Beats 10 - 15

This page has the map and details of where to park your car (use both the Ctrl and + keys for Windows to expand the map and Cmd + for Mac users)

Car Parking Areas (a document with all the access details and car parking areas is available for download on the Club Matters page)

Parking Beats 10 (See P7 on Map)


There is adequate lay-by about where figure 10 appears on fishing map, with gate to field which is owned by riparian owner (Mr Wigley, Bryn-y-Groes). Marked as P7 on the map. Looking west.


Parking Beat 11 (See P8 on the Map)

For section above the bridge, park in the parking area at the church. Note that we no longer have rights in first field above Llanyblodwell bridge, but do in second and third.

Please leave the river at upper limit of Beat 11 and not wade through to Beat 10


Parking Beats 14 and 15 (See P10 on Map)

Access Aber-Tanat down the farm access road. After passing the farm cottages on your left bear right through a gate; the cheese factory is a modern building on your left and the car park is immediately adjacent.

Access to the river is via walking from the cheese factory past the bungalow next door continuing down the lane towards the gated bridge over the river. Just before the bridge turn left through the double field gates (we can also park on the verge opposite these gates) and walk up river towards the railway embankment where there is a stile over the fence onto the embankment. Continue upriver to our bottom limit above Carregoffa weir.

A downloadable sketch map is here.