Consolidated Catch Returns 2017 - 2021

Rob Park10/01/2017811:0014:3030122
Andrew Renwick05/02/20176A10:3012:0011Not sure how long a 1lb 12oz grayling should be, but over 13 inches I'd say.... must get a scale on my rods stuck on
Andrew Renwick05/02/2017812:0015:001Nice but lean trout of 1lb caught, lost two grayling one a thumper.....
Steve Whitney16/02/2017810:0015:30112Took trout on a dry fly and the Grayling on a nymph. A few LDO's hatched around lunchtime.
Mike Handyside10/01/20171214:0016:0022
Mike Handyside13/02/2017814:0016:00413Two "clonkers", largest weighed at two and a half pounds.
Mike Handyside14/02/20171414:0016:30211Previous entry should have been 13.01.2017. New water.
Mike Handyside16/02/2017814:0016:3011Previous fish (14.02.2017) should have been over 13 inches as about two pounds.
Wilf Nelson08/01/2017810:3015:305221000low and clear, very little happening, about 1 hours activity then nothing. .37 on gauge
Wilf Nelson19/02/2017811:0014:30040313very clear and quite low .41 on gauge. Quite a good hatch of olives from midday to 1.30 ish which stirred the fish up, then completely dead, biggest Grayling 14 ins about 1.5lbs, the others all 11-12 inches. Saw one rise, all on PTN.
Wilf Nelson11/03/2017Ty Nant10:3016:000101636.65 on Gauge, bit of colour, mild. Quite a bit of fly about - mainly Olives and the odd March Brown and a few fish rising to them - mainly trout of which I got 6 to about 13 inches all in good nick except for Cormorant damage (lots of Goosander about too). Grayling all on a pair of nymphs, fished up and downstream - got quite a few in very fast shallow water at the tail of pools and runs. biggest about 1.75lbs.
Mike Handyside14/03/2017Church Fields11:0012:00211
Mike Handyside14/03/2017Llanyblodwel12:3015:301
Anthony Appleton19/03/2017Glantanat Isaf13:3014:30431
Mike Handyside18/03/2017Carreghofa13:3015:002113
Mike Handyside18/03/2017Llanyblodwel15:0016:302111
John Simister21/03/2017Llyn10:3012:00431Snowing/Sleet
Anthony Appleton21/03/2017Llyn10:3011:3011Forestry track needs handling with extreme caution, been heavily used during the winter.
Mungo Munro24/03/2017Banhadla11:0015:0010100000000First outing of the season. Lovely day but cold easterly wind. Hooked and lost good fish in afternoon on dry fly when there was a vary short burst of fly life River looks great
Rob Park24/03/2017Banhadla11:0014:303122Bright cold NE wind 5.9M on gauge. March Browns at 1pm and a few LDO plus a couple of sedges - not close enough to identify.Fished wet nowt rising.
Wilf Nelson25/03/2017Banhadla12:3016:002028.5 on Gague. hatch of LDO in progress on arrival quite a few fish rising. got 2 trout (12 and 13ins) in 3 casts and 8 small grayling all on PTN. Went completely dead at 2.30pm. Warm and sunny
Kevin Voyce25/03/2017Glantanat Isaf10:3016:0000000000001River gauge 0.52m, water clarity clear. 8" Salmon parr caught on Greenwell Spider (no interest in Partridge & Orange hackled wet fly), and hooked and lost 2 fish to PTN. Fish rising to Olive hatch between 12pm to 3pm on warm afternoon. Couple of rises to Iron Blue Parachute, however failed to connect with any.
Andrew Dale24/03/2017Bartholemew14:0016:000000The wading in the bottom section of this beat is treacherous and should not be attempted without studded or felt-soled waders. The water is extremely cold in March, I know from bitter experience.
Andrew Dale26/03/2017Ty Nant11:0015:30001A nice sunny day but a cool upstream wind. A good scattering of march browns hatching in places but very few risers. One lovely out of season grayling (15.5") caught on a bead-head hares-ear nymph.
Robert Wilkinson28/03/2017Banhadla10:3016:302114River at 0.47,flies used size 14 and 16 copper head bugs,best trout 13".hatch of LDOs around dinner a few fish rising to them.
Rob Park31/03/2017Glantanat Isaf11:0013:0000.65M on gauge bit peaty looking lovely day in shrewsbury - raining blowing a hoolee from the West say 25mph plus gusts. wet fly only option 1 tug only
Rob Park31/03/2017Banhadla14:0015:0011Conditions worse if anything than this morning didn't mention rain too. Retired dejected.
Nick Browne30/03/2017Glantanat Isaf13:0016:00000River rising 0.8 level a bit brown moderately coloured.
Mike Handyside29/03/2017Banhadla13:3016:303
Mike Thompson25/03/2017Banhadla11:3015:30
Andrew Dyas23/03/2017Banhadla12:0015:3011
Andrew Dyas28/03/2017Banhadla12:0013:3011
Wilf Nelson02/04/2017Ty Nant11:0015:00220001.67 on gauge and a nice colour - too much water for the time of year. some fly hatching, nothing rising. expected better
Anthony Appleton03/04/2017Glantanat Isaf13:0014:301
Anthony Appleton03/04/2017Banhadla14:3015:0011
Ian Baguley03/04/2017Arllen Fawr12:0014:0000000000300Falling river, clear, fast. Beautiful stretch. A few March Browns fluttering about and the occasional rise.
Mike Handyside04/04/2017Carreghofa13:0017:00
Mike Handyside04/04/2017Llanyblodwel17:3018:00
Andrew Dyas05/04/2017Glantanat Isaf11:0015:0011
Mike Thompson05/04/2017Banhadla11:3015:30223
Richard Herzog08/04/2017Llyn12:0016:00633Glorious weather, bright and warm with a little breeze. Fish rose well for about half an hour at about 2.30 pm when the wind dropped a bit. Saw 2 kites and a peregrine. We are fortunate indeed to have access to this wonderful place.
Mike Handyside07/04/2017Carreghofa13:0016:002
Wilf Nelson09/04/2017Ty Nant11:0013:30111.42. Some Grannom about, clear, windy difficult, gave up.
Kevin Voyce09/04/2017Ty Nant11:3015:300100River level at 0.43m running clear and good level for fishing the many pools and riffles. Hard days fishing battling a westerly wind blowing downstream causing havoc with casting. No fly hatches observed and no fish seen rising all day. Tried prospecting with a Elk Hair Caddis dropper and PTN to no interest. Similar story with Greenwell Spider and Black Peacock Spider wet flies. One 7" out of season grayling finally succumbed to a Gold Head Diawl Bach nymph.
Mike Handyside10/04/2017Carreghofa13:0014:30112Fished Llanyblodwel for an hour this session. See next entry
Mike Handyside10/04/2017Llanyblodwel14:3015:3011
Anthony Appleton13/04/2017Llyn12:0013:30312
Wilf Nelson15/04/2017Glantanat Isaf10:0014:0094414.38. V. Clear, windy. Fish were on from the start, had most from the bridge area in 1st hour. biggest trout 14ins on shuttlecock, everything else on PTN. Lost a monster (4lbs +) at top end, snapped me up - was fishing a 3lb bottom due to clarity - rats!
Rob Park15/04/2017Carreghofa10:3011:301Cold bright and windy water very clear.
Mike Handyside17/04/2017Glantanat Isaf14:0017:00221
Andrew Dale07/04/2017Carreghofa11:0014:001Nice sunny day, Water quite high, but fairly clear. A few grannom on the water, but no rises seen. Fished up from the weir to the road bridge; one grayling C12" on bead-head nymph.
Robert Wilkinson18/04/2017Ty Nant10:3016:30224River at .36,sunny light wind. Olives and stonefly hatching,a few fish rising from 1230.
Mike Handyside20/04/2017Carreghofa14:0016:00112
Steve Whitney21/04/2017Banhadla09:0012:30221Water still cold with only a very sparse trickle hatch of olives after 1200.
Kevin Voyce22/04/2017Llanyblodwel11:0012:00000River level 0.32m, bright sunny day with cool wind. Attempts at trawling a combination of Diawl Bach Nymph & Copper John Nymph, and Gold Head Grey Shrimp & Copper John Nymph through the various riffles enticed as much interest as a voter turn-out to a local by-election. Nil. No fish observed rising, with only a light fly hatch underway before noon.
Kevin Voyce22/04/2017Carreghofa12:0015:30111River level 0.32m. At the first sight of a rising fish nymphing was discarded in favour of an Iron Blue Parachute #14 and rewarded first cast with a 9" brown trout just after lunch. Fish were again rising by mid afternoon to a light hatch of olives and black gnats with a cracking 15" Grayling also taken on the Iron Blue Parachute #14. Faith once again restored in 'chucking the fluff'.
Rob Park22/04/2017Carreghofa11:0012:301Cold and bright river at 0.32 fishing with Guest
Rob Park22/04/2017Llyn14:3017:00541All caught by my Guest - Marcello on dry - black gnat England 0 Italy 5 whats new
Anthony Appleton22/04/2017Ty Nant10:3012:0000Challenging !
Rob Park25/04/2017Carreghofa11:3013:000
Rob Park25/04/2017Llanyblodwel14:0016:000Impossible. Will not return to the river until its warmer and we have had some rain.
Mike Handyside30/04/2017Church Fields14:3017:00743Dry fly. A wren has nested immediately over the stile two thirds up the beat, just upstream of the last white cottage opposite. I have put a branch over the stile to mark it, which is best avoided.
Mike Handyside30/04/2017Llanyblodwel17:0017:30
Anthony Appleton01/05/2017Glantanat Isaf10:3012:0011
Mike Handyside01/05/2017Banhadla12:3017:004221
Mungo Munro02/05/2017Banhadla13:3015:3011Few fish rising but mainly small. Trout caught 12" and in great condition. Lost 2 other good fish, all on dry fly. Water still low despite the recent rain. We need a good flush to clean up the river and get the fish moving.
Robert Wilkinson02/05/2017Wigley's Field10:3012:3022Few fish rising,fish caught on dry fly.
Robert Wilkinson02/05/2017Glantanat Isaf13:0017:00221
Anthony Appleton03/05/2017Llyn11:3013:00321
Andrew Renwick05/05/2017Glantanat Isaf16:0018:3000000Tough; bright sun, east wind, low water 0.28m. Saw a trout, moved one to a black klinkhamer, scared one away. A bit of cloud cover would have been nice! Some more water will be needed soon and badly.
Andrew Renwick06/05/2017Church Fields09:3011:30223Water very low and clear, sporadic rises, but eventually reverted to a clink and dink. All the fish came to the nymph, size 16 black tungsten bead pheasant tail. All the fish were holding in the faster water at pool heads. My guest fell in which cut short our adventures while he changed into dry clothes, we went off to the Llyn.
Andrew Renwick06/05/2017Llyn12:3015:30532Cold east wind, but fish moving on the top, some swirls to the dry fly and abortive takes, went to a black pennel palmer #10 and a small #10 cormorant, caught a decent fish of a pound, but swallowed the fly so kept it for tea. The fish had been eating croxia ( water boatmen) which may explain the strange rises. Pulling wets worked well around the willows at the western end.... I sprayed some WD40 on the hinges and stays of the record box up there as they were a target stiff and rusty.
Andrew Renwick06/05/2017Ty Nant16:3019:0011Difficult, few fish showing, got a small one on the nymph, not much of a hatch and no rise. At least today the overhead conditions were better. Some rain and westerly winds would be lovely.
Mike Handyside05/05/2017Church Fields13:3016:0033
Mike Handyside07/05/2017Carreghofa13:0016:0011Very good fish 15 inches or more on dry
Kevin Voyce06/05/2017Glantanat Isaf11:0016:0011River level 0.27m and approaching summer low flow conditions, with no fish stirring initially up to 2pm. Prospected with Klinkhammer and nymph to little success. Between 2pm and 4pm a good hatch of small and large olive and iron blue flies had the fish rising. Ginger Quill, Kites Imperial dry fly were quickly tried and ignored by a riffle of rising fish, with a Grey Duster eventually tempting an 8" brown trout. Yellow and Olive Klinkhammer also attracted some splashy rises but I missed all the takes.
Wilf Nelson07/05/2017Llanyblodwel15:0017:0011very clear, a few fish showing, had about 6 more hit and spit, so with better luck it would have been a good couple of hours
Mike Handyside09/05/2017Carreghofa13:0017:306231Dry fly
John Wood25/04/2017Llanyblodwel11:3013:001
John Wood25/04/2017Carreghofa14:0016:00
John Wood11/05/2017Banhadla17:0020:005311perfect evening - plenty of rises - best 14"
Mike Handyside13/05/2017Carreghofa14:0016:003111Best trout was sixteen and a half inches
Mike Handyside13/05/2017Church Fields16:0017:00111
Richard Herzog14/05/2017Llanyblodwel10:0012:00221Few fish rising, fish took gold ribbed rabbit nymph (poor man's GRHE) well below surface.
Wilf Nelson14/05/2017Carreghofa15:0006:0075200000100Low, clear, difficult, but quite a lot of fish rising. All on a Paragon. New beat below weir is lovely. Mayfly about already
Kevin Voyce14/05/2017Banhadla16:3019:0011Trout rising frequently at tails of riffles and occasionally on some of the glides. Saw two or three large trout, unfortunately they too saw me and scattered. Caught on soft hackle dry fly, no interest in gray duster, yellow & olive klinkhammer or elk hair parachute. Large number of long tail flies (spinners?) hatching plus three large mayflies.
Anthony Appleton14/05/2017Glantanat Isaf11:3012:3000
Anthony Appleton15/05/2017Llyn11:0012:3011
Rob Park17/05/2017Carreghofa11:0012:0033
Rob Park17/05/2017Glantanat Isaf12:3015:00541All on N spiders Mayfly appearing should be good at Llanyblodwel this weekend
Mike Handyside17/05/2017Carreghofa14:0018:3012102Two of the fish were caught in the lower part of Llanyblodwel
John Wood18/05/2017Banhadla12:0015:00211excavations in river upstream turned water very coloured from c 2pm
Nick Browne18/05/2017Glantanat Isaf11:3013:3011I think it would have been a More productive beat, but maintenance work with machinery to the fields drainage at top of the beat coloured the water, good excuse hey ........
Nick Browne18/05/2017Wigley's Field14:0015:3000Lots of fly hatch's the trout are waking up!!!
Rob Park18/05/2017Carreghofa11:3012:300
Rob Park18/05/2017Llyn13:0014:000
Wilf Nelson19/05/2017Carreghofa12:3014:30422Few mayfly about, lost a whopper that took a French partridge fished wet
Wilf Nelson19/05/2017Glantanat Isaf09:0012:00128403Plenty of fly and rising fish, olives, hawthornes and midges. Most on a paragon, biggest 11 ins, saw a monster taking emerging mayfly against the bank. So big thought it was an otter!
Mike Handyside21/05/2017Banhadla12:3017:0077Lost a really good fish
Anthony Appleton22/05/2017Llyn10:0011:3022hard work ! very few fish rising with easterly wind off the dam.
Mike Handyside22/05/2017Carreghofa14:3017:0011Just when you thought it couldn't get more difficult (low water) the surface of the lower beat is seed soup (from the trees)!
