0021:30
Wilf Nelson25.07.2020Caersws08:3016:3076131I booked this on my Gamefishers card, but thought it worth noting My return for the interest of other members. Fished the upper llandinam stretch, which was busy - 5 other anglers. Low, but still lots of water, clear and difficult. It’s a great piece of water, would recommend not fishing it on a weekend though. Too late in season for a hatch, but I’m reliably informed that in season, fly life is good.
Pat Conner26.07.2020Glantanat Isaf11:3013:0011
Pat Conner26.07.2020Wigley's Fields13:3015:002
Jeremy Schrecker25.07.2020Llyn12:3016:3024A few fish taking off the surface near the trees
Kevin Voyce26.07.2020Banhadla13:3016:001
Mike Handyside28.07.2020Mathrafal11:0017:00621
Mike Handyside29.07.2020Franklin11:3014:30213
Steve Gauge28.07.2020Glantanat Isaf17:0020:303
Steve Gauge30.07.2020Llyn07:0014:0012
Pat Conner30.07.2020Mathrafal09:0014:00311
Pat Conner30.07.2020Graveyard14:0015:00
Richard Herzog30.07.2020Llyn16:3020:30523
Pat Conner31.07.2020Carreghofa06:0009:30242232So glad I got up early it was a nice cool morning with plenty of fish rising, all on dry best fish 15".
Terry Carrington31.07.2020Llanblodwel10:3013:005
Robert Boutflower01.08.2020Junction09:0010:00Reccy
Wilf Nelson01.08.2020Llyn07:0011:0012fish rose for an hour and then stopped - hard work
Wilf Nelson01.08.2020Franklin12:0016:30421low, clear, but a few started rising about 2 pm - all the good ones on the dry
Graham Lloyd02.08.2020Llyn09:3013:30
Steve Gauge03.08.2020Llanblodwel17:0020:001Lost a good one 5 minutes in and landed a nice one 5 mins before finishing. Very little happened in between.
Terry Carrington04.08.2020Llanerch Emrys14:0016:301
Paul Stevenson05.08.2020Caersws11:3017:00Intend to fish 5/8
Ian Baguley06.08.2020Mathrafal09:0019:00PHIL BOSTOCK is the Riparian rod who fishes Mathrafal very occasionally. He will be on this water tomorrow, just in case you intend to fish and should meet him, or wish to leave him in peace.
Paul Stevenson05.08.2020Caersws11:3017:301111Plenty of water, but strong downstream wind made it hard going.
Pat Conner06.08.2020Banhadla09:0013:0051322
Pat Conner06.08.2020Glantanat Isaf13:3015:0031
Mike Handyside06.08.2020Llyn12:0016:30632Largest was two and a quarter pounds.
Kevin Voyce07.08.2020CaerswsOne rod to fish Caersws on Friday 7th August
Terry Carrington06.08.2020Ty Nant14:0017:002
Ian Baguley06.08.2020Llyn16:3019:0031Rising VERY selectively.
Paul Stevenson06.08.2020Llyn10:0013:0011Some rising off the damn early on
Paul Stevenson06.08.2020Church Fields14:3017:002
Paul Stevenson06.08.2020Mathrafal18:3020:3011Evening session. Watched what I thought was a young otter but having checked was probably a mink ... ?
Kevin Voyce07.08.2020Caersws10:3016:001122Regulation releases from Clywedog reservoir providing a cool relief to the hot conditions. Easy wading across wide level gravel and stone river bed. Both trout and grayling rising freely until about mid afternoon. All caught on Soft Hackle dry and Iron Blue Parachute, best fish a hard fighting 12" trout.
Andrew Dale08.08.2020Llyn14:0016:3022Rather bright with an intermittent light breeze. A few fish rising to small surface flies, probably flying ant. All fish caught on small dry black and ginger emergers.
Paul Stevenson08.08.2020Franklin12:3014:301Hot and no surface activity. Tried Glantanat after and the same.
Michael Lloyd08.08.2020Mathrafal18:3021:00
Michael Lloyd09.08.2020Llanerch Emrys13:0014:30
Graham Lloyd08.08.2020Mathrafal18:3021:001
Graham Lloyd09.08.2020Llanerch Emrys13:0014:30
Jon Edwards02.08.2020Church Fields19:0021:0011Few fish moving early on and then went quiet eerily quiet - lost one - upstream dry fly - great fun as ever
Richard Herzog11.08.2020Llyn12:3016:0051Much better than expected considering bright calm conditions. Best fish 16 inches. Apologies to the chairman for 'water disturbance'.
Ian Baguley11.08.2020Llyn15:0018:0012Ashamed to say got snapped twice. But it wasn't the Greater Pale Herzog which also swims this water. Be warned.