Robert Wilkinson23/05/2017Carreghofa10:3015:3022Both trout 13 inches,around the pound mark,caught on dry fly,plenty of mayfly hatching,few fish rising to them.
Robert Wilkinson23/05/2017Church Fields16:0018:30111
Robert Wilkinson23/05/2017Church Fields16:0018:3011Should be one caught not eleven.
Rod McNamara24/05/2017Banhadla14:3021:308242One really good fish pricked that went over 3 lbs. One of the fish above weighed just under the 3 lbs taken from beneath the oak on the left bank adjacent to the field at Henblas. My guest for the day took 5 of the above fish and had a wonderful day. He was so enamoured with the environs and the quality of the water and fish that he has asked if it would be possible if he could be placed on the membership waiting list? If this is possible I shall pass the relevant contact details onto him. Should it be required I am able to vouch for Mr Karl Roffey my freind of some years standing and an excellent fisher. I should also mention that he was also very impressed with the "no-stocking" policy that the club has adopted.
Rob Park25/05/2017Llyn12:0015:006141All one black gnats dry.Good breeze @22C a few fish rising but so much better.
John Wood25/05/2017Llyn12:0015:00927despite being hot and sunny, a good ripple and enough on the top to give good sport
Nick Browne25/05/2017Llanyblodwel18:0021:002200Massive mayfly hatch on the river swarms of them.....
Anthony Appleton26/05/2017Llyn10:0012:00624
Mungo Munro27/05/2017Llyn09:3012:30312Very blustery day with strong east south easterly wind. Not many fish moving. All caught on a size 14 dry black gnat. Several fish missed. All fish in great condition.
Wilf Nelson28/05/2017Carreghofa16:0020:000410Low and clear. Quite a lot of mayfly about and olives. Fish very wary, need rain
Mike Handyside30/05/2017Banhadla15:0019:0031Fishing with guest
Mike Handyside31/05/2017Carreghofa13:3017:3091All on Mayfly. Four were from lower end of Llanyblodwel
Robert Wilkinson31/05/2017Carreghofa10:3014:002Hooked and lost a couple.
Robert Wilkinson31/05/2017Banhadla14:3020:0025Landing net found below iron bridge,contact number 07715519100 to arrange return.
Richard Herzog01/06/2017Llanyblodwel11:3013:3022River definitely flowing better but disappointing lack of fly hatching or fish rising. Fish caught on mayfly nymph.
John Wood02/06/2017Carreghofa13:0017:001411damp and drizzly - not much moving - few mayfly - best 13"
Mungo Munro02/06/2017Llyn10:0015:0013
Mungo Munro02/06/2017Carreghofa06:3018:002
Rob Park02/06/2017Llyn10:0015:00000Total blank
Rob Park02/06/2017Carreghofa16:3018:001grim
Mike Handyside03/06/2017Ty Nant14:0017:3051Although it is all but finished, they continue to take the Mayfly artificial well
Kevin Voyce04/06/2017Banhadla11:0014:3032River level 0.26m, still low but seams to have freshened up a bit with the localised showers. Fish rising sporadically throughout beat with no discernible fly hatch. First couple of fish caught on Gray Duster, much to the delight of my son who spotted the rise. The remaining fish took Olive Parachute and Orange Quill dry fly.
Mungo Munro04/06/2017Llyn08:3011:301Cold westerly wind blowing hard. No fish showing. Raised a few disinterested fish on dry and caught one daft one fishing into the teeth of the wind. Better luck next time
Nick Browne06/06/2017Banhadla15:3016:3000000000000Loads of water good colour nasty wind thou!!!! Made for entertaining casting.
Nick Browne06/06/2017Glantanat Isaf17:0018:3000000000000
Paul Stevenson03/06/2017Castellmoch Fawr11:0017:0031
Paul Stevenson04/06/2017Carreghofa11:0014:00River very low, no fish sighted
Paul Stevenson04/06/2017Ty Nant15:0017:00River low, windy, no fish sighted
Paul Stevenson06/06/2017Llyn13:0016:301Incredibly windy, gusts 40mph + quite a miracle to catch one
Anthony Appleton11/06/2017Arllen Fawr10:3012:00011
Rob Park13/06/2017Caesiencyn11:0013:004
Rob Park13/06/2017Banhadla14:0017:008201Mainly on N spiders. Riverbed looks great after this rain.Nothing rising.
Mike Handyside13/06/2017Glantanat Isaf12:3016:307121
Robert Wilkinson13/06/2017Caesiencyn11:3014:0001
Robert Wilkinson13/06/2017Castellmoch Fawr14:3018:002Both caught on spiders.
Nick Browne14/06/2017Bartholemew13:0016:0001000000000Not fished this beat before, worth a visit for sure cheers.
Mike Handyside17/06/2017Carreghofa12:0016:30Also fished towards end at Llanyblodwel. Water was very clear to start with then turned cloudy. More dredging or gravel extraction as reported by a member a few weeks ago? Either way fishing spoilt.
Mike Handyside17/06/2017Carreghofa12:0016:30Re last entry, nil return also included guest John O'Connor.
Wilf Nelson17/06/2017Banhadla18:0010:30093river at .4 and clear. Hooked a good fish on a nymph early on, as per usual this season it snapped me up. All other fish on the dry, good rise of fish in the riffles after 8.30pm, lots after 9.30pm. all on Paragon. Olives hatching late? biggest 11ins
Robert Wilkinson25/07/2017Llanyblodwel11:0016:001111
Robert Wilkinson25/07/2017Ty Nant16:3019:0012
Ian Baguley20/06/2017Carreghofa17:3019:0001032
Kevin Voyce26/06/2017Carreghofa15:3018:30Lifeless! The only positive was that I had left work early and at least wasn't sat at my desk.
Kevin Voyce26/06/2017Llanyblodwel18:3020:001'last cast saloon', Elk Hair parachute tempts three brown trout to rise from the plunge pool at the base of the bridge, landing one 10" and failing to connect with the other two.
Mike Handyside26/06/2017Glantanat Isaf19:0022:001022111All on dry. Perfect conditions: warm, hint of summer rain and not a breath of wind. The largest trout was very silvery, possibly a sea-trout.
Andrew Dale27/06/2017Llyn15:0014:3002A pleasant hour and a half in the quiet of the hills, except for the 12 motor-cyclists racing through the forest. Overcast but calm with only a slight breeze. Lots of fish rising to a hatch of small dark sedges and midges in the surface. Two nice fish of about 10" each, one on a wet heather fly and the other on a small diawl bach.
Anthony Appleton30/06/2017Glantanat Isaf12:0013:30111
Kevin Voyce30/06/2017Llanyblodwel09:0012:30111Shoal of rising grayling working the bubble line off a riffle kept me entertained initially working through my dry dry collection to see what would capture their attention. With a #14 Coch-y-Bonddu finally drawing up a 8" and stunning 16" grayling. The brownie fell for a Gray Duster Parachute.
Mike Handyside03/07/2017Ty Nant19:3022:00511
Nick Browne06/07/2017Bartholemew19:3009:0000000000Massive hatch's not a trout to be seen ...nice to stand in a cold river though on a hot humid night!
Anthony Appleton10/07/2017Llyn10:0011:303
Robert Wilkinson12/07/2017Church Fields11:3014:001nice brownie around 12inch on dry fly,lost 2 smaller ones.
Robert Wilkinson12/07/2017Ty Nant14:3017:001caught on dry fly,another around 12 inch.
Robert Wilkinson12/07/2017Glantanat Isaf17:3019:00Struggled, nothing rising.
Mike Handyside16/07/2017Llanyblodwel15:0017:30211I see many otters, but I've never watched one swim right past me under water just feet away. One left the pub pool swimming eel-like, having flattened itself out. In just over a foot of water it never broke the surface, nor created a bow wave, as a large sea-trout or salmon would have.
John Wood18/07/2017Banhadla18:3021:3000410000000perfect balmy evening ahead of overnight change - all on dry - best 15"
Anthony Appleton16/07/2017Llanyblodwel10:0012:301
Kevin Voyce23/07/2017Glantanat Isaf10:3015:303Very few fish rising throughout the day. PTN and hackled hairs ear dry fly tempted the few fish that wanted to come out to play.
Mike Handyside24/07/2017Glantanat Isaf19:0021:3021
Ian Baguley25/07/2017Glantanat Isaf18:0020:0002100000First time for me on this stretch. Sultry evening and plenty of fly plus a few steady rising fish. Lost a seasons best as well above the farm, but I know where he is, and probably so do others, but I will have him before seasons end. Missed another dozen too, all on a dark parachute Adams.
Mike Thompson24/07/2017Banhadla16:3021:000000000000
Rob Park29/07/2017Glantanat Isaf10:0012:0062River 0.7 falling to 0.5 bit coloured fished wets the spiders.
Rob Park29/07/2017Banhadla12:3014:303Couldn't attract a decent fish. Would fancy Llanyblodwel beats tomorrow.
Mike Handyside29/07/2017Glantanat Isaf14:3017:302223
Anthony Appleton29/07/2017Llyn10:0012:302
Andrew Dyas29/07/2017Banhadla15:3018:303211
Mungo Munro30/07/2017Banhadla09:3014:00061101Water level 0.35. Down stream wind. All fish caught on Adams dry fly. No rise. Odd fish on surface. Lovely morning until later rain, what a treat to be able to fish this water, fish or no fish. 3 kingfishers flying about and perching on dead branches below hut also bullfinch and red kite overhead. Goosander and cormorants in evidence.
Mike Davies29/07/2017Glantanat Isaf14:3015:0000000000000
Mike Davies29/07/2017Llyn12:3014:000
Wilf Nelson30/07/2017Glantanat Isaf11:0015:30922552.33 and a bit of colour. a few rising to start, but got most on GRHE Nymph. 3 x 2lb plus grayling - all in fast or very fast water. Nasty downstream wind.
Mungo Munro01/08/2017Banhadla10:0012:30021Spent 10 minutes watching two large otters playing in the river by the deep hole with the lone tree above Henblas farm. Lost my hand net whilst unhooking a good 13" plus trout. If anyone finds it can they let me know. All trout caught on dry fly but saw no fish rising and very little fly life.
Robert Wilkinson01/08/2017Glantanat Isaf11:0015:0022
Robert Wilkinson01/08/2017Banhadla15:0017:001
Nick Browne30/07/2017Ty Nant11:0013:0001000000000
Nick Browne30/07/2017Glantanat Isaf13:3014:3001000000000
Rob Park03/08/2017Banhadla10:3016:00522Two cracking brownies first 17in and next 17 1/2in . Water chocolate coloured and rising .Squally wet day should have gone home but was stuck on the river so would an Icelandic char lure on the end of a fast sink Poly leader - not my style but I know what to do in these conditions now. Fished one run through with a couple of spiders for nothing then put on the above tip and fly to be rewarded.
Mike Handyside05/08/2017Carreghofa13:3016:30212Watched an otter spraint on the single boulder, far bank, 50 metres above weir. Second time I've seen it (or another) do that. A lot of sedge at one stage over river. The largest fish was about a pound and three quarters and a possible sea-trout.
Nick Browne06/08/2017Ty Nant07:3009:0000200000000Iv joined the black spider club, started raining fish went bonkers, lost more than I caught ! Brilliant time.
Wilf Nelson06/08/2017Banhadla11:3018:3001082116.37 and a tinge of colour, grey dour and cold, no fly at all. Fish were on all day, most to beadhead GRHE, a few came up to the western olive. best trout 13ins (as per usual lost a much bigger one) best Grayling 16ins. Harder work than it appears. Saw Peregrines, wish they would kill the Cormorants
Mungo Munro03/08/2017Banhadla10:3016:0031Water rising and chocolate brown by the end of the day.
Mungo Munro08/08/2017Banhadla10:3012:3042111Short visit. River level 0.42 and clear. All fish caught on nymph fished as duo. One lovely 15" grayling caught downstream of the lone tree pool. 2 fish lost to the dry fly. Numerous tugs. Left as storm clouds approached.
Nick Browne09/08/2017Ty Nant10:0013:0010010000000River level spot on trout feeding on fry .
Steve Whitney10/08/2017Caesiencyn08:3013:3006400010
Rob Park10/08/2017Castellmoch Fawr09:3011:003Too low needs to be 0.5 at Llanyblodwel
Rob Park10/08/2017Banhadla13:3015:003
Mike Handyside10/08/2017Carreghofa14:3017:30313Two big fish lie up at Carreghofa. They are canny! First saw them four months ago and have risen them, but not hooked either till today. Always in the same place, probably a husband and wife team! This pm caught one and was amazed to see the bigger lead fish still on station rising. About eighth cast... Wallop it drowned the sedge! Heck of a fight and 16 inches long. Both safely back. Just luck of the draw to finally catch them with colour and river up.
Mungo Munro10/08/2017Castellmoch Fawr09:3012:005211Spotted otter above farm. On fish caught on dry fly all,others on nymph fished on duo rig
Mungo Munro10/08/2017Banhadla13:3015:303112
Mungo Munro13/08/2017Glantanat Isaf09:3012:3011Hard day at the office. No fish rising and not much sub surface activity
Mike Handyside13/08/2017Llanyblodwel12:0017:002312Also fished the very top of Carreghofa. Great to see two water voles cross the pool in unison, tribute to the otter ousting the mink! But, they need to swim carefully, as they share the pool with a pike! Only 12 inches long, the first I have seen in the Tanat, he could make a meal of them in a year or two...
Wilf Nelson13/08/2017Banhadla14:3021:001611303862.34 on Gauge, water clear but stained. Fish are well spread out, but pool tails, heads and riffles are best, lots of grayling in the shallow fast runs above the hut. Most on the nymph, but was a rise in the run above Gartheyr at 8ish, small fish, but fun. Best trout 15ins, Grayling 16ins. Good day at office! Played a trout (11ins?) to hand that was never hooked - tightly clamped to the baby trout on the hook, only let go at last minute.
Anthony Appleton14/08/2017Banhadla10:0012:001
Nick Browne14/08/2017Caesiencyn10:0013:0001000000000
Anthony Appleton16/08/2017Carreghofa10:3012:000
Steve Whitney16/08/2017Bartholemew08:3013:3001220022Kilnk n dink!
Kevin Voyce16/08/2017Church Fields10:0012:00Fished one of the glides 200m above Crossing Cottage and rose trout to Klinkhammer and Grey Duster although couldn't connect with any.
Kevin Voyce16/08/2017Ty NantTy Nant? Ty Morgue more like! Raising the dead would have been easier than raising a trout on this tricky beat.
Robert Wilkinson16/08/2017Llanyblodwel10:3015:00211River slightly coloured ,nothing rising.Fish caught on nymphs.
Robert Wilkinson16/08/2017Glantanat Isaf16:0018:30111Very quiet nothing rising,fish caught on dry fly.
Wilf Nelson16/08/2017Ty Nant17:0020:0002521.37, stained and a bit coloured. not easy, all on GRHE Nymph, one trout on dry. Lots of very quick takes (Parr or tiddlers?) as well as hitting and spitting, 2 good fish both came off. biggest trout 11ins, grayling 13ins. expected better
Nick Browne17/08/2017Bartholemew06:0007:0000000000000
Nick Browne17/08/2017Glantanat Isaf07:0008:3011010000000River on the drop from recent rains dark waters but clearing ..lots of good size trout activity .
Rod McNamara16/08/2017Glantanat Isaf13:0020:3000000310000Bad slurry pollution on arrival that put all the fish down until after tea time. Grayling fell to #18 yellow quilled plume tips. Guest rose several good trout on grey rabbit emergers but kept striking too soon so none caught. Serious issues with Balsam all over the place and the slurry deposit was very worrying. Fish came into sedge just before sunset but we had stopped fishing.
Mike Handyside19/08/2017Bartholemew13:3017:00123Upper river looks great with all the rain and Mungo's work parties. Had an hour at Banhadla on the way back. One of the trout and two grayling were caught there.
Wilf Nelson19/08/2017Banhadla10:3016:30412121113.49 and a bit coloured. Once again it was hard work, most on the nymph but some to the dry. 6 trout between 11 and 13 inches, and a lovely plump 15 inch fish from the hut pool. Best Grayling 15 ins too. Good day
Mike Handyside20/08/2017Carreghofa12:3016:302111
Steve Whitney22/08/2017Arllen Fawr08:3012:005111Very small damp midge and Klink patterns cut the mustard today.
Steve Whitney22/08/2017Castellmoch Fawr12:3013:3021Ditto!
Mike Handyside24/08/2017Carreghofa13:3016:00112Saw a salmon of six to seven pounds show upstream of the weir.
Robert Wilkinson26/08/2017Bartholemew12:0015:30111
Robert Wilkinson26/08/2017Glantanat Isaf16:0019:3012Best Grayling 15" caught on pink goldhead.
Wilf Nelson27/08/2017Banhadla11:3017:00334.35 and clear. a few fish rising but very slow. Very hard work, you'd think there were no fish in the river. Saw two good trout - one rising, the other chased the parr I'd hooked. Roll on September and some water. biggest trout 10ins, grayling 12.Caught a fair few trout parr.
Anthony Appleton26/08/2017Llyn12:0015:00321
Kevin Voyce02/09/2017Banhadla11:0015:002Sporadic rising fish, proved difficult to tempt on a variety of dry fly patterns.
Rob Park02/09/2017Llyn13:3013:305
Rob Park02/09/2017Banhadla09:3012:300waste of time!
Wilf Nelson03/09/2017Glantanat Isaf12:3015:30032418.3 and clear. Some Olives hatching, windy, wet and cold. Grayling were on it though, all taken on a beaded GRHE Nymph. Would have been nice if it wasnt so cold.
Robert Wilkinson04/09/2017Glantanat Isaf10:3014:00012
Robert Wilkinson04/09/2017Banhadla14:3018:00111A few fish rising mid afternoon,river coloured up and cleared a couple of times through the day on both beats.
Anthony Appleton06/09/2017Glantanat Isaf17:0018:30211 seatrout - 1 1/2lbs , dry greenwell 16
Mike Handyside04/09/2017Carreghofa14:0017:0011
Chris Jones19/07/2017Glantanat Isaf12:3013:30111
Chris Jones08/08/2017Glantanat Isaf10:3013:001Dry - cranefly. Two kingfishers darting up and down the river.
Andrew Dale06/09/2017Llyn10:3012:300000Self and guest. Cool breeze, very little sign of activity, only one missed rise.
Andrew Dale06/09/2017Banhadla13:3018:300102Self and guest.
Andrew Dale07/09/2017Ty Nant11:0012:0001
Andrew Dale07/09/2017Glantanat Isaf13:0015:00013
Kevin Voyce08/09/2017Caesiencyn11:0012:30Strong flowing river with coloured water from the previous night's rain made for very challenging fishing conditions which didn't help my first attempt at this beat. Optimistically tried gold head grey flash back shrimp on point and orange spider pattern on the dropper. Public foot path gives good access on right hand bank, however styles need to access river fenced sections in middle beat.
Kevin Voyce08/09/2017Castellmoch Fawr12:3014:00
Wilf Nelson10/09/2017Glantanat Isaf15:0018:30212.38 and tea stained, howling downstream gale. Should have stayed on the sofa. Quite a lot of very small parr, cant tell what type. Found a dead bat fairly hooked by a beadhead hanging from a tree by the farm. Whoever left their tackle in the tree could very easily have waded across and retrieved it, I did.
Anthony Appleton12/09/2017Glantanat Isaf15:3017:3051larger fish from the mighty Afon Iwrch !
Mike Handyside17/09/2017Carreghofa12:0016:30Caught a nine-pound salmon. Bit of a struggle on the single-hander. Safely returned.
Anthony Appleton16/09/2017Llyn12:0015:3053with guest
Anthony Appleton19/09/2017Glantanat Isaf16:0017:302111
Anthony Appleton21/09/2017Llyn14:0015:303
Mike Handyside22/09/2017Carreghofa12:0015:001
Robert Wilkinson22/09/2017Glantanat Isaf11:0018:0033114Lost a good grayling at the net,fishing with guest.
Mike Handyside24/09/2017Llanyblodwel13:0017:00Landed a salmon of about five pounds using an Ally's Shrimp on ten-pound flourocarbon. Fish returned.
Andrew Dale24/09/2017Ty Nant11:0013:30012Nice conditions, water quite big but fairly clear. Only occasional rises so fished duo most of time. Fish caught on black and purple beadhead jig nymph. Somewhat hampered by bull with cows in field opposite Ty Nant so discretion the better part of valour and moved up to Garth Eryr.
Andrew Dale24/09/2017Banhadla14:0016:0053Most on duo fished nymph.
Rob Park26/09/2017Banhadla12:0015:00093054Should have been better - 0.5M clear humid overcast little wind . Nil rising. Llanyblodwel Bridge roadworks pedestrian access over only - tractor damage = Park at Church. Dear readers those of you that peruse the catch returns but never make any of your own please count up my blanks this season and start entering a few of your own its quite painless - trust me! Tight lines
Andrew Renwick24/09/2017Llyn16:0018:0002Went up with my eldest son Charlie, sharing a rod, good numbers of fish rising when we arrived that made it very exciting, he's still learning but we got two in the end on wet fly when the rain casting and him retrieving, a good way of sharing the effort when his casting isn't yet up to scratch ( he's 6)
Mike Handyside27/09/2017Llanyblodwel14:3016:30Another salmon graced the net! A small fish of about four pounds, on one of my own sea trout creations, put up a heck of a fight. Returned.
Paul Stevenson26/09/2017Glantanat Isaf11:0017:00Plenty of water and fly life but no sign of fish. Lots for me to learn about this river !
Paul Stevenson27/09/2017Castellmoch Fawr11:0014:301A few pleasant hours before the rain set in, but not much to show.
Paul Stevenson27/09/2017Castellmoch Fawr11:0014:301A few pleasant hours before the rain set in, but not much to show.
Anthony Appleton29/09/2017Glantanat Isaf15:0016:30211
Mike Handyside29/09/2017Carreghofa12:0017:3011Guest caught one trout and I caught the other when we moved up to Llanyblodwel.
Rob Park29/09/2017Carreghofa10:3012:00Fished for salmon . Nil
Rob Park30/09/2017Carreghofa09:3012:00Fished for salmon fruitlessly
Rob Park30/09/2017Church Fields13:0014:00Fished for salmon. Fish took fly as I was retrieving from the dangle didn't get enough of him lost within a minute. Top of deep pool on upper limit off first field.Rained became too coloured . Thats it for this year trying to catch an in season fish there are some in the river as a consequence of rain we have had but a few only. You could try next week it could be OK
Nick Browne02/10/2017Llyn10:3013:0010100000000Daddy long legs
Mike Handyside01/10/2017Carreghofa12:0015:30
Rob Park03/10/2017Carreghofa09:0010:00Fished for salmon with Cascade then Posh Tosh waste of time
Rob Park03/10/2017Church Fields10:0011:00Fished for salmon - nil
Rob Park03/10/2017Glantanat Isaf11:3012:30Fished for salmon -nil
Rob Park03/10/2017Llanyblodwel13:0015:00Fished for salmon .Mungo I think we need to look at how we are recording these salmon visits. It may be 5 years before its as auspicious again. Didnt see a fish all day. Thats it now for 2017
Mike Handyside04/10/2017Llanyblodwel13:0016:00Fishing for salmon. My previous entry should have been for 30.09.2017.
Mungo Munro04/10/2017Carreghofa09:3010:30Quick go through below weir for a salmon. Didn't see any
Mungo Munro04/10/2017Glantanat Isaf11:0012:302Fished through below iron bridge with small (size 16) salmon fly. Saw one turn. Hooked a brown trout of 19" in splendid condition estimate over 3lbs, also hooked another of 14". Quite amazing how many good quality fish come out of that beat which is the heaviest fished beat on the river. Saw Mike and Andrew await their catch return with interest.
Mungo Munro04/10/2017Banhadla14:0016:00223Two cracking grayling on a size 16 nymph. They are really coming into season now and look in great condition. Also spooked two cormorants
Mike Handyside06/10/2017Carreghofa13:0017:00Probably my last time salmon fishing the Tanat this year, but I reckon it could be well worth a member or two having a go tomorrow. I saw about 30 salmon leap at the weir and in an hour and a half I covered eight which showed in the tail of the pool. There should be fish, from this run, in the pools higher up tomorrow. I tried at Llanyblodwel for a while at the end.
Kevin Voyce06/10/2017Bartholemew13:0016:001Elk hair jacket caddis tempted this season's last brownie for me. First time on this beat, nice run of water with good access. Look forward to returning next season.
Mungo Munro08/10/2017Banhadla12:0015:00124
Wilf Nelson08/10/2017Banhadla11:0016:300001627.5 on gauge, warmish still. Very good for first hour, had 2x18inch trout in 3 casts, both just over 2 lbs (quite thin but healthy looking). after that it slowed down, most of the fish were in the steady runs. All on PTN and GRHE Nymphs.
Steve Whitney09/10/2017Banhadla09:0013:301421Good hatch black stonefly (needles) and some sedge, olives and smutts. Odd fish was rising and mainly took my emerger in shallower, weedy water. Had two to a deep nymph fished on duo in deep pool - largest Grayling of 1.5lb. Missed three times as many takes to the emerger as I connected with, so plenty of Grayling present!
Robert Wilkinson09/10/2017Ty Nant11:0018:003440River at .47,lost a powerful fish in fast open water on a size 14 gold head fished downstream,probably a salmon had it on for around 5 minutes couldn't control it on a trout rod.Had couple of decent oos trout best pound and half ,a few grayling all fish on size 14 gold heads fished upstream.Access along river bank difficult due to nettles and balsam but starting to die back now.
Mike Handyside14/10/2017Banhadla13:0017:00121Largest grayling was almost 16 inches. Had a few casts below the iron bridge at the end.
Mike Thompson04/10/2017Banhadla11:0015:300201
Mike Handyside17/10/2017Banhadla14:0017:003
Steve Whitney18/10/2017Banhadla09:0011:0021Lots of Salmon activity in pool below Pont Glantanat Isaf.
Steve Whitney18/10/2017Glantanat Isaf12:0014:3023Still plenty of takes to emerges and dries!
Mike Handyside20/10/2017Bartholemew14:3017:0011River crystal clear lower down, but unfishable at iron bridge due to fine sediment. Crystal clear at Bartholemew. Reported to NRW.
Mike Handyside23/10/2017Glantanat Isaf14:0017:0031Three on dry fly despite high water. Caught a salmon about four and a half pounds on a heavy bug. It was as black as your hat! The larger grayling, on the same bug, was seventeen and a half inches and I guess two and quarter pounds. Two egrets were interesting visitors on the river this afternoon.
Nick Browne26/10/2017Ty Nant12:0016:0000000000000
Mike Handyside26/10/2017Banhadla12:3016:001
Wilf Nelson29/10/2017Glantanat Isaf10:3015:00112.5 on Gauge water incredibly clear considering a big spate a few days prior. Grayling not playing ball. Quite a good hatch of Olives that bought them up, but I was too dumb to put a dry on
Mike Handyside29/10/2017Glantanat Isaf14:0016:30511The trout was almost 18 inches.
Robert Wilkinson30/10/2017Glantanat Isaf10:0014:004
Mike Thompson25/10/2017Castellmoch Fawr11:0013:0001
Mike Thompson25/10/2017Glantanat Isaf14:0016:001 salmon lost after 15 mins and a second about 21" landed and safely returned both on a tungsten head GRHE
Mike Thompson31/10/2017Glantanat Isaf3
Mike Handyside03/11/2017Arllen Fawr15:0016:30211Just an hour and a half on my way back from the Dee.
Wilf Nelson29/10/2017Glantanat Isaf12amendment to original return - OST not OSG!
Rob Park06/11/2017Ty Nant11:0014:00018110Lovely morning for a couple of hours. 0.5M gauge. Fished upstream weighted nymph size 16 about 4ft below new strike indicator- Louis Noble "special one" orange and barbless. A further 3 got off at the net. Nil rising. West wind increased and colder =quit. Willow whips are now about 12ft high think missed an opportunity on lat years working party they are here to stay now.
Mike Handyside06/11/2017Banhadla14:0016:304411
Steve Whitney09/11/2017Ty Nant08:3012:001Plenty of fingerling Grayling in this section - I caught 5! Bodes well for future years.
Mike Handyside10/11/2017Ty Nant14:0017:00234Three were sixteen inches. A lot of salmon showing.
Mike Handyside17/11/2017Ty Nant13:3016:30112
Rob Park18/11/2017Ty Nant10:0013:00241
Rob Park18/11/2017Banhadla13:3014:3031River 0.48M today clear water cold day west wind. All on heavy nymph under strike indicator - does it count as fly fishing? Enjoyable nonetheless.
Mike Handyside20/11/2017Carreghofa14:0016:30112
Andrew Renwick26/11/2017Glantanat Isaf09:3010:30Nothing caught, fished with a guest, water maybe a tad too high still at 0.57m
Andrew Renwick26/11/2017Church Fields11:0012:001Out of season trout caught by my guest, too high for comfortable fishing really
Andrew Renwick26/11/2017Banhadla13:0015:00No return for me or my guest, he fished a klink and dink, I fished two nymphs deep....saw salmon showing, and one trout rise, very quiet!
Mike Handyside29/11/2017Glantanat Isaf14:0016:005
Rob Park30/11/2017Glantanat Isaf11:0012:00Arctic + sleet. Lost a passable grayling retired to home comforts. River clear at .64 but not easy fishing probably dangerous
Mike Handyside04/12/2017Ty Nant13:3016:00321
Mike Handyside21/12/2017Glantanat Isaf13:3015:301
Rob Park23/12/2017Banhadla11:0013:00111
Mike Handyside28/12/2017Ty Nant14:0016:001
Mike Handyside06/01/2018Arllen Fawr14:0016:001Fished Caesiencyn also.
Mike Handyside08/01/2018Banhadla13:0016:3051Three olives were as stupid as me for emerging on the river with an air temperature of one and a half degrees!