Mungo Munro24.07.2020Llyn12:0016:00821
Mungo Munro12.08.2020Llyn16:0019:30711Interesting evening although very short session due to the end of the world being nigh. (Massive thunderstorm) watched the water for a while sheltering in the car and there was a rise of fish many of which were large. Guest fishing with me, we both rose and lost around a further 10. Not bad for just short of an hour and a half of fishing. Very difficult journey home as the roads were under about 6” of water.
Pat Conner13.08.2020Llyn07:0015:00921All fish caught on a small muddler due to spasmodic hatches of sedge, had a lot of refusals and missed lots of takes. Best fish a fat 17". Well worth sunstroke and that track.
Ian Baguley14.08.2020Dolobran12:0015:00121Best 18 inches. Lots of larvae, few hatching, fewer still rising fish, but CDC emerger brought them up.
Wilf Nelson16.08.2020Banhadla09:0014:3016522445If I wasn’t such a dolt would have got a lot more - all on the nymph, they were spitting a #14, but taking a #16. Biggest Trout 19ins 2,75 lbs, Grayling 18 ins. Seemed like hard work at the time, not after!
Mike Handyside17.08.2020Franklin12:0014:3011Largest was seventeen and a half inches.
Rob Park17.08.2020Ty Nant10:0012:3034114Perfect conditions to start them the downpour + retreated.NZ all on nymph 1 Otter 2 Mink 4 Kingfishers 1 salmon
Kevin Voyce18.08.2020Banhadla12:0016:00Banhadla Farm intend using fishing hut for afternoon party on Tuesday 18th August. Banhadla beat will still be open for fishing as normal.
Pat Conner18.08.2020Banhadla10:0013:3041
Steve Gauge09.08.2020Banhadla07:3010:001
Steve Gauge14.08.2020Llyn07:3014:301Tried everything, well obviously everything except the right thing, Fish moving but very little expression of interest
Steve Gauge17.08.2020Glantanat Isaf17:0018:30River was swollen, fast and filthy, wasn't a lot of fun, then it started raining for good measure
Mungo Munro19.08.2020Llyn10:3014:0062Wild overcast day. Great ripple but very little surface movement. Plenty of healthy 8-9” fish.
Pat Conner19.08.2020Caesiencyn10:0014:003
Pat Conner19.08.2020Llyn15:0018:0071
Mike Handyside20.08.2020Mathrafal12:3016:3055
Rob Park20.08.2020Mathrafal10:3011:0021Walked straight to the bottom of beat to find the water at a good ht but chocolate coloured able to see about 3in into the water- suspended particulates don't know nature but certainly not the pristine water of a couple of years ago when MM and I first fished it.Packed up and walked up find water in the leat but the turbine was not working but perhaps earlier.D/W MH and seemingly the water cleared over the next few hours.
Rob Park20.08.2020Dolobran11:3014:303211Needed more water gin clear .Tough access with summer vegetation
Rob Park23.08.2020Llyn13:0015:30552
Mike Handyside24.08.2020Mathrafal12:0017:30412Fished Dolobran between 13.00 and 15.30.
Mike Handyside24.08.2020Dolobran13:0015:3031131Largest brown trout was two and a half pounds.
Terry Carrington24.08.2020Llyn11:0016:00542All but two fish caught by my guest my son, might have to reconsider future invitations!
David Barker24.08.2020Llyn09:0010:302Beautiful morning on the Llyn, no wind at all and blue skies. Plenty of fish rising and lost 4 at the take. Both fish took a white Klinkhammer. Some excellent lunges on a skated Daddy. Great fun.
Terry Carrington26.08.2020Llyn11:0015:30102Return covers two rods.
Pat Conner27.08.2020Llyn09:3017:00165Cold and damp and not much rising but fortunately they were looking up. Good day.
Wilf Nelson30.08.2020Glantanat Isaf07:0010:0083111Very cold morning, .61 on gauge, didn’t get a touch till the run below the farm. Mad hour - all the fish came from there, 17 and 19 inch trout, and an 18 inch Grayling too. All on a super heavy #12 ptn. Didn’t get a touch anywhere else
Mike Handyside31.08.2020Banhadla13:0016:3045311
Steve Gauge31.08.2020Llyn07:0010:30111
Michael Lloyd31.08.2020Llyn10:0015:004
Graham Lloyd31.08.2020Llyn10:0015:005
Pat Conner02.09.2020Glantanat Isaf09:0012:00351Fished up with various nymphs and never had a touch then changed to spiders to fish back down, best two hours ever on a welsh river. smallest 12" biggest 18".
Pat Conner02.09.2020Banhadla12:0014:001242
Steve Gauge01.09.2020Ty Nant16:3019:301
Kevin Voyce04.09.2020Church Fields11:3014:3011River running clear but at 0.56m a bit too high not making for comfortable fishing. Nothing rising, both fish on deer hair caddis.
Timothy Bell04.09.2020Glantanat Isaf13:3015:301211
Andrew Dale31.08.2020Caesiencyn12:3014:00Nothing interested.