Wilf Nelson14/01/2018Banhadla11:0015:002625.5 and clear, cold dull day. All on Nymph - PTN and Noble Secret. Small hatch of olives around lunchtime that bought a few fish up, got nothing in the depths of the pools - all on the pool tails and surprisingly some in the riffles above Gartheyr. Pretty good day considering. The 2 small fish were both about 2 inches!
Mike Handyside30/01/2018Banhadla14:0016:301
Rob Park07/02/2018Ty Nant11:0012:30Total blank 5.5M clear cold and bright became cloudy and colder at midday.Fished 2 weighted bugs upstream. Water then became rapidly turbid with no visibility ? someone digging ditches worse. Mungo was on the river and went off to investigate.Try again in a month.
Wilf Nelson18/02/2018Banhadla10:3015:0000000052020.67 on gauge, water still cold. Fish were spread out, tails, steady water and riffles, nothing in the deeps. All on Noble secrets and specials. Best 17 ins but lean at just over 2lbs, next best a 16 ins collander courtesy of cormorants ! No rises
Mike Handyside17/02/2018Glantanat Isaf14:0016:0011
Mike Handyside22/02/2018Glantanat Isaf14:0016:30322Largest brown was 16 inches plus.
Andrew Renwick24/02/2018Church Fields10:0011:00111Fishing with my Guest Calum managed two graying and a trout... two nymphs fished deep
Andrew Renwick24/02/2018Bartholemew11:3012:00Two fish lost,
Andrew Renwick24/02/2018Banhadla13:3016:302Both grayling caught by my guest Calum Gunn, 2lb 5oz and 1lb 5oz. Strange day, river in good order at 0.48m but maybe a bit cold.... would have thought some more would have been biting. Deep fished nymph in deeper water....
Mike Handyside14/03/2018Banhadla13:3016:301
Mike Handyside22/03/2018Carreghofa14:3017:001
Mike Handyside25/03/2018Glantanat Isaf13:3017:001The trout was almost 17 inches, rising in knee-depth water in a slow glide and caught on dry fly. Worth a walk along the river on an early spring day.
Steve Whitney26/03/2018Glantanat Isaf09:0014:00No fish around today but great weather, fantastic scenery and loads of wildlife more than made up for a blank!
Robert Wilkinson26/03/2018Ty Nant10:3012:00
Robert Wilkinson26/03/2018Glantanat Isaf13:0016:00Nice sunny day, river at .55,odd olive hatching but not enough to get the fish rising,
Mike Handyside29/03/2018Carreghofa10:3015:0016Briefly fished from lower limit of Llanyblodwel too.
Kevin Voyce30/03/2018Glantanat Isaf11:0013:0011For the first hour and half fished a Pheasant Tail Flash Back Nymph and Greenwell Glory Spider on the dropper to little success. Good hatch of Large Dark Olives from 12:30 to 14:00 tempted a few fish to rise lying at the tail of a pool. Switched to Large Dark Olive dry fly to target a rise and land my first fish of the season.
Kevin Voyce30/03/2018Banhadla13:0014:00Hatch of Large Dark Olives continued to rise the occasional fish on the long glide below the Iron bridge. Couple of splashy takes to Large Dark Olive dry fly however failed to connect with any.
Mike Handyside01/04/2018Glantanat Isaf12:3016:3011A balmy six degrees, snow on the tops, fairly high water and the best hatch of olives (Large Dark) I have seen on the Tanat in 15 months! I speculated on last Sunday's trout being at home. The fish was on station, sticking its head out of the surface a couple of metres higher upstream. It quickly took a large brown Klinkhamer and a five-minute battle ensued before I weighed it at 2lb 3oz.
Andrew Dale01/04/2018Banhadla11:3014:30000000River quite big with a touch of colour, but b.....y cold (a good covering of snow on the Berwyns). Fished up from the Hut Pool to the little willow wood. A trickle of olives came off all the time I was there but nothing rose and no interest in my nymphs either. Need to wait for a bit of warmth I think.
Nick Browne08/04/2018Ty Nant14:3016:3000000000000Good water level... Nothing seen nothing moved..
Mike Handyside09/04/2018Carreghofa10:3012:00Just an hour or so to get out the house! Put a tube fly across the river on the seven-weight. All this rain and high water is so soul-destroying when we should be enjoying dry fly fishing now.
Mike Handyside11/04/2018Carreghofa13:3016:3011The grayling was a good two-pounds and took a one and a half inch tube. River big as ever these days!
Mike Handyside12/04/2018Glantanat Isaf14:0016:3011Six degrees, rain and high water, but an excellent hatch of LDO brought the same trout up as caught on the 1st and 25th. Third time of capture was using an F-Fly and the fish has put on a couple of ounzes, so about 2lb 5oz.
Nick Browne12/04/2018Banhadla14:0016:3000000000000
Rob Park16/04/2018Glantanat Isaf11:0014:300341Winter was still here and the West wind which eventually turned around 180degrees.Very little aerial fly life until 1pm - few LDO and some Tiny Grey Sedges. Fished 3 spiders upstream difficult and then downstream with sink tip. Caught fish but was more hopeful - forecast better end of week may be back. River at 0.6M. Saw Sand Martins and Common Sandpipers they must have wondered where they had come to also a huge CORMORANT
Rob Park19/04/2018Llyn11:3015:0003Beautiful day seemingly honest April day for many years. Grouse calling in the background. It was good to be alive pity fish weren't coming up- all caught on Black gnats.It will improve.
Jeremy Schrecker19/04/2018Llyn11:3017:002Warm breezy cloudless blue sky-- Trout not rising freely, but plenty of black gnats I suppose just getting used to new weather conditions after a long winter. Brought guest Mark Muir who may want to join club?
Mungo Munro19/04/2018Llyn11:0015:002Quite busy on the Llyn with 4 fishing. Both caught on size 14 dry black gnat. Missed several. Good day to be alive
Mungo Munro22/04/2018Banhadla09:0011:00111Too early in the year yet to fish early. No fly life, no rising fish, cold west wind and some rain. One O of S Grayling about 13” and one 12” trout both caught on GRHE fished on duo. Water level 0.51 on gauge and very clear.
Kevin Voyce22/04/2018Banhadla14:3016:00Frames containing the Upper, Middle and Lower beat maps, Club Rules and Fly Identification Poster were hung in the fishing lodge this afternoon. Worth a visit, great place to have lunch over looking the river. In time available covered a single rising fish with a couple of dry fly patterns (Iron Blue Parachute, Orange Quill & Large Dark Olive) but to no success. River at 0.51m looking good and finally fishable again with couple of flies hatching off this afternoon after a long wet cold April.
Robert Wilkinson23/04/2018Ty Nant11:3016:3011Struggled in the the strong wind, odd Fly hatching, nothing rising, trout caught on gold head, grayling caught on black beaded pheasant tail nymph.
Mungo Munro24/04/2018Banhadla13:0014:002Fished for an hour in heavy rain. Unpleasant conditions and river starting to rise. Caught one 10”Grayling and another 16” Grayling both on a nymph. Water level 0.47 and rising.
Nick Browne22/04/2018Bartholemew13:0015:0001000000000It was sardine sized haha.... Typical early season fishing, but what a great place to fish, a lot easier than last season due to some tree work to ease casting thanks.
Nick Browne22/04/2018Church Fields16:0017:0000000000000Nothing caught but again more fishable due to extensive bank work.
Mike Handyside26/04/2018Carreghofa14:0016:004Three on dry fly. Are things starting to move finally?
Mungo Munro02/05/2018Llyn11:0015:309Tanat unfishable so retreated to the Llyn. Wild day, 6 degrees but colder with the wind chill. Early, no rise but 4 caught before lunch on small black gnat fished dry. Good rise for an hour after lunch with a further 5 on same fly. Difficult to see fly due to heavy wave action. All fish in excess of 9” with 4 in the 12-13” mark and in fine condition. Great day despite the adverse conditions.
Rob Park02/05/2018Llyn11:0015:30061All on wet fly awful weather cold wind almost gale force white tops on waves.Best fish 14ins.
Robert Boutflower28/04/2018Carreghofa18:0019:30000To chilly really, some grayling pulls above weir
Mike Handyside03/05/2018Glantanat Isaf14:0017:00111Dry fly. Using a klink and duck s dun.
Ian Baguley04/05/2018Banhadla12:0016:3000000000000Perfect conditions for a total blank, but I'm not dismayed. Grannom hatch 12 until 2 brought some fish up, also few Olives after that and occasional decent trout rising. Hot and glary is my excuse. Must have been engrossed as I now resemble a suntanned lobster. Saw Kevin on the water. Bet he caught loads.
Mike Handyside05/05/2018Llanyblodwel13:0016:003I agree with Ian. Boiled lobster weather! Scrapped an eight-inch fish at Banhadla dry, fishing briefly, before dropping downstream to the dappled delights of Llanyblodwel where I managed two sardines! Largest thing I got near was an otter, but didn't get the camera out in time.
Richard Herzog05/05/2018Llyn11:3014:3031Glorious day, bright +warm with southerly breeze. Good number of fish rising. All caught on black wet fly. Largest fish 16.5 inches, very solid and in good condition. Saw 3 wheatears.
Kevin Voyce04/05/2018Banhadla11:0016:00River looking great and trout now rising to a mixture of hatching flies. They were proved difficult to tempt, choosing to ignore a number of patterns thrown their way. Neither my guest or I managed to connect with any fish. Gray Duster pattern did at least raise some interest.
Wilf Nelson06/05/2018Glantanat Isaf09:3013:00524Hot and sunny, .44 and clear. Mostly on PTN, but a few came up. Some grannom and olives bought em up from 12-1.
Wilf Nelson06/05/2018Banhadla13:3015:001After a good morning moved to Banhadla - blazing sunshine stopped everything including me
Mungo Munro07/05/2018Banhadla08:0011:3011Thought to have any chance I would fish early. No sign of fly life, no fish rising, nothing interested in a nymph. Caught the two fish on a small Adams in a spot where there always seems to be a fish. Went down stream to Church beat for an hour. Same result only a very few flies coming off and no fish rising to them. Water a perfect height but very sunny and hot.
Robert Wilkinson08/05/2018Ty Nant11:0017:003Bright conditions in the morning, cloudy later, river at a .41 ideal conditions, few flies hatching,grannom olives stoneflies, just the odd rise.three small trout one on wet, two on dry.
Kevin Voyce12/05/2018Caesiencyn14:0016:303Flies hatching off all afternoon although rising fish were rare and confined to small sections of the beat. Two caught on Adams Parachute and the third on Gold Head Hairs Ear Nymph.
Wilf Nelson13/05/2018Banhadla10:3016:00716.38 and very clear - easy to spot fish - mainly Grayling. Fair few small fish rising to Olives and hawthorns, should really get going soon. Hard work, but a beautiful day
Mike Handyside14/05/2018Llanyblodwel13:3017:3042Dropped down to Carreghofa for a while. Saw three very big fish show. One was definitely a salmon about 7lb to 8lb. Great to see an early fish in the Tanat.
Rob Park15/05/2018Carreghofa16:3017:3002Stopped fishing and walked up to the bridge - no fly life whatsoever, riverbed covered in silty crud the water had an unpleasant odour. Saw 2 fish rise and caught both on an Adams.The riverbed worsens as you get closer to the weir. Black filamentous crud (its a scientific term for stringy necrotic material) so disappointing. The small amount of weed is in trouble too.Agribusiness wins.The only genuine sign of life was the salmon that turned over about 8ft from me level with the cherry tree 100M above the weir - yes Mike H. 10-12lbs black back with some red on the flank.He is on a lie so I expect the boys from the Shrewsbury coffee shop will be catching him soon? Just went home. All of this is upstream of the new Bio-Digester. My Riverfly sample at Church Field was miserable too on Monday.
Rob Park17/05/2018Llyn11:3016:3001103
John Wood17/05/2018Llyn11:3017:00272beautiful day - light wind - bright - all on a dry
Mike Handyside18/05/2018Carreghofa14:0017:3022The river is full of yearling trout (four-inch) after the high recruitment of the dry winter 2016 - 2017 with little gravel washout. They are a bit of a nuisance and I try to avoid them, however, conversely the larger fish are so difficult at the moment. A lack of hatch with only the odd Mayfly makes them wary in the, now, low water.
Kevin Voyce18/05/2018Church Fields11:0015:302River running very clear with clouds of small flies buzzing the water. Fish rising intermittently throughout the day, although were not interested in dry flies cast their way (Adams Parachute, Klinkhammer, Dogs Body, Iron Blue Parachute). Both fish caught on flash back PTN. Saw two Mayflies hatching off, sign of things to come.
Richard Herzog19/05/2018Llyn11:3014:0021Bright and breezy, a few fish rising. Fish caught on black pennel.
Andy Renwick20/05/2018Llyn16:0019:000000Raised three fish and missed them all on a dry, sporadic risers that quietened down after the wind swung west ( it had been south) couldn’t get on terms with them, some lake olives com8ng off, the odd hawthorn buzzing past, but I tried, dries, wets, cdc buzzers in the film.....blanked for the first time ever. Some good fish moving, but frustratingly just out of range, about 25 yards out ( too far with a #5)......if only we had a boat!
Mungo Munro21/05/2018Llyn10:3014:0011Very bright conditions reasonable rise of fish but difficult to contact . Many fish knocking at the fly best fish 15” on dry hawthorn
Rob Park24/05/2018Llyn11:3015:300000Just when you think you've cracked it - a blank.Met Tim Bell and Des C. neither of whom will put in a return but v enjoyable company.Tim found a dead trout against the dam wall I measured it at 25ins and on my chart at least 7lb. Didn't have the looks of a ferox but must have died of a surfeit of tadpoles. I have a pic if anyone wants. I closed all the gates Mungo!
Mike Handyside24/05/2018Carreghofa14:0017:304I found evidence of recent poaching. We all need to be vigilant and follow the guidance on the card issued by Mungo. If we see poachers on the water we should report it at the time as "theft in progress".
Mike Handyside26/05/2018Banhadla13:3015:303
Richard Herzog26/05/2018Banhadla13:0015:0021Had lunch at the hut. All very comfortable and a great spot to view the river from. Fishing quiet with a few mayflies but only small fish showing interest in them.
Kevin Voyce26/05/2018Carreghofa12:0015:00Steady trickle of May Fly hatching off on the glide above the weir, however of only interest to me and sadly not the trout.
Kevin Voyce26/05/2018Llanyblodwel15:0016:30Another blank. Think i'm losing my fishing Mojo.
Richard Herzog29/05/2018Llyn12:3016:0031Fish rising occasionally to dark sedge type flies, refused most offerings but a few were interested in a black fly near the surface.
Rob Park29/05/2018Carreghofa11:3011:300Gross pollution - dark mush peas in colour.Never seen it so bad.Few E.danica
Rob Park29/05/2018Glantanat Isaf12:3012:300UNFISHABLE. Even worse downstream Mike Handyside has some good pics of whats coming down the Leiriog and the Iwch.Worst I've seen. The storm has washed all the slurry off bankside fields and anybodys goes whats coming down from the northern tributaries.
Rob Park29/05/2018Arllen Fawr12:3012:301Water clean just as expected looks healthy how it should be- slight peaty colour. Clouds parted v bright so went to the Llyn
Rob Park29/05/2018Llyn13:3016:0013Black gnat. Nothing much going on but at least fishable.
Mike Handyside31/05/2018Glantanat Isaf12:0014:30111Perfect conditions before the sun came out: humid, heavy cloud and still. A reasonable catch (numbers not size) belies the appalling state of the river on Tue, witnessed by Rob and myself and reported to NRW. Two days after the storm event which hit the whole catchment, beautifully clear, cool rain water was coming down the Tanat immediately above Glantanat Isaf, to be intercepted by the silt-laden Iwrch (top limit North bank) and Lleiriog (quarter mile downstream of Iron Bridge, North bank) tribs, rendering the middle and lower beats totally unfishable. The Lleiriog looked like something out of the American gold rush. We presume this has been caused by the ditching, dredging and gravel extraction which has been undertaken by farmers over previous months, destabilising the beds. Mugo, while on holiday is aware and on the case and I think he would want me to say the following: if we see high amounts of silt from either of these two streams it should be reported immediately to NRW and photographic evidence taken.
Mike Handyside31/05/2018Glantanat IsafSorry for the misspelling Mungo last entry.
Robert Boutflower28/04/2018Carreghofa1A sprat
Robert Boutflower28/04/2018Llanyblodwel14:0017:0022 sprats
Robert Boutflower28/05/2018Llyn13:0017:301222Spot on weather and a good midday rise. Fished with son Harry who caught his first fish for two years - triumph. (It's because I take him to unsuitable places apparently...) Fish ignoring anything black, wanted ginger. Then changed to smutting with predictable results. Excellent day.
Robert Boutflower22/05/2018Glantanat Isaf19:0020:302Gin clear, quite low. a pre-evening rise, but nothing into the gloaming... need some water
Mike Handyside19/06/2018Banhadla20:0022:003
Marcello Vendemiati17/06/2018Llyn09:0015:0002Poor conditions at the lake, got 2 trout and lost other 3.
Wilf Nelson31/05/2018Banhadla18:0020:0091.48 and falling, river still carrying a fair amount of colour - noticeably below the drain that comes down from Gartheyr farmyard. The grot from last week has pretty much gone. Plenty of fly about, Olives and a surprising amount of Mayfly hatching in quite fast water - saw a couple oh healthy swirls at them. Lost a good trout ( turned over hookpoint) but landed a very angry 16 inch Grayling - they clearly haven’t spawned yet. Downpour started as the Mayfly were really getting going, I stopped.
Ian Baguley02/06/2018Caesiencyn14:3017:000300000000Enormous hatch of medium Olives going on, plus some Mayflies continually hatching even up here. Lovely to see. Only small fish rising. Caught on dry. Saw fish rising from metal bridge despite what's been going on but still more coloured than upstream. Is this significant?
Richard Herzog02/06/2018Llyn11:3014:3022
Kevin Voyce03/06/2018Bartholemew11:0014:001Trawling with a Gold Head PTN. No fish rising.
Kevin Voyce03/06/2018Glantanat Isaf14:0016:00Nothing rising, blank.
Kevin Voyce03/06/2018Banhadla16:0017:00Occasional fish rising to small olives and trickle of Mayflies. Tempted but missed what looked to be a good fish on Yellow Mayfly. Sum of today's efforts 1-0-0, the binary angler strikes again.
Wilf Nelson03/06/2018Ty Nant14:0015:30711.42 on gauge, still fairly coloured, bright and sunny. Plenty of fish in the streamy water, mainly small, some rising to what I dont know. Some on a nymph some on a dry.
Wilf Nelson03/06/2018Banhadla15:3021:00164plenty of free rising tiddlers about, with an occasional 9-10 inch fish, hooked a couple of better ones but they all came off. Still plenty of Mayfly about but not much taking them (did see 2 good swirls that didnt repeat) - got most of my fish on a baby sunfly which is pretty far removed. A decent day, only compalint would be the small average size. Other than a bit of colour, the river now looks great - I dont ever remember seeing so much ranunculus, which is flowering at the moment.
Mike Handyside04/06/2018Glantanat Isaf11:3013:3010There seems to be an abscence of larger trout this season. I did, however, see a large fish take, or try to take, a damsel on the wing.
Robert Wilkinson05/06/2018Ty Nant11:0012:002River slightly coloured, no flies hatching just a few small brownies rising,2 small brown trout around 5 inches on dry.
Robert Wilkinson05/06/2018Castellmoch Fawr12:3016:3021River much clearer up here,a few flies hatching including the odd mayfly.Had a few takes on both dry and goldheads,fish caught on size 14 goldhead,grayling was about 5 inches long.
Robert Wilkinson05/06/2018Caesiencyn16:3018:301A few small fish rising,just one trout on dry.
Wilf Nelson09/06/2018Carreghofa16:0021:00133114.35, more colour than expected, but clear enough. Still a few Mayfly about with the odd one being taken. A lot of hitting and spitting going on, had a fair few come off. Mainly on Ptn. Best, a gloriously spotty 14 inches.
Wilf Nelson10/06/2018Glantanat Isaf10:0013:3024241.33. Properly clear. Wish I'd gone earlier. Started at the bridge and got some on the nymph, as the morning went on more fish came on the rise to a hatch of olives, so switched to a Baby Sunfly. Fish mainly in the quick runs, best 13ins. Everything stopped at 1.15.
Rob Park17/06/2018Llyn09:0012:00021Cold wet and windy all on wets .Tough
Kevin Voyce15/06/2018Glantanat Isaf08:0013:0041River running clear and healthy. No fly hatch and only occasional rise. 10" Grayling on PTN, targeted rising trout using iron blue parachute and Adams dry flies.
Kevin Voyce15/06/2018Banhadla13:0014:002Fished glide below iron bridge. No fish rising, although Adams dry fly tempted 2 small brownies.
Mungo Munro18/06/2018Llyn11:3014:001One decent fish off the dam. Lots of snatch’s takes without firm contact. Very windy.
Mungo Munro21/06/2018Carreghofa12:3014:001Short visit. Water low and clear. Very sunny. Needs rain.
Rob Park21/06/2018Carreghofa12:0014:00011Says it all. Both on Black gnats nil rising and no aerial life. Failed with Pheasant tail and Elk hair caddis purely speculative and searching. Largish black mink at weir pool plus pulled out long length of nylon caught in tree - poacher -? wormer or spinner the rest is still in the tree
Richard Herzog23/06/2018Banhadla10:0012:0051Fished below metal bridge. Plenty of small fish rising to dry grey duster in faster riffles. No sign of bigger trout but some decent grayling skulking in pools.
Wilf Nelson24/06/2018Banhadla18:0021:30811Very low (.24) and gin clear, which made fish spotting easy and fishing difficult. Usual tiddlers rising, but some better fish too - best 11 inches and had a couple around that size come off. Saw a few better fish and some good Grayling. Enormous amount of weed.
Kevin Voyce29/06/2018Banhadla17:0021:003Glorious mid summer evening and even the trout were rising, great way to end a hot working week. Soft Hackle and Gray Duster dry flies tempted the 3 trout. Note to members: Sarah and Steve have kindly levelled the access track leading down to the fishing hut at Banhadla. This is now accessible by cars other than 4x4 hybrids, so please do not use any other alternative routes across fields.
Kevin Voyce06/07/2018Banhadla17:0020:30River levels now lower than summer minimum of 2017 so without any rain in the foreseeable future fishing is going to be tough. The fish appear to have holed up in pools facing the fast riffle entering the pool. Had lots of takes on dry but just couldn't land the hook and ended up blanking.
Mike Handyside11/07/2018Carreghofa19:3021:0012
Richard Herzog16/07/2018Banhadla11:0013:0011Fish caught by guest. Low water an opportunity to spot some decent size grayling.
Robert Wilkinson17/07/2018Church Fields11:0012:301
Mungo Munro18/07/2018Banhadla10:0011:3044No,water, lots of weed, few fish rising most small. All,came to a size 16 Adams, missed a few.
Rod McNamara12/07/2018Church Fields14:0019:0032Quick afternoon on this beat for the first time for me. Only small fish showing and taking but a lovely beat nonetheless. Some deep runs so as described still fishes when waters are low elsewhere. Nicely shaded areas and most were taking small terrestrials underneath the trees. IOBO in natural and green seemed to work best with one taking an oversized foam beetle.
Rod McNamara15/06/2018Glantanat Isaf10:3019:0035Very little surface movement. Kline n dink with #20 LDO nymph taking all fish. Not enough cloud cover or hatch to bring really good fish onto feed.
Rod McNamara19/07/2018Church Fields14:0019:00322Tree cover provided the sport again. Lots of young Grayling topping in the shallows. CDC quil emerger took the trout and IOBO took a very good Grayling that the Maclean weighed generously at 2lb. Very pleasant afternoon and I suspect the drop on the barometer helped with a BWO spinner fall as I was leaving.
Mungo Munro24/07/2018Banhadla08:0009:305Overcast first thing lost a good fish below the ford. The river is stuffed full of fry, everywhere you look. Wading up the river lots of good fish moving in front of you. Fish are lying in and close to the weed. The larger fish are hunkered down in the deeper pools.
Ian Baguley25/07/2018Wigley's Field16:3018:300000000000Thought I'd be the first to try Wigleys this season. Rose five but lightening fast and missed all. Tried a deep nymph and got a solid take but lost it. My bad run continues but good fun nonetheless.
Nick Browne30/07/2018Glantanat Isaf10:0011:3010010000000Nice copper tinted water, big fish feeding on the fry, made for a few hours exciting fishing.
Nick Browne30/07/2018Ty Nant12:0012:3000000000000
Mungo Munro01/08/2018Marthrafal FarmTwo rods fishing beat Wednesday 1st August.
Robert Wilkinson31/07/2018Glantanat Isaf11:0013:0032Fish caught on size 14 grhe goldhead,plenty of takes lost a few similar size fish.Best fish a grayling around 12 inch.
Robert Wilkinson31/07/2018Banhadla13:3018:0043Fished below iron bridge and down towards the hut, same has the morning quite a few takes, fish caught on goldheads in streamy water.
Mungo Munro01/08/2018Marthrafal Farm09:3014:3022122Visited new beat with Andrew to put up signs. Lower beat marker and private fishing markers in place. Map and directions to follow. All fish on dry fly, best 16” brown trout, another 4 around 12”. Water low but fishable, downstream wind after lunch killed the fishing. Will be sending info out on this beat to all members shortly.
Ian Baguley31/07/2018Banhadla15:3017:3000000220000Downstream strong wind throughout made it tricky. All fish rose.
Rob Park06/08/2018Marthrafal FarmMungo and I plan to fish the Beat on Monday
Steve Whitney07/08/2018Marthrafal FarmRecording a visit. Steve Whitney. 1 rod. 6 hours from 8am.
Rod McNamara08/08/2018Marthrafal Farm08:0021:30Notification of intent to fish the new beat from 0800hrs. One rod only.
Mungo Munro06/08/2018Marthrafal Farm10:0014:00511Nice mornings fishing not much rising. Lots of small fish splashing at fly. Too hot by lunch time.
Rob Park06/08/2018Marthrafal Farm10:3012:000401Highlight of the UTFC summer. Cold clean water could have been a bit more water but fabulosa. There are fish here. Mainly exploration today I was joined by the Membership Secretary and we walked the beat top to bottom putting the world to right- delighted. Great deal for the club without increasing Membership beyond planned.Mungo's booking suggestions well worth bearing in mind and observing.Lets have some more water and cloud.
Steve Whitney07/08/2018Marthrafal Farm08:0013:0051241Good day with duo and dries/emergers. Nothing hatching but fish looking up for food in the main, and on the feed despite summer low level. The only one to a nymph was a double hook up with the duo - a Trout on dry and a Grayling on nymph! Nice beat to fish with good wading. Not sure how to get down to downstream limit though - can you walk along the fields?
Wilf Nelson08/08/2018Carreghofa10:3015:00732Very low and clear, but a good ‘hatch’ of aphids and terrestrials and a good breeze kept the fish moving. Could easily have had twice as many, particularly as the fish were being quite selective. All on BabySunfly
Rod McNamara08/08/2018Marthrafal Farm11:0020:00102532Lovely beat and a great acquisition by the committee who should be applauded for adding this delightful stretch of the Vyrnwy to the clubs waters. As it was a new water I searched with a duo rig intitially and just could not stop catching young fish. So went to a more targeted approach and Moser Balloon Cadis did the trick with the two larger fish. When retrieving across the flow to recast I moved a very nice fish who just took a slash at the submerged fly but alas would not come back for another go. Found a couple of pods of Grayling too which couldn’t resist a natural IOBO. With the gauge showing .17 this beat is easily wadable throughout its length. Also saw a couple of Mink unfortunately.
Mike Handyside08/08/2018Llanyblodwel19:3021:0011
Mungo Munro10/08/2018Marthrafal FarmFishing one rod 8.00 - 14.00
Kevin Voyce11/08/2018Marthrafal Farm10:0016:00One rod to fish on Saturday 11th August
Rob Park11/08/2018Marthrafal Farm08:3015:00Intention to fish 1 rod
Mungo Munro10/08/2018Marthrafal Farm08:0010:0011Gave up when the deluge meant I couldn’t se the dry fly. Great to,see some rain let’s hope for more.
Jeremy Schrecker09/06/2018Ty Nant11:0015:309Although catching 9 fish I lost 10 on the barbless hook. No joy of landing any of the larger fish. Troubled by plastic rubbish strewn around close to farm ford. Quiet bright warmish day with little fly life.
Jeremy Schrecker28/05/2018Castellmoch Fawr12:0015:305River calming down after heavy rain, started with nymph finished with a dry fly. Fish were small. Conditions warm sultry. Chatted compared notes with club member also there.
Rob Park11/08/2018Marthrafal Farm08:3015:00412423Struggled with NZ the different dry flies nothing showing. PTN no better. Changed to N.spiders down/across some fiddling in slack water and suddenly started catching. 3 good grayling in pool immediately above bridge.Nice cold water wade easy enough bankside overhang could stand a trim.Will leave it alone for couple of weeks had a good look.
Kevin Voyce11/08/2018Marthrafal Farm10:0016:00612Refreshingly cool river benefiting from 100 million litres per day release from Lake Vyrnwy. Occasional rising fish, however wouldn't be tempted to dry fly (Gray Duster, Iron Blue parachute or Dogs Body). One pool on the lower beat limit provided the days sport holding a good head of trout and grayling.
Mike Handyside11/08/2018Llanyblodwel14:3016:303
Wilf Nelson12/08/2018Marthrafal Farm10:0018:00Intention to fish
Wilf Nelson12/08/2018Marthrafal Farm10:0017:30201315Nice bit of colour, which got too much after 2pm. Got some to start on PTN, then fished dry as fish rose amongst the trees to greenfly. Good fun
Andrew Dyas16/08/2018Marthrafal FarmAndrew Dyas.mike Thomson , John Edwards intend to fish at about 11am till approx 4pm
Robert Boutflower12/08/2018Llyn15:3018:001It was the lack of dryness wot done it
Mungo Munro16/08/2018Church Fields13:0015:001Quick couple of hours after meeting with the EA. One good grayling on nymph, lost 2. No fish rising.