Andrew Dale31.08.2020Glantanat Isaf16:3017:3021
Mike Handyside05.09.2020Banhadla11:0016:3063114
Rob Park05.09.2020Glantanat Isaf15:3017:301233
Mike Handyside06.09.2020Franklin11:0013:3011
Mike Handyside06.09.2020Llanblodwel14:0016:3012
Brian Owen06.09.2020Franklin11:0013:30
Brian Owen06.09.2020Llanblodwel14:0016:3011Many thanks to Mike for his company and direction, I learnt a lot.
Jeremy Schrecker04.09.2020Glantanat Isaf12:3016:0011
Jeremy Schrecker06.09.2020Ty Nant12:3016:30111
Wilf Nelson06.09.2020Banhadla08:0012:0022232
Pat Conner07.09.2020Castellmoch Fawr13:0015:00131
Pat Conner07.09.2020Bartholemew15:3016:3012
Mike Handyside07.09.2020Mathrafal11:0015:0041332
Richard Herzog08.09.2020Banhadla11:3014:001111
Pat Conner08.09.2020Carreghofa09:3012:301131
Pat Conner08.09.2020Glantanat Isaf13:0015:001
Ian Baguley09.09.2020CaerswsIntend to go and try it out
Terry Carrington09.09.2020Llanblodwel11:0015:003
Ian Baguley09.09.2020Caersws11:0016:00411Best 16 inch. All took dry emerger and ignored the nymph despite little hatching. Hot day.
Rob Park10.09.2020Caesiencyn12:0012:30Too low
Mike Handyside10.09.2020Franklin11:0011:3011
Mike Handyside10.09.2020Llanerch Emrys12:0016:303114
Rob Park10.09.2020Franklin12:3013:00Didn't fish. Hookagat/Annscroft AC 2 rods had tip off about the water. Used to able to get on here
Rob Park10.09.2020Llanblodwel13:0013:30Water became "milky" with silt consequent of bankside work above the bridge. Unfishable not a great start
Rob Park10.09.2020Banhadla14:0016:00121
Pat Conner10.09.2020Mathrafal09:0016:0025368512Not a touch until mid day then it all went hectic, almost every cast was a fish which were all on P&0 spider. Very incouraging the amount of salmon parr on both rivers this year.
Pat Conner10.09.2020Dolobran16:0017:0011322Mad hour on the top pool.
Richard Herzog10.09.2020Llyn12:0014:003Cool breeze, little movement. Redshank! Never seen one here before.
Kevin Voyce12.09.2020Banhadla10:3013:0011Fulfilled my promised to take my wife fly fishing via a guest ticket. After 4 missed hits she landed a nice brownie and a grayling on an Iron Blue Parachute, not bad for a first timer. Although if the truth were known she was more excited by the picnic lunch and a bottle of white wine at the hut than the prospect of actually fishing. My reward, many brownie points were awarded!
Wilf Nelson12.09.2020Mathrafal10:0017:00611313Unbelievably hard. strong downstream wind was a nightmare and chilled me to the marrow. Not much fun.
Mike Handyside13.09.2020Carreghofa12:3016:00331
Charles Morris08.09.2020Carreghofa15:3017:30water quite muddy, strong wind
Pat Conner14.09.2020Ty Nant07:3011:301
Pat Conner14.09.2020Dolobran11:3017:00952Very hot day with plenty of surface activity, all caught on black beetle.
Steve Gauge15.09.2020Banhadla16:3019:002
Richard Herzog15.09.2020Llyn15:0018:0041
Pat Conner14.09.2020Llyn11:3017:00My entry for Dolobran was for meant Llyn, apologies
Mike Handyside16.09.2020Llyn11:0015:3032
Terry Carrington17.09.2020Mathrafal10:3015:302111Return covers two rods.
Rob Park18.09.2020Mathrafal09:3014:30121234Poaching evident bottom of beat spinner and braid in tree it’s still there!
Mungo Munro18.09.2020Llyn11:0015:301031Lovely day on the Llyn. Fished with guest. Great wave all day, however only the occasional rise. Best fish a fat 15”. The track up is an obstacle course of pheasants as they are feeding them by spreading the feed along the middle of the track. Best way to avoid the pheasants is not to slow down too much. They will get out of the road. The gamekeeper is leaving the gate open, if you find the gate open please close as it is just laziness on his part.
Kevin Voyce19.09.2020Mathrafal11:0016:00121All to dry flies
Wilf Nelson19.09.2020Llanblodwel11:0017:002423very clear
Wilf Nelson20.09.2020Glantanat Isaf16:3017:001lovely balmy evening, not much happened, water gin clear, bottom still covered in grot
Steve Whitney01.09.2020Glantanat Isaf08:0013:0021
Pat Conner21.09.2020Llyn11:0014:301My guest/wife had the only one of the day, less said about that the better.
Richard Herzog22.09.2020Wigley's Fields13:3015:3014
Nick Browne22.09.2020Llyn11:0014:00The wind was blowing and temp dropped there's my excuses and I'm sticking to them... Great to get up there in challenging conditions. Cheers once again great club.
Steve Gauge19.09.2020Llyn08:3010:301North Easterly and low cloud cover made it bitterly cold and removed some of the fun.
Steve Gauge19.09.2020Arllen Fawr11:3013:30Quite Low and never saw a fish but very pleasant after being frozen at the Llyn
Mike Handyside24.09.2020Franklin10:3011:303
Mike Handyside24.09.2020Banhadla12:0017:002251
Rob Park25.09.2020Glantanat Isaf11:3014:302231V challenging casting in strong wind and cold just good to be out.Small rise overnight water peaty coloured.Leaves ++
Mike Handyside26.09.2020Llanblodwel11:0016:0056Fished at Carreghofa briefly.
Mike Handyside26.09.2020Carreghofa13:0014:0031Largest trout were 13 and 15 inches.
Wilf Nelson26.09.2020Glantanat Isaf08:0010:3021Cold, clear
Mike Thompson22.09.2020Llyn11:0014:001
Jon Edwards13.09.2020Bartholemew18:3020:00Stunning evening as was the condition of the River other than the lack of fly life / surface activity. Missed a couple to the dry fly - need to do better but didn't matter - just fab as ever!!
Pat Conner28.09.2020Mathrafal10:0016:30325313
Richard Herzog28.09.2020Banhadla13:0016:00116Hares ear nymph. Little surface activity.
Steve Whitney01.10.2020Banhadla10:0013:003121
Mike Handyside01.10.2020Llyn11:3013:001
Mike Handyside01.10.2020Banhadla15:0018:0021114The largest trout was near 13 inches and of the four big grayling the best was 16 inches.
Mike Handyside02.10.2020Llanerch Emrys10:3013:302132
Mike Handyside02.10.2020Wigley's Fields14:0014:30111
Graham Lloyd03.10.2020Mathrafal11:3015:30
Michael Lloyd03.10.2020Mathrafal11:3015:30
Mike Handyside07.10.2020Banhadla12:0015:302141
Mike Handyside07.10.2020Glantanat Isaf16:0017:001222
Ian Baguley07.10.2020Llyn10:0015:00Few takes just couldn't hook them. Few rising at the top end.
Steve Gauge07.10.2020Carreghofa16:3018:001
Mungo Munro07.10.2020Llyn71Last throw of the season for the Llyn. Great to see more Members fishing this great little Llyn.
Wilf Nelson10.10.2020Bartholemew11:0014:001124left my vest behind, so limited flies, and i fell in. Plenty of water .6 on the gauge. best trout an 18 inch beauty
Wilf Nelson10.10.2020Glantanat Isaf15:0017:301112 nice trout from the bridge pool
Mike Handyside10.10.2020Glantanat Isaf12:0013:303
Mike Handyside10.10.2020Banhadla14:0015:302
Mike Handyside11.10.2020Castellmoch Fawr12:3014:001
Mike Handyside13.10.2020Franklin11:0013:3015
Terry Carrington14.10.2020Glantanat Isaf10:0015:00110
Steve Whitney15.10.2020Banhadla09:0014:00125Trout - 2 over 13ins, 3 at 9-13ins.
Terry Carrington16.10.2020Caersws10:0016:00Intend to fish subject to any releases from clywedog.
Paul Stevenson16.10.2020Caersws11:0017:00Intend to fish 16/10
Paul Stevenson15.10.2020Arllen Fawr11:0014:301Good conditions, 0.6 on the scale and clear water, just couldn't find the fish
Paul Stevenson16.10.2020Caersws11:3016:3024Fished top end of Llandinam.
Terry Carrington09.10.2020Caersws10:3015:001511Return covers two rods.
Terry Carrington16.10.2020Caersws10:3015:001511Return covers two rods.
Andrew Dale17.10.2020CaerswsAndrew Dale and Jeffrey Olstead intending to fish.
Kevin Voyce17.10.2020Dolobran11:0015:30111Flood drawdown releases and leaf fall made for tricky wading and fishing conditions. Access along beat could be improved with a couple of stiles. Picked off all three, and missed a whole lot more on dry fly just above the weir.
Steve Whitney15.10.2020Bartholemew09:0014:00Mistakenly put Banhadla as beat fished on this date so please use that catch return for Bartholemew, where I did actually fish. Apologies for mistake!
Mike Handyside18.10.2020Banhadla11:3014:302
Wilf Nelson18.10.2020Glantanat Isaf10:3018:002322Water unbelievably clear after the rise in the week. A small hatch of olives and a rise to go with it at 2 ish. Saw a salmon, a dipper and an egret. Hard work
Steve Whitney19.10.2020Llanerch Emrys09:0013:00326Trout - all 9-13 ins.