Andrew Dyas16/08/2018Marthrafal Farm11:0016:0018
Kevin Voyce18/08/2018Marthrafal Farm08:0012:00One rod to fish Saturday 18th August 08:30 to 12:00
Kevin Voyce18/08/2018Marthrafal Farm08:0013:0022Quiet start to the session with no fish rising. Trout caught on Goldhead PTN. Located large shoal of trout and grayling along a 50m bubble line with fish constantly rising from 11:30 to 1pm. Couldn't see what hatch was attracting them. Grayling caught on Griffiths Gnat and Parachute Elk Hair dry. Saw a huge slab of a WBT launch itself from the water (1 to 2lb?).
Mungo Munro19/08/2018Marthrafal FarmFishing from 10.00-14.00
Mungo Munro19/08/2018Marthrafal Farm09:3013:301Tough day at the office, windy conditions. Some fish rising but couldn’t find a fly to tempt them.
Charles Morris21/08/2018Marthrafal Farm
Ian Baguley20/08/2018Carreghofa11:3014:0000000000000River ridiculously low below the dam. Very silty above. Few rises under far bank and shoal of grayling midstream but only managed a "connect," not a fish. Maize in the fields not the prettiest to walk around.
Ian Baguley20/08/2018Llyn15:0018:0000000000000Loads rising 10 - 20 yards out but to what I never discovered. Refused everything. A nymph off the dam hooked a sizable fish for a few seconds.
Charles Morris21/08/2018Marthrafal Farm14:0018:00Intending to fish 2pm to 6.0pm 21.8.18
Charles Morris21/08/2018Marthrafal Farm14:3018:300212Varied cloud cover, slight wind, water slightly muddy. some fish rising
Mike Thompson16/08/2018Marthrafal Farm11:0015:301516Acting on the advice of RP I fished Northern spiders. Started below the weir then moved down to the fenced off section. Walked the beat below the farm and I guess this is where the styles are going - they are certainly needed. Water very low and still fish about so very promising
Nick Browne22/08/2018Carreghofa18:0020:3000000000000The rain helped an encouraging outing, the big trout were following the fly in success but very exciting.
Mike Handyside23/08/2018Llanyblodwel14:0016:001Three great new stiles made access very good. Thanks go to the waters manager for his ongoing work.
Mungo Munro24/08/2018Llyn11:0012:30First cold day in ages. No fish to be seen, one rise and missed it.
Mungo Munro24/08/2018Llanyblodwel14:0015:301Forgot how nice this water is, but still very low. One nice grayling on a size 16 nymph
Rob Park24/08/2018Llyn11:0012:30Tough windy coldish day expected better. Dry, wets, dodgy lure all tried different depths.Nice to be out. Total blank
Rob Park24/08/2018Llanyblodwel14:0015:302Bit windy. Nae watter- desparate.Fallen trees++. No aerial fly life no fish showing at all. I'm going to try a Cherokee rain dance something has to change! Saw one of the new stiles a good'un left hand bank.
Mike Handyside25/08/2018Banhadla13:3016:3026Great to finally get a cool day. Let's hope that's the last of a summer I would like to forget! Never seen the river so low. I was going to just carry the camera, rather than a rod, but glad I didn't! One of my best catches in such a poor season and the fish fought so well, none of them sick with low oxygen now. Three were almost 13 inches. Amazing to see pools you used to fish only a few inches deep and others which you thought were very deep are infact very, very deep, refuges for a few huge browns and the salmon.
Timothy Bell01/08/2018Llyn11:0015:00
Mike Handyside27/08/2018Glantanat Isaf11:3016:302121The biggest grayling was a good two pounds and one the otter didn't get. It had just gone through the pools.
Kevin Voyce27/08/2018Llanyblodwel12:3016:001River looking refreshed and carrying a bit of colour following Sunday's rain. No hatches or fish rising so my dry flies lived up to their name, and remained dry. Couple of plucks on a Goldhead PTN mostly by small fish. Large willow fallen right across the river at the old railway bridge.
Mike Handyside28/08/2018Llanyblodwel14:3017:301025
Ian Baguley28/08/2018Glantanat Isaf16:0018:00020001000At last. Nice fight with the Grayling. Didn't see the otter.
Robert Wilkinson28/08/2018Ty Nant10:3012:30301
Robert Wilkinson28/08/2018Glantanat Isaf13:0017:306141Most fish caught on Klinkhammer some on goldheads.
Robert Wilkinson28/08/2018Banhadla17:3018:3031
Rod McNamara29/08/2018Marthrafal FarmNotification of intent to fish one rod only.
Mike Handyside30/08/2018Ty Nant14:3016:3061113
Richard Herzog30/08/2018Wigley's Field14:0016:003Hares ear. Lovely beat, greatly improved by new stiles. Much appreciated by those of us not as nimble as we used to be.
Rob Park01/09/2018Marthrafal Farm10:0015:00plan to fish sat 1 rod
Mungo Munro31/08/2018Banhadla14:0016:0031
Ian Baguley31/08/2018Banhadla14:3017:300110000000Very bright, glary and low, but managed a lovely 14 inch brown to a dry. Lots of small eager fish about. Missed loads.
Mungo Munro01/09/2018Marthrafal Farm10:3016:00232111
Wilf Nelson01/09/2018Glantanat Isaf12:0016:00103431Low, gin clear, worst time of the day - expected nothing, but the fish had other ideas. Got most in the riffles on the duo, size 16 PTN getting most takes. Quite a few rising. Missed loads too
Rob Park01/09/2018Marthrafal Farm10:0016:0005300327Caught half the grayling above and under the bridge. All brownies caught on dry. Fished upstream spiders in am and NZ in pm -best grayling on upstream bug. Large crayfish here.
Rod McNamara28/08/2018Marthrafal Farm11:0020:002241Fished the upstream end of the beat. Water low and very clear. Hit into a nice pod of Grayling on the last left hand bend before the straight run to the weir pool. All fish were giving splashy rises to every pattern I tried except the good old F-fly in olive which accounted for all fish taken.
Mungo Munro04/09/2018Marthrafal Farm2 rods fishing 9.00 - 14.00
Mungo Munro04/09/2018Marthrafal Farm10:0012:302242 largest trout 15” and 16” in superb condition. Caught on nymph. Members should take the opportunity to fish this beat, there are some good fish throughout the beat.
Robert Wilkinson04/09/2018Wigley's Field10:3012:00
Ian Baguley04/09/2018Marthrafal Farm10:0012:3001100010006
Robert Boutflower08/09/2018Carreghofa18:0019:301211Upstream wet.
Robert Boutflower09/09/2018Church Fields16:0018:0012Great bankside works have improved access!
Rod McNamara12/09/2018Marthrafal FarmNotification of intention to fish 1 rod only
Steve Whitney12/09/2018Carreghofa08:3013:00711Still coloured after the rain but starting to fine down
Andrew Dyas13/09/2018Marthrafal Farm14:3018:00Intention to fish 1 rod
Mike Handyside12/09/2018Banhadla14:3016:30311
Rod McNamara12/09/2018Marthrafal Farm13:0020:004224Nice BWO hatch for most of afternoon but no big fish showing. #18 quil/cdc emergers took most fish. CDC cinnamon sedge for the others.
Mungo Munro13/09/2018Castellmoch Fawr11:0013:0041Read with same day catch returns at Arllen Fawr and Banhadla
Mungo Munro13/09/2018Arllen FawrNo fish water just dropped back and cleared from yesterday
Mike Handyside13/09/2018Wigley's Field10:3011:30111
Mungo Munro13/09/2018Banhadla13:3016:00421112No fish rising all bar one caught on nymph. Lots,t a bigger grayling that the 15” landed, broke me at the net.
Mike Handyside13/09/2018Llanyblodwel12:3015:301013
Kevin Voyce15/09/2018Glantanat Isaf10:3015:30311Nothing rising all caught on Goldhead PTN
Mike Handyside15/09/2018Llanyblodwel13:3017:00622The two better trout were at the top of Carreghofa and one trout and one parr were at Church Fields.
Wilf Nelson15/09/2018Banhadla11:0017:301721427.34 and the colour of strong tea without milk. Everything caught in quick shallow water, couldn’t get a touch in the pools and runs. Various beadheads and the western olive. Good considering
Robert Boutflower09/09/2018Banhadla15:0017:30Nothing doing, got a bit chilly post barbecue
Robert Boutflower10/09/2018Church Fields13:3016:001111Fished with sons Charlie and Harry as a tag team. Mostly down and across.
Robert Boutflower10/09/2018Llyn11:0015:0022Blowing a complete hooley that got stronger. River running brown after rain. Two lovely fish in excellent condition that took a ginger hairy dry, very much loch fashion. In the pan 2 hours later!
Robert Boutflower11/09/2018Llyn12:0015:00Less windy, rose a couple but blank
Robert Boutflower12/09/2018Bartholemew17:0018:301No hatch but nice evening. PT nymph
Robert Boutflower13/09/2018Glantanat Isaf11:0015:3022112Nymphing, both upstream and down. Hardly a rise.
Ian Baguley21/09/2018Marthrafal FarmIntention to fish plus one guest
Mike Handyside17/09/2018Banhadla11:3016:004A few minutes after the otter went past I caught a trout, but then it came back down, within two or three feet of rising fish I was casting to. They weren't bothered by it at all and I caught one within half a minute of it disappearing!
Mike Handyside17/09/2018Wigley's Field16:3017:3041
Mike Handyside23/09/2018Carreghofa11:0015:001
Mike Thompson24/09/2018Banhadla15:3018:0002101
Mike Thompson24/09/2018Glantanat Isaf14:3015:300332
Mungo Munro25/09/2018Banhadla10:0016:0071111Morning was slow with 3 trout under 9”. Afternoon caught 6 trout in a 20 minute spell, all on PHT nymph fished duo. Lovely day to be out, red kites overhead and kingfishers charging up and down the river and otter swimming through the pool,below the hut as I was leaving.
Timothy Bell24/09/2018Glantanat Isaf13:0016:00211both returned
Richard Herzog27/09/2018Carreghofa13:3015:3011River high, cold and clear. Saw a nice salmon and two good trout above the weir. One of the trout took a dry stimulator and measured 17 inches.
Kevin Voyce29/09/2018Marthrafal Farm2 rods to fish beat 10:00 to 16:00 Saturday 29th October
Jeremy Schrecker28/09/2018Glantanat Isaf11:3017:306131Lots of fly life, and a nice clean riverbed. Dry fly took most of the fish on one pool only where grayling were at last present and rising.
Jeremy Schrecker27/09/2018Glantanat Isaf17:0018:001
Jeremy Schrecker18/08/2018Bartholemew12:0017:002Both fish from same pool just above road bridge, nothing promising anywhere else.
Jeremy Schrecker27/09/2018Llyn11:3016:0011Windy, full sun, nothing rising but managed to rise the two I got.
Jeremy Schrecker22/09/2018Llyn12:0016:0011Cold and wet , only 8c , remarkably at times when the rain eased and wind dropped the fish popped up to the surface all over.
Kevin Voyce29/09/2018Marthrafal FarmJust spotted my school boy error. The beat booking for 2 rods is 29th September not October!
Richard Herzog28/09/2018Llyn15:0017:00A few fish rising far out. 2 kites + female hen harrier more than compensated for lack of fish.
Mike Handyside29/09/2018Wigley's Field14:0015:00322
Mike Handyside29/09/2018Llanyblodwel15:3017:0021
Wilf Nelson29/09/2018Glantanat Isaf11:0017:00742762.36 clear and cold. Mostly on GRHE bead head, nasty downstream wind made it awkward. Best Grayling 17ins
Kevin Voyce29/09/2018Marthrafal Farm10:0015:3041143Glorious autumnal day with the early signs of leaves just about to starting falling. My guest and I had a great days sport with some good sized trout and grayling readily responding to grey klinkhammers. Capped off by landing a personal best brownie of 14".
Wilf Nelson30/09/2018Ty Nant10:0016:00646551Grey and windy, water very clear. Nothing rising, all taken on GRHE beadhead. Hooked a lot of trout, at least half came off, biggest 2 Grayling at 15 1/2 inches
Andrew Dyas03/10/2018Marthrafal Farm11:0015:302 rods intending to fish
Mike Handyside02/10/2018Wigley's Field12:0013:0012
Mike Handyside02/10/2018Banhadla13:3016:30521121One frost has caused some trout to cut redds early. Eggs/ova are in the gravels till March. Wade carefully!
Richard Herzog03/10/2018Carreghofa14:0016:00121Cool clear water. Plenty of fish about but little surface activity. Fish taken on hares ear nymph.
Ian Baguley03/10/2018Ty Nant14:3016:3000110200000I had heard of these large trout. Never imagined I would catch one given my recent track record. Just over 23 inches, caught in shallow water on PTN and fought 15 minutes thankfully upstream in the shallows. Not some blind bloated stumpy fish but what at first I thought was a salmon. Photos I took don't do it justice. Also remarkable how quickly it recovered and powered off. I'm still shaking.
Mungo Munro04/10/2018Marthrafal FarmRiparian rod being used. Phil Bostock
Kevin Voyce05/10/2018Ty Nant12:0015:301My guest and I accounted for one grayling, but no sign of Ian's monster (must have been sulking). Rain stopped play to dry out in front of the log burner in the Green Inn. New styles are much appreciated, would be useful to cut some steps in the earth bank to allow safer access from the middle style down to the river (some branches also need cutting). River running very clear and not too many leaves.
Mike Handyside06/10/2018Carreghofa14:0017:305311
Mike Handyside07/10/2018Marthrafal Farm12:0017:00Going to fish Marthrafal at 12.00 today.
Mike Handyside07/10/2018Marthrafal Farm12:0017:305342
Wilf Nelson07/10/2018Ty Nant11:0016:00321251A cold night and very clear water. Used 2 nymphs under some yarn, which probably explains the lack of larger fish. Saw larger fish and scared them all. Some colour would be good
Paul Stevenson08/10/2018Carreghofa11:0016:30223Klink & Dink. Plenty of fly life very little rising. River 0.3 and clear
Paul Stevenson09/10/2018Arllen Fawr11:3013:301Gold head nymph. Spoke to farmer who said 6 herons are in residence on the beat
Paul Stevenson09/10/2018Castellmoch Fawr13:3015:001Again lots of fly life but little sign of fish
Paul Stevenson10/10/2018Marthrafal Farm09:0012:00Plan to fish MF in morning
Steve Whitney10/10/2018Church Fields09:0012:30119Two Brownies over 13 inches and the rest over 9 inches. Mainly interested in the Klink today but also had 3 on a small PTN. 0.29 on the gauge and very clear. Sparse hatch Sedge but mainly midges/smuts bringing them up despite thick mist and 6 degrees at the start!
Paul Stevenson10/10/2018Marthrafal Farm09:3012:0002Lovely stretch of water, would have liked to stay longer
Jeremy Schrecker10/10/2018Banhadla12:0017:3031An Otter at Only 10 metres dived past me and emerged upstream toward the hut, also a green woodpecker. 3 trout one over 12 inches made it the only trout of any size from the river for me in 2018. All fish on Grey Duster.