Ian Baguley19.10.2020Mathrafal11:3015:304321Flotilla of leaves eventually stopped play. All grayling were rising and took a dark parachute.
Ian Baguley20.10.2020Caersws10:0016:30Intend to fish
Mungo Munro20.10.2020Caersws10:0016:30Intending to fish
Mike Handyside19.10.2020Llanblodwel14:0015:302
Mungo Munro20.10.2020Caersws11:0014:30Very low water, nasty down stream wind, no rising fish.
Andrew Dale17.10.2020Caersws11:0016:003Return for two anglers. No grayling but three nice trout best of which was 15". V.nice water.
Wilf Nelson08.11.2020Franklin12:3015:30118Fished up from Gamefishers below, trout very active on the shallows, Grayling less so. Hooked a monster Salmon on Gamefishers, well over 20lbs, there are a few about!
Pat Conner09.11.2020Banhadla10:0015:003312
Brian Owen09.11.2020Ty Nant13:3015:00Nice walk
Mike Handyside10.11.2020Franklin11:0012:30
Mike Handyside23.11.2020Llanblodwel12:0014:001
Pat Conner23.11.2020Mathrafal10:3015:00115
Pat Conner24.11.2020Banhadla10:3015:00413
Mike Handyside24.11.2020Franklin12:0014:00
Mike Handyside26.11.2020Carreghofa11:3014:0021
Rob Park28.11.2020Carreghofa09:3012:00221Driech
Rob Park28.11.2020Church Fields13:0014:303
Brian Owen26.11.2020Banhadla11:3015:3011
Brian Owen28.11.2020Church Fields10:0012:00
Brian Owen28.11.2020Wigley's Fields12:0013:00
Brian Owen26.11.2020Franklin13:0015:0011
Andy Renwick28.11.2020Church Fields10:0012:0011Clonker of a grayling at 2lb 4oz ( weigh net) lost another
Andy Renwick28.11.2020Wigley's Fields12:0013:00Nowt but lost two..... rusty
Andy Renwick28.11.2020Franklin13:3015:00Nothing seen or hooked or landed, dead as a door nail ....
Andy Renwick28.11.2020Bartholemew15:0016:00Nothing- lost the light
Pat Conner30.11.2020Mathrafal10:0014:00215
Pat Conner01.12.2020Banhadla10:0013:0041
Pat Conner01.12.2020Glantanat Isaf13:0014:30
Rob Park30.11.2020Llanerch Emrys10:0014:001
Mike Handyside05.12.2020Banhadla11:3014:001
Mike Handyside07.12.2020Banhadla12:0014:301
Pat Conner08.12.2020Ty Nant10:0014:0016All out of one run on nymph, never had a pull anywhere else.
Pat Conner15.12.2020Mathrafal10:0012:00
Pat Conner15.12.2020Dolobran12:0014:0032
Mike Handyside02.01.2021Church Fields11:0013:302
Wilf Nelson02.01.2021Franklin13:3014:301Fished up from Gamefishers below, surprising amount of activity, everything on the shallows where the water was steady
Wilf Nelson02.01.2021Llanblodwel15:3016:0011Missed quite a few too
Rob Park03.01.2021Llangedwyn Hall10:0012:302
Rob Park03.01.2021Llanerch Emrys13:3015:0011
Brian Owen03.01.2021Llanerch Emrys10:0013:001
Brian Owen03.01.2021Llanerch Emrys13:3015:301
Brian Owen09.01.2021Church Fields11:0012:00
Brian Owen09.01.2021Wigley's Fields13:0014:0011
Robert Boutflower10.01.2021Carreghofa14:3015:30Bit late but ‘daily exercise’. Met Roger Taylor, landowner.
Andy Renwick10.01.2021Llanerch Emrys11:0013:00121Quieter than I thought it would be, lost a decent grayling...... put a ‘no parking’ sign on the gate
Andy Renwick03.01.2021Llanerch Emrys10:0013:302Couldn’t catch a grayling, must be something wrong with my flies, water still a bit pushy
Andy Renwick03.01.2021Llangedwyn Hall14:0015:00Nowt, to be fair a cormorant had just been through the first bit..... even he looked hungry as Rob Park had beaten him to it in the morning!
Andy Renwick14.02.2021Llanerch Emrys11:0012:00Day cold and grey, low light - a little sleet driven in from the East.....
Andy Renwick14.02.2021Llangedwyn Hall12:0013:301Finally found a couple of fish- lost the first at the net when it shot under my right arm close to my body and snagged the dropper in my waistcoat - shook itself off the barbless hook. Had an identically sized fish five minutes later.....
Web Master15.02.2021Franklin06:0007:301test
Web Master14.02.2021Carreghofa09:3014:001
Mike Handyside28.02.2021Franklin11:3013:00
Brian Owen05.03.2021Church Fields10:0012:001
Brian Owen05.03.2021Wigley's Fields12:0013:00
Brian Owen05.03.2021Llanerch Emrys13:3015:30
Andy Renwick05.03.2021Church Fields10:0011:30Nowt
Andy Renwick05.03.2021Wigley's Fields11:3012:302One grayling in fast water about a foot deep..... the other from the pool at the top
Andy Renwick05.03.2021Llanerch Emrys13:3015:30Lost two, expected to do better...... lovely to be out though
Pat Conner2021-03-30Dolobran10:3012:3021Nice to be out. Too much water but managed to catch two on nymph and one on dry.
Pat Conner2021-03-30Mathrafal13:0015:00
Ian Baguley2021-04-01Llanblodwel13:0016:0020.54 clear and very cold. Used a coch-y-bondhu across and down. 12 and 13 inches but had a few other knocks.
Kevin Voyce2021-04-03Carreghofa11:3015:3021Slow cold start with first fish to PTN nymph on Klink and Dink set up followed by a couple of knocks on partridge and orange spider with PTN nymph. 13:30 to 14:30 classic early April Large Dark Olive hatch bringing a number of fish to the surface, switched to a Soft Hackle CDC dry fly to land a 10" Grayling and a 8" Brownie.
Pat Conner2021-04-04Mathrafal10:3015:3011Lost a nice fish in the morning then nothing until 2:30 when a hatch of March browns brought them up, largest was a lovely fat fish of 19 inch.
Robert Boutflower2021-04-03Caesiencyn12:0014:003 prs of Goosanders
Robert Boutflower2021-04-03Castellmoch Fawr14:0016:002 prs Goosanders and a nesting female
Robert Boutflower2021-04-03Arllen Fawr16:0017:302 prs Goosanders. Nice walk, just such a lovely stretch of water with a couple of frightened fish in it.
Pat Conner2021-04-08Banhadla10:0013:001
Kevin Voyce2021-04-08Carreghofa11:3015:0021Started off quiet with no interest in black spider and PTN nymph. Fly hatch (March Brown?) from 13:45 raised a couple of fish. All fish caught during hatch on Soft Hackle Dry fly.
Mike Handyside2021-04-09Llanblodwel11:3015:3012
Mike Handyside2021-04-12Franklin12:3014:00
Pat Conner2021-04-13Carreghofa11:0015:00311
Mike Handyside2021-04-13Mathrafal11:0011:30
Mike Handyside2021-04-13Dolobran12:3017:00113Largest brown trout was two and a half pounds.
Kevin Voyce2021-04-13Dolobran11:3015:004Light hatch of March Browns and Olives from 13:45 to ~15:00 tempting fish to the surface. Grayling between 8" to 10" all caught on Soft hackle dry fly.
Ian Baguley2021-04-13Mathrafal13:3016:00Fished the lower stretch intensely without a nibble until I saw 6 eyes watching me. 3 adult mink far bank. Do you think there's a connection?
Pat Conner2021-04-21Mathrafal11:0015:30
Pat Conner2021-04-14Mathrafal11:0015:30Pressed the wrong button on previous return it should be 14th sorry.
Wilf Nelson2021-04-16Mathrafal09:3010:00too low and clear, decided to move
Wilf Nelson2021-04-16Banhadla11:0016:001a last minute OSG saved a blank. Water incredibly clear, and I think the overnight frost put them down. A smattering of Grannom about - rose 2, missed one the other came off. The floods have effected a total change, nothing is the same. Saw quite a few good sized/large fish, but they werent playing ball
Terry Carrington2021-04-16Llanblodwel11:3014:00
Mike Handyside2021-04-17Llanerch Emrys11:3012:30
Mike Handyside2021-04-17Carreghofa17:3018:00Only fished for 15 minutes as came across someone who had decided to have several days holiday camped next to and under the road bridge! As the idividual had included fishing, by rod and line (worming), in his holiday package I spent the entire evening waiting for the police. They didn't attend, but Paul from the Horseshoes pub kindly helped during the incident.
David Carrington2021-04-18Carreghofa12:0015:004221Very good few hours in the afternoon, warm, sunny spells. Hatch of fly around 1pm, brought fish up. Fished Kink and dink, with a grey Klinkhammer + PTN. All fish in excellent condition (will plump up more through May). Great first day on the river.
Rob Park2021-04-05Llangedwyn Hall11:0014:003
Rob Park2021-04-13Ty Nant11:0014:00312 of the brownies 18in usual minor predator damage
Nick Browne2021-04-19Llangedwyn Hall10:3013:00
Pat Conner2021-04-19Franklin10:3015:00112
Terry Carrington2021-04-19Llanblodwel12:0014:002
David Carrington2021-04-20Llanblodwel13:3016:0021The Grayling was 15” long, and was looking tired from spawning, took a bit of time to recover, but swam off strong eventually. Not much rising today, but a hatch of fly all the same.