Jeremy Schrecker10/10/2018Bartholemew12:0017:303
Andrew Dale10/10/2018Glantanat Isaf12:3014:306A snatched couple of hours on a lovely afternoon. At last a few fish rising, unfortunately all OOS trout but some lovely conditioned fish among them, most 8-10", largest 15''.
Mike Handyside15/10/2018Castellmoch Fawr14:3017:00411A big fish on the upper beats. The large grayling was almost 17 inches!
Mungo Munro17/10/2018Banhadla10:3015:3016Lovely day, wandering up the river, water a tad high at 0.65 for the beat making wading difficult. Managed to avoid the numerous redds!! Enjoyed an hour in the hut at lunch time with a read of the T&S and heating my toastie on the fire. Saw dippers, kingfisher and two kites along with many pheasants, just what winter fishing is all about. However the valley will soon resound to the sound of shotguns, loud people and dogs until the end of January whilst the pheasant population is solidly diminished. Hopefully not too many other birds will be disturbed!!
Mike Handyside18/10/2018Marthrafal Farm12:0017:00Going out to fish.
Steve Whitney18/10/2018Banhadla09:0013:00161Lovely sunny autumn day, after a 1degree centigrade, misty start! Had to work hard to find a couple of small Grayling shoals but they took avidly when finally located. Only found them in two pools today and the last few I caught rose freely to the dry, as some pale wateries and the odd sedge appeared in the sunshine. The Grayling were in lovely, fighting fit condition, rather like the like the river which was fining down nicely at 0.5 on the gauge.
Mike Handyside18/10/2018Marthrafal Farm12:0018:0086142
Kevin Voyce19/10/2018Banhadla11:3015:30A healthy 0.5m on the gauge and gin clear water. Tracked down two shoals of grayling, however couldn't connect with a gray klinkhammer. Adjusted some of the frames in the hut, but left a hammer and tape measure on the table. Will pick them up next time I am in the valley.
Wilf Nelson21/10/2018Banhadla10:0016:00242121.45 but very clear. Lovely day, but breezy, lots of fish about and easy to spot. Larger Grayling are incredibly wary, amazes me we catch em at all when the water is clear - they spooked whilst line and fly were still in the air. Plenty of fly and a fair few fish rising. A pleasant day
Mungo Munro26/10/2018Marthrafal Farm1 rod fishing Mathrafal Friday 26th October
Mungo Munro26/10/2018Marthrafal Farm13:3016:0011Cold wet and windy along with hugh quantities of leaves. Never caught so many on the dry fly. Out of season trout was 14”. Think I will leave off the fishing until the leaves disappear.
Mike Handyside26/10/2018Ty Nant14:0016:301333The two largest grayling were just under and just over 17 inches! Fish were taking the nymph really confidently in the cold weather.
Rob Park26/10/2018Glantanat Isaf10:3013:00431All in fast v shallow water 18 in grayling best . Weather cold and unpleasant in pm packed up early.N spiders again
Rob Park27/10/2018Church Fields10:3012:0001111Snow on the hills strong wind leaves falling++ The step on the stile at the top of the beat has collapsed difficult entry.Surprised how much vegetation has grown needs another haircut Mr Handyside not a light trim! Retired to the pavilion
Wilf Nelson27/10/2018Glantanat Isaf10:3016:30115312Cold and breezy, .38 and still very clear. Trout active even after last nights frost, the Grayling less so. All on nymph, only saw one rise all day - a 15inch Grayling in a foot of water which I caught.
Wilf Nelson04/11/2018Marthrafal Farm12:0016:00Fishing
Wilf Nelson04/11/2018Marthrafal Farm12:0016:30551111Water was very clear, warm and low, almost no flow in many of the pools, but lots of fly enjoying the warmth and plenty of fish rising. A challenging day - too easy to spook the fish, but when found, they took well. Forgot to mention the Great Egret at Glantanat last week - quite a surprise
Mungo Munro08/11/2018Marthrafal Farm12:0014:30121
Rob Park08/11/2018Marthrafal Farm12:3014:3013Very slippy. Topsoil from bankside work, leaves and slime. Watch out. Should have done better!
Wilf Nelson12/11/2018Banhadla10:0013:30115.58 but seemed higher, clear enough to start with the coloured after heavy showers. Started well but tailed off as water coloured, all on bugs. Surprised not to see any Salmon
Rob Park13/11/2018Glantanat Isaf11:0012:00Totally misjudged the day fuelled on optimism.River 0.7M rising full of leaves and very coloured, wind + and rain. Not a touch should have gone home but had a walk along the river. Pair great Egrets several Cormorants trees cut down near Pont Glantanat Isaf .No salmon here yet.
Mike Handyside16/11/2018Wigley's Field14:0015:001Caught a salmon about five and a half pounds. A bit of a struggle on three to four pound mono. Gently hand tailed and she was back on her way without being taken out of water. Amazed to then loose another! On for about two or three seconds.
Mike Handyside16/11/2018Church Fields15:3016:30Another salmon landed! A beautiful little fish of about three and a half pounds and hadn't been in the Severn system long. Again unhooked in the river and off it went.
Mike Handyside17/11/2018Ty Nant14:0016:001Getting through the salmon seems difficult to find the grayling! I'm fishing in exactly the same places where I catch the decent grayling, using the same nymph I take them on in winter; hares ear colour. Another salmon landed bigger than those yesterday.
Jeremy Schrecker18/11/2018Marthrafal Farm12:3013:30
Ian Baguley17/11/2018Caesiencyn14:0015:3000000000030No Salmon here that I could tell. Good news they're working there way up.
Wilf Nelson18/11/2018Glantanat Isaf10:0014:0091.48 and very clear. Fish were spread out, but mainly in the edges of quick water and tails of pools. Fished bugs, but changed to nymph and did better. Small hatch and rise at 2pm which increased bag by 50%. Saw 2 salmon and one big trout.
Jeremy Schrecker18/11/2018Marthrafal Farm13:0014:3022Chilly, PTN
Mike Handyside11/12/2018Castellmoch Fawr13:3015:301A good-sized fish for the upper beats about 14 inches. Lost a similar sized one. Had a walk along Caesiencyn too.
Rob Park26/12/2018Glantanat Isaf12:3014:0021Water became cloudy having been reasonably clear. Ward was digging out Afon Iwrch at upper limit of our water. He has been trying to redirect river and also takes gravel.Packed up went up and took pics of him.Obviously fancied his chances of being unobserved on Boxing Day
Mike Handyside26/12/2018Banhadla13:0015:3012
Wilf Nelson30/12/2018Banhadla10:0014:002356.53 and fairly clear, fished 2 nymphs and found fish spread out, but mainly in riffles and pool tails. Best fish 18inches, 2 others nearing 16. Good fun
Mike Handyside31/12/2018Marthrafal Farm11:0016:00Going out to fish.
Mike Handyside31/12/2018Marthrafal Farm11:0015:30112
Kevin Voyce01/01/2019Banhadla10:0012:001No blank for me with my first fish of 2019 on a PTN. Great to warm up at the hut in front of the log burner and welcome the New Year with a couple of drinks.
Rob Park01/01/2019Bartholemew11:0011:30Just wet the line before gathering at the hut
Pat Conner01/01/2019Banhadla10:3015:302lost two grayling
Pat Conner03/01/2019Glantanat Isaf09:3013:3031Seen a school of grayling in the farm bridge pool, of which two were very large fish. l
Mike Handyside03/01/2019Bartholemew14:3016:0021
Mike Handyside04/01/2019Marthrafal Farm11:0016:00Going out to fish.
Mike Handyside04/01/2019Marthrafal Farm11:0016:002621
Steve Whitney06/01/2019Glantanat Isaf09:3012:304Lost a real lunker of a Grayling that came off after several minutes of tug of war. Thought it was a log at first! Water was extremely clear and low. The yellow JCB is still by the Iwrch near it’s confluence with the Tanat - quite a channel he’s dredged!
Wilf Nelson06/01/2019Glantanat Isaf15:0016:00326Fished the new beat from 10.30 to 2.45. .45 and v. Clear. 5 Grayling (2 at about 15 ins) and 5 OST. Lovely bit of water, will be great in the summer. Then had a mad 30 minutes in the run above Iron Bridge - got all 11 fish in the edge of the quick water, one after the other. Amazing in the conditions- everything on GRHE and PTN gold heads.
Wilf Nelson06/01/2019Llanerch Emrys10:3013:30111Lovely water! Low clear quite hard work
Wilf Nelson06/01/2019Llangedwyn Hall13:3014:30124Fish came on the feed, great water!
Mike Handyside08/01/2019Llangedwyn Hall13:3016:001
Nick Browne08/01/2019Glantanat Isaf11:0014:0000000000000Purchased a new rod in the a.m fish didn't care? Walked down the new llangedwyn hall beat what a great stretch of water .
Richard Herzog10/01/2019Banhadla13:0015:3041Czech nymph. Covered quite a lot of water before finding a shoal upstream of the hut. Clear water and mild weather made a very pleasant January afternoon.
Rob Park15/01/2019Marthrafal Farm08:3016:00Steve Whitney and I plan to start Riverfly site and fish afterwards
Rob Park17/01/2019Marthrafal Farm08:3016:00Oops. Steve prefers Thursday - 2 rods NONE ON TUESDAY !
Wilf Nelson12/01/2019Llangedwyn Hall11:0014:00Well it had to happen - a total blank, no rises, no takes, no nothing, even in the bridge pool at Llangedwyn. Suspect it was down to very clear water. What a superb beat, some of the best looking water on the river. Looking forward to better conditions.
Andy Renwick01/01/2019Banhadla11:0013:00A blank, but nice to waft a rod again.....very, very rusty and fished very, very badly..... nice to see the hut in good use.
Steve Whitney14/01/2019Church Fields09:3011:00Blankety blank!
Steve Whitney14/01/2019Wigley's Field12:0013:30Another blankety blank. Keeps you humble!
Rob Park17/01/2019Marthrafal Farm11:0012:00Blank. Fished lower end quit when water coloured up - yet again. Not so bad this time but the mill race is now working and pushes clouds of colour into the water - hopefully just a teething problem needs watching. Steve now established here on river fly sampling site so not all lost.he carried on above the race so looking for better reports!
Steve Whitney17/01/2019Marthrafal Farm11:3013:30Sorry Rob - I blanked as well, even though the water was clearer above the new “leat”. Even tried under bridge to no avail. Will submit the documentation for the sampling site registration tomorrow.
Mike Handyside19/01/2019Castellmoch Fawr15:0015:00Waste of time. Didn't fish. Walked down Llangedwyn Hall to start with, but river starting to colour up which was not expected with river still low and falling. Tribs were very clear upstream, but upper beats were opaque with fine particulate matter. Not due to the recent light rain, so someone has/is using a digger. Fishing would have been an exercise in futility.
Mike Handyside20/01/2019Marthrafal Farm13:0016:00Going out to fish.
Mike Handyside20/01/2019Marthrafal Farm13:3015:3011The brown trout was near 18 inches (just under two pounds) and was in superb condition.
Wilf Nelson26/01/2019Glantanat Isaf10:3014:0012.58 and a nice colour, but too much water and wind. Lost a decent Grayling, everything took bugs fished downstream into the tail of pools. Different! Should have fished the Vyrnwy which hadn’t risen on Friday when the Tanat did.
Mike Handyside28/01/2019Bartholemew15:0016:001Walked down Castellmoch Fawr first. A big grayling of around two and a quarter pounds.
Michael Lamb03/02/2019Marthrafal FarmLooking at fishing this beat on Sunday morning from around 10.30 Till late afternoon. Michael Lamb.
Michael Lamb03/02/2019Marthrafal Farm10:0012:30000000Fished all the deep runs . Czech nymph style.
Michael Lamb23/02/2019Church Fields13:3015:30000000Hooked up to a nice fish but lost it . On Czech nymph style . With a single Disco shrimp. With a number 4 shot about 8" from the fly.
Mike Handyside03/02/2019Llanerch Emrys14:0016:003
Mike Handyside15/02/2019Banhadla15:3017:3011Had an hour at Llangedwyn Hall first where I caught the small one. Large grayling was 18 inches.
Mike Handyside16/02/2019Llanerch Emrys13:3016:0011Going to fish Marthrafal 17/02/2019 at 12.00.
Wilf Nelson16/02/2019Banhadla11:0015:0015.55 and clear. Surprisingly quiet, expected better in the balmy weather. Enjoyed a close encounter with an otter.
Mike Handyside17/02/2019Marthrafal Farm12:0016:0012
Mike Handyside22/02/2019Marthrafal Farm12:0016:00Going out to fish.
Michael Lamb22/02/2019Llanerch Emrys10:3015:0000000000000No luck today not even a nibble. Think I ticked the right box for the beat I fished not sure of its name. But it is the new beat that belonged to the syndicate.
Mike Handyside22/02/2019Marthrafal Farm12:0017:00331
Pat Conner22/02/2019Banhadla10:3013:001
Pat Conner22/02/2019Bartholemew13:3015:00
Richard Herzog22/02/2019Banhadla11:3012:30
Richard Herzog22/02/2019Glantanat Isaf13:0014:30
Rob Park22/02/2019Caesiencyn10:3013:001Beautiful day saw 3 upwingers nae fish rising.Stream looks good.
Rob Park22/02/2019Bartholemew14:0015:001Disappointed. Sorry Wilf this section is blanketed in grey silt - cloudy as you wade not as clean as Caeseincyn. MH you played a blinder. Mungo appeared thinking I was poaching then made me a cuppa in hut and a chat
Rob Park26/02/2019Marthrafal Farm10:0016:00Plan to fish 1 rod
Wilf Nelson23/02/2019Llangedwyn Hall10:3013:30411.42 and clear. Looked great, but very slow, water was surprisingly cold after the mild weather. The 4 small Grayling were 2 inches each! Still looks a great bit of water - and with just the right amount of silt Rob!
Mike Handyside24/02/2019Marthrafal Farm12:0016:00Going out to fish.
Steve Whitney27/02/2019Marthrafal FarmInvertebrate sampling and fishing 1 rod, if Rob and Mike don’t catch them all first!
Mike Handyside24/02/2019Marthrafal Farm12:0016:0011Going with guest to Marthrafal on Thursday 28/02/2019.
Rob Park26/02/2019Marthrafal Farm10:3013:002116in brownie . Too bright nil rising . Beautiful day.
Steve Whitney27/02/2019Marthrafal Farm11:0014:302One Brownie at 15 inches and weighed as 1.5lb, and one at 18 inches and weighed as 2.5lb. The first took a nymph and the second an emerger, and both came from pool heads. Cloudless skies, full sun and 18-20 degree temperature!
Mungo Munro01/03/2019Banhadla12:0014:001First trip of the year. Caught one well conditioned 12” brownie on dry fly. Missed one other. Just nice to be out again.
Mike Handyside01/03/2019Marthrafal Farm12:3016:30111Didn't fish Marthrafal on 28/02/2019 due to bad forecast, but fished the new water today. My guest caught the trout.
Mike Handyside04/03/2019Marthrafal Farm13:3016:00In the area, so decided to drop in at Marthrafal. Prospects poor with river up a bit and further heavy showers. Will have a walk. Don't know if I will fish.