Michael Lloyd2021-04-18Mathrafal15:0016:30
Graham Lloyd2021-04-18Mathrafal15:0016:30
Mike Handyside2021-04-20Mathrafal11:3013:301
Mike Handyside2021-04-20Dolobran14:0015:301
Kevin Voyce2021-04-21Glantanat Isaf11:3014:30No sign of fly or fry
Pat Conner2021-04-22Ty Nant12:0015:00☹️
David Carrington2021-04-24Banhadla13:0015:00Bright afternoon, small hatch of fry, nothing rising, nothing seen.
Robert Boutflower2021-04-25CaerswsIntend to fish
Paul Stevenson2021-04-30Caersws10:0016:00Intention to fish Fri 30 Apr
Pat Conner2021-04-26Mathrafal10:3014:00151Plenty rising but very easy to spook, but a long leader managed to fool a few here and there.
Pat Conner2021-04-26Dolobran14:3016:302A nice 21 inch beauty to finish the day. All fish on dry.
Mike Handyside2021-04-27Mathrafal11:0012:301
Mike Handyside2021-04-27Dolobran13:0016:00131The largest trout was very slightly under three pounds.
Pat Conner2021-04-29Carreghofa11:0015:001611Intermittent olive hatches, cold downstream wind was a pain but had a 15 inch beauty for my hard work.
Mike Handyside2021-05-02Banhadla12:0014:001
Pat Conner2021-05-02Franklin11:0014:301
Pat Conner2021-05-02Wigley's Fields14:3015:301
Andy Renwick2021-05-01Llanerch Emrys15:3018:3011Fished with Andy Barkley my guest, he had a lovely trout of 1lb 15oz on a dry.... rare fish indeed ( as rare as 19lb 15oz salmon). I’d forgotten my dry fly boxes and had to fish with tungsten nymphs - so not productive
Michael Lloyd2021-05-03Mathrafal10:3012:00
Michael Lloyd2021-05-03Dolobran10:3014:0012
Graham Lloyd2021-05-03Mathrafal10:3012:00
Graham Lloyd2021-05-03Dolobran12:3014:00
Charles Morris2021-05-02Banhadla15:0016:00
Mike Handyside2021-05-05Mathrafal11:0016:30514All on dry, except the first two small fish. Largest trout were three pounds and just over three and a half pounds. Two hours of this time was at Dolobran.
Mike Handyside2021-05-05Dolobran14:0016:0011
Pat Conner2021-05-06Mathrafal10:3017:30433Plenty rising, caught fish first thing then nothing until 4:30 then had a mad hour. Very cold and windy.
Ian Baguley2021-05-06Dolobran11:3013:301Only two fish rose. Spent the afternoon Mink searching and I thing the Mathrafal ones have now cleared off.
Mike Handyside2021-05-07Church Fields13:3015:3032
Ian Baguley2021-05-07Banhadla14:3016:30111The grayling was 2 pounds plus. Small olive hatch around 4 pm.
Pat Conner2021-05-07Dolobran10:3013:3011
Pat Conner2021-05-07Graveyard14:0017:00634All on clink and dink and the grayling were all around 15 inch.
Wilf Nelson2021-05-07Llanblodwel12:0016:3053quite good really, plenty of fly hatching - mainly olives, a few grannom, hawthorn and march Browns, and a few fish looking up. Carreghofa would probably have been a better bet. Thankfully most of the grot has been shifted by the high water.
Nick Browne2021-05-10Glantanat Isaf10:3014:0011The biggest of the browns was a smasher wen unhooking it there was probably 3or4 earth worms and fry in its mouth/ throat. Water coloured up copper colour dropping of nicely.
Graham Lloyd2021-05-10Llanerch Emrys15:0016:30
Michael Lloyd2021-05-10Llanerch Emrys15:0016:302
Robert Boutflower2021-05-12Mathrafal16:0018:304Size 14 March Brown, missed several good fish 2 Goosanders only
Mike Handyside2021-05-13Mathrafal11:0017:30223Everything today on dry. Two hours at Dolobran. Largest trout at Marthrafal was two and three quarter pounds.
Mike Handyside2021-05-13Dolobran14:0016:004Largest trout was again two and a quarter pounds. The fish on the previous entry was just under (two pounds and 11 ounces).
Mike Handyside2021-05-13DolobranTwo and three quarter pounds, not two and a quarter!
Paul Gompertz2021-05-14Mathrafal13:0017:001
Terry Carrington2021-05-19Caesiencyn12:0014:30Awkward down stream wind,no fish showing.
Terry Carrington2021-05-19Ty NantBeat fished Ty Nant not Caesiencyn.
Mike Handyside2021-05-27Mathrafal10:3016:30223One weighed four pounds and three ounces.
Pat Conner2021-05-27Dolobran10:0015:0033
Freddie Allinson2021-05-27Ty Nant11:0012:301
Freddie Allinson2021-05-27Dolobran16:0019:00no dice
Mike Handyside2021-05-28Banhadla12:3014:00
Rob Park2021-05-28Castellmoch Fawr12:0014:30
Terry Carrington2021-05-28Llanblodwel12:0014:00
Kevin Voyce2021-05-31BanhadlaPlan to use hut for family BBQ 12pm to 4pm, beat open to anyone who wants to fish.
David Carrington2021-05-31Mathrafal13:0016:001Found pockets of rising fish, but impossible to catch, tried various different dries and eventually caught one, haven’t a clue what they were taking!! Sun burnt through late afternoon and went very hot.
Terry Carrington2021-05-31Mathrafal13:0016:00
Mike Handyside2021-06-01Church Fields18:0021:0042
Michael Lloyd2021-06-01Graveyard09:0010:302
Michael Lloyd2021-06-01Llanerch Emrys12:0013:30
Graham Lloyd2021-06-01Graveyard
Graham Lloyd2021-06-01Llanerch Emrys12:0013:30
Ian Baguley2021-06-03Carreghofa10:3012:3031On a big dry fly. Few Mayfly about. One fish about 1.5 lb. All action before 11.00.
Pat Conner2021-06-03Mathrafal08:3013:00
Pat Conner2021-06-03Graveyard14:0015:00
Mike Handyside2021-06-04Llanblodwel10:3014:30111
Paul Gompertz2021-06-03Mathrafal11:3016:3011Hard work and a tricky wind
Paul Gompertz2021-06-04Mathrafal10:3014:301
Paul Gompertz2021-06-04Banhadla17:3019:3021
Mike Handyside2021-06-05Carreghofa11:0015:30831
Paul Gompertz2021-06-05Banhadla10:3015:003
Paul Gompertz2021-06-05Mathrafal17:0019:304
Kevin Voyce2021-06-06Carreghofa12:0016:001Trout splashing around chasing a steady Mayfly hatch.
Pat Conner2021-06-07Carreghofa07:0012:00311Walked up the llanyblodwel beat nothing rising caught all and missed a few fish before 9am on spent mayfly until I lost it up a tree.
Mike Handyside2021-06-07Mathrafal11:3017:0023
Ian Baguley2021-06-07Carreghofa09:3012:301Hard work. Warm muggy and a rare up stream breeze. Eventually one took a size 12 Mayfly.
Graham Lloyd2021-06-06Mathrafal09:3014:00
Michael Lloyd2021-06-06Mathrafal09:3014:001
Pat Conner2021-06-08Glantanat Isaf09:0011:0021
Pat Conner2021-06-08Franklin11:0015:0052All on mayfly missed a few and lost two good fish.
Richard Herzog2021-06-10Wigley's Fields10:0011:0011Very little activity. Bigger fish 16 inches.
Richard Herzog2021-06-10Carreghofa11:0012:001
David Carrington2021-06-10Franklin14:3017:30Walked and fished the whole stretch, very nice water. Very quiet, nothing moving, not a fish seen. Fished a Mayfly, Mayflies hatching and dancing in the field top end of the beat.
John Wood2021-06-10Banhadla12:3014:0011Good conditions, but little moving - only saw a handful of mayfly
John Wood2021-06-10Carreghofa14:3015:30
Pat Conner2021-06-10Mathrafal09:3015:00Very little rising and a frustrating downstream wind.
Mike Handyside2021-06-11Llanblodwel18:0020:302
Wilf Nelson2021-06-11Franklin14:3018:001Difficult! Nothing rising, but river at a good level, and saw plenty of good fish. Suspect they were waiting for the main event - whilst a few mayfly were hatching, as I walked back there was a huge amount of spinners ready to fall - I’d suggest starting at 6.30 would pay over the next few days. Lost one big trout.
Kevin Voyce2021-06-12Mathrafal11:3016:001
Mike Handyside2021-06-12Carreghofa11:3014:3011
Pat Conner2021-06-12Carreghofa18:3009:0022Plenty rising but not to mayfly, I caught on a 16 dry. All went quiet 8pm
Jeremy Schrecker2021-06-12Graveyard11:0017:00
Pat Conner2021-06-13Franklin17:3008:0032Had to go down to a size 18 dry and had good sport, lost three good fish due to small hook. Very warm.
Pat Conner2021-06-15Mathrafal09:3014:30
Mike Handyside2021-06-16Llanblodwel18:0021:00312Combined catch including the day ticket.
Charles Morris2021-06-16Franklin17:3018:30Nothing rising
Jon Edwards2021-06-12Wigley's Fields15:3018:00Lost two and missed a few to dry fly
Jon Edwards2021-06-12Banhadla18:3020:30Disappointingly quiet - very few fish showing despite reasonable numbers of Mayfly