Mike Handyside04/03/2019Marthrafal Farm13:3016:002
Mike Handyside11/03/2019Castellmoch Fawr13:0015:30
Mungo Munro18/03/2019Llyn11:0016:001Opening day of the trout season, only one of our beats fishable due to flooding our the rivers. Great to have the Llyn as back up. Hard work but enjoyable.
Ian Baguley18/03/2019Llyn11:0016:0000010000000First cast off the far bank. Gold head nymph attracted a 14 inch trout and I thought "this is going to be a bumper day." Turned out to be the only knock all day but hey....the seasons up and running. Very cold. Especially the hands when wet!
Mike Handyside19/03/2019Llyn11:0015:30
Rob Park19/03/2019Llyn11:0015:000131Windy wintry all on dry BSF
Mike Handyside21/03/2019Marthrafal Farm11:0016:00Going fishing.
Michael Lamb25/03/2019Marthrafal Farm09:0016:00Looking at fish here Monday 25 if levels return to normal. Michael Lamb.
Rob Park22/03/2019Marthrafal Farm10:0016:00Plan to fish 2 rods with Member John Wood
Mungo Munro21/03/2019Llyn12:0015:3022 no 12” trout in great condition. Hard going not many rising but not a bad day to be on top of the Berwyns. New private fishing posts and signs fitted.
Mike Handyside21/03/2019Marthrafal Farm11:0016:3021Experienced problems again with highly coloured water stopping play downstream of the hydro twice this afternoon. Large amounts of sediment are discharged to the river when this happens.
Rob Park21/03/2019Llanerch Emrys10:0011:30
Rob Park21/03/2019Castellmoch Fawr12:0013:30
Rob Park21/03/2019Glantanat Isaf14:0015:00
Rob Park22/03/2019Marthrafal Farm10:0015:0001342 brownies 18in
Mike Handyside23/03/2019Marthrafal Farm11:0016:00Going fishing.
Wilf Nelson23/03/2019Marthrafal Farm11:00Plan to fish new water upstream
Mike Handyside23/03/2019Marthrafal Farm11:0016:00132
Wilf Nelson23/03/2019Marthrafal Farm11:0016:004728Lovely day, with a good hatch of LDO at midday, just 20 minutes or so, but the trout went bonkers.
Pat Conner24/03/2019Ty Nant10:0012:00
Mike Handyside25/03/2019Marthrafal Farm11:0015:301114Fished the new water above Marthrafal.
Ian Baguley26/03/2019Marthrafal Farm11:0016:002 rods planning to fish
Michael Lamb25/03/2019Marthrafal Farm09:3016:000002000033 grayling about 10" 2 wonderful brown Trout around 18" Trout on nymphs. Grayling on dry fly.
Mungo Munro26/03/2019Mathrafal11:0015:30213Biggest trout 20” in good condition caught in fast streamy water at the head of a pool. Quite a lot of damage along the river after the recent flooding but all of our recently built stiles survived.
Nick Browne19/03/2019Banhadla10:3011:3000000000000
Nick Browne19/03/2019Llangedwyn Hall11:3013:300110000000At least I won't blank this year ......
Ian Baguley26/03/2019Mathrafal11:0015:3001300000500Stunning water. One 10 minute hatch of Olives at midday just failed to get them interested. Couple of bigger fish slashed at a Klinkhammer. Otherwise it was GRHE nymphs.
Mike Handyside28/03/2019Mathrafal11:0016:00Going out to fish.
Andrew Dyas28/03/2019Mathrafal10:0014:30Andrew Dyas intending to fish
Rob Park28/03/2019Junction11:0011:303
Rob Park28/03/2019Carreghofa12:0013:30417
Mike Handyside28/03/2019Mathrafal11:0015:3015
Sandy Chapple-Gill28/03/2019Mathrafal14:0017:00021Sunny afternoon All caught on Klink and dink (All dink) at the bottom of the Mathrafal beat. A couple of rises in deeper water
Andrew Dale28/03/2019LLanerch Emrys12:0015:300110Beautiful day and good to be back out on the river. There was a hatch of duns (probably LDO) from the time I started till about 13.30, but no rise. Both fish on Hares Ear nymph. Lovely condition, as silver as sea-trout and very fit.
Mungo Munro29/03/2019Banhadla12:3014:00Water gin clear, no fish, no activity, lovely day.
Wilf Nelson30/03/2019Dolobran11:0016:00Fishing
Wilf Nelson30/03/2019Dolobran11:0015:001222Low and clear, decent hatch of LDO at midday, got snapped up twice!
Ian Baguley30/03/2019Llangedwyn Hall13:0015:30Thought I'd try the supposedly fishless straight bit. Not a sausage. Quite shallow throughout.
Mike Handyside30/03/2019Llanblodwel13:0015:3021Fish of 12, 13 and 14 inches.
Richard Herzog29/03/2019Banhadla13:3015:00Glorious afternoon, unfortunately not appreciated by trout.
Michael Lamb31/03/2019Castellmoch Fawr11:0013:0000000000000
Michael Lamb31/03/2019Church Fields13:3014:3001000001002 fish on March brown dry fly, a few flies coming off but very few and far between. Hard going.
Mike Handyside01/04/2019Dolobran10:3016:3043Very low and clear, so wasn't expecting much. The trout were just under two pounds, just under two and a quarter pounds, two pounds ten ounces and two pounds eleven ounces.
Rob Park02/03/2019Llangedwyn Hall09:3011:30
Rob Park30/03/2019Llangedwyn Hall09:3011:3000000
Michael Lloyd30/03/2019Llyn15:0018:002
Michael Lloyd01/04/2019Glantanat Isaf10:3012:00
Michael Lloyd01/04/2019Banhadla12:3015:001
Graham Lloyd30/03/2019Llyn15:0018:00
Graham Lloyd01/04/2019Glantanat Isaf10:3012:00
Graham Lloyd01/04/2019Banhadla
Steve Whitney10/04/2019Mathrafal08:3016:00Intention to fish with 2 rods - me and a guest.
Mike Handyside05/04/2019Mathrafal13:0016:00Going out to fish.
Mike Handyside05/04/2019Mathrafal13:0018:001Hardly fished at Marthrafal. No hatch or rise so had a walk up to Dolobran. Cold, but a hatch started a bit late and up came the fish. This trout was three and a qarter pounds, caught on my return.
Mike Handyside05/04/2019Dolobran14:0017:006Largest of six was three and three quarter pounds and all on dry.
Steve Whitney06/04/2019Llanblodwel14:0016:0011Hatches of March Browns, LDO’s and stoneflies with a few fish rising to them.
Wilf Nelson07/04/2019Mathrafal10:0018:00Will fish from car park up, and on to Dolobran, down stream will be available
Pat Conner07/04/2019Dolobran09:0012:00111plenty of pulls on a pheasant tale nymph best fish 1.5 lb
Pat Conner07/04/2019Graveyard12:3014:30124A mad hour with a dry and a hatch of large dark olives, best fish 2lb. Best days fishing for a long time. (I have put grayling caught at Dolobran in wrong box it should have been out of season grayling. sorry.
Kevin Voyce07/04/2019Dolobran11:0016:002Large Dark Olive hatching from 13:00 causing fish to rise. Interesting beat with good variety of long glides in the lower section and shorter pool and riffles in the upper section. Looks to be holding a good head of brown trout and grayling. Fish rising to LDO Dry, Orange Otter and Jingler but couldn't set hook. Grayling all caught on Iron Blue Parachute.
Wilf Nelson07/04/2019Mathrafal10:3012:0033Too early, got a few but not much happening, had another go at 5.30 which was about the same!
Wilf Nelson07/04/2019Dolobran12:0015:301214Not much of a hatch, the odd fish was rising, had an 18 inch job from the top pool
Wilf Nelson07/04/2019Graveyard13:3017:001214Interesting water, quite a few fish rising above the Church, had a 17 inch fish a bit further up. Long walk back to Mathafrafal!
Rob Park14/04/2019Mathrafal09:3016:302 Rods to fish
Mike Handyside08/04/2019Dolobran12:3015:3023
Ian Baguley08/04/2019Dolobran12:0016:00111Please be careful opposite the cottage and don't loiter here. The owners havnt got used to anglers yet and their dogs go mental. Accessing the pool from opposite the top barn seems to work with only some pigs disturbed.
Michael Lamb11/04/2019Mathrafal10:30Going fishing
Kevin Voyce10/04/2019Graveyard11:0016:001fish rising to Large dark olive hatch from 13:00 to 16:00, most fish in bubble line on the long glide at the lower end of the beat. Soft hackle dry fly drew the most interest. Didn't see any fish in mid section, and top section holding fish in one short run.
Wilf Nelson10/04/2019Banhadla10:3016:003A typical early day on the Tanat, very clear and last nights frost made the water very cold. As I result I only got a few Artic fish, the Trout were hiding. A fair few flies about, and it looks as though the Grannom are about to start. I’m waiting for some warmer weather
Rod McNamara10/04/2019Glantanat Isaf11:3018:002Slow going but a hatch of needles brought up the only two risers I saw all day. Still river looks in great fettle and weather was lovely.
Steve Whitney10/04/2019Mathrafal10:3014:0023Caught by my guest. Very cold start, but hatches March Browns/False March Browns from 1pm onwards as sun emerged and things warmed up a tad. Also LDO’s and dark stoneflies. Hatches switched off very quickly though, and the fish followed.
Steve Whitney10/04/2019Dolobran10:3014:00111First time on this beat - very nice! Has anyone noticed the sheets of white asbestos dumped down the steep right bank to the edge of the river? Its just before you reach the first house on the right bank up from the road bridge/weir.
Mungo Munro11/04/2019Llanerch Emrys11:0015:00Zip, zilch, nada, nothing. Water is looking fantastic but no sign of fly life or active fish, only excuses, cold water, crap fisherman and easterly wind.
Michael Lamb11/04/2019Mathrafal11:0014:000000000200very low water , was hard going . lost 3 nice fish , caught 2 very nice out of season grayling around 14 inches. on dry fly.
Wilf Nelson11/04/2019Graveyard15:3017:0011
Wilf Nelson11/04/2019Dolobran11:0015:0074
Wilf Nelson11/04/2019DolobranI entered my Dolobran return wrongly, they were all over 13 inches. A sensational day, at its peak, rose 4 2lb plus fish in a row and landed 3. Couldn’t see what they were rising to, LDO seems finished, but they still took mine!
Pat Conner13/04/2019Graveyard09:0012:00123All on GRHE nymph.
Pat Conner13/04/2019Dolobran12:0015:3022A good hatch of march browns but nothing rising. fish caught on GRHE nymph. biggest of the day 17" another good days fishing.
Graham Lloyd14/03/2019Dolobran12:3016:00
Michael Lloyd14/04/2019Dolobran12:3016:00
Graham Lloyd13/04/2019Dolobran12:3016:00
Rob Park14/04/2019Mathrafal10:0012:0000002.99M, 5C East wind clear soon departed with guest. No aerial fly life
Mungo Munro12/04/2019Dolobran15Tough going not much water, beat probably fishes best at about 1.15 on the gauge. Just a smattering of a fly hatch.
Ian Baguley12/04/2019Dolobran12:3015:303No trout but the grayling were up to 18 inches and taking off the surface.
Nick Browne15/04/2019Bartholemew06:0008:0000000000000Low clear water tried some heavy flies in the holes no takers, but a Nice evening to take the rod for a walk....
Mike Handyside17/04/2019Mathrafal13:0017:3011The larger trout was a couple of ounces under three pounds. Only fished for about two hours. Sat and enjoyed the spring sunshine for most of the time, an escape from life's lot. We are not all as fortunate as others. Today's fishing is no threat to those members wishing to fish over Easter. The problem is not that the entire active membership is concentrating on the Vyrnwy, ignoring the Tanat, whether they fish there once or twice a week, it is the low water level making fish so difficult, with little flow for the dry fly.
Mungo Munro17/04/2019Mathrafal14:3017:00111Lovely day, water level low, day saved by a rise of fish about 16.30
Rob Park17/04/2019Dolobran14:3015:002Walked Pont Llogel to Pontrobert and most enjoyable but Easterly had started so couldn’t be bothered to fish .Looks like 1.2 -1.4 M is best on Vyrnwy
Pat Conner18/04/2019Graveyard10:0011:30
Pat Conner18/04/2019Dolobran12:0015:30Walked down to Marthrafal from Dolobran didn’t fish just went to have a look, a nice stretch of water. look forward to fishing it with a foot of water.
Rob Park19/04/2019Llyn11:3015:300000When the winds in the East you catch the least.Not a touch v few rises . Beautiful day . Canada goose nest 7 eggs.
Richard Herzog20/04/2019Llyn13:3015:003Cool breeze kept fish down but a brief lull at about 2.30 led to some activity.
Mike Handyside20/04/2019Llanblodwel11:0013:3011
Wilf Nelson20/04/2019Glantanat Isaf11:0014:0011Like fishing in a swimming pool, water very clear. Some grannom about, but the fish were hiding, other than the monster I hooked at the top end - Salmon sized but alas threw the hook.
Wilf Nelson20/04/2019Carreghofa14:3019:00432Mostly on nymph, though there were were a few rising. .33 is a good level here, a good return in the conditions
Michael Lamb21/04/2019Banhadla11:0013:0000000000000Low and clear
Michael Lamb21/04/2019Church Fields14:0016:300200000040All the fish caught today were by my gest I blanked☹️ 2 of the grayling he caught where a good 2.5 lb really nice fish. He caught all on the duo.
Mike Handyside21/04/2019Carreghofa11:0013:3021
John Hewitt22/04/2019Llyn11:3014:300510
Pat Conner22/04/2019Glantanat Isaf12:0014:0011
Pat Conner22/04/2019Carreghofa14:3017:301
Ian Baguley22/04/2019Carreghofa14:3017:301110.32 and clear. A few steady risers. Hot sunny afternoon.
Kevin Voyce23/04/2019Castellmoch Fawr11:3013:30Practice session. All quiet, not a single fish rising or stopped.
Kevin Voyce23/04/2019Arllen Fawr13:3015:00
Mike Thompson19/04/2019Llyn11:3015:000BLANK
Mike Handyside24/04/2019Mathrafal11:0015:303112
Michael Lloyd20/04/2019Llyn17:0019:30
Michael Lloyd21/04/2019Graveyard10:3012:00
Graham Lloyd20/04/2019Llyn17:0019:30
Graham Lloyd21/04/2019Graveyard10:3012:00
Rob Park25/04/2019Llangedwyn Hall09:3011:300Nuffin
Rob Park25/04/2019Bartholemew11:3012:30Nuffin
Rob Park25/04/2019Castellmoch Fawr12:3013:30Nuffin
Charles Morris20/04/2019Llyn14:3015:000
Mike Handyside28/04/2019Glantanat Isaf13:3015:00Didn't really fish. Was put off by illegal fishers in the prime area. Perfect water for spinning, so don't know what impact they have had. Dealt with them as per the rules. Further evidence of recent illegal fishing on the car park.
Andy Renwick28/04/2019Llyn11:3014:3031Bit of a cold NW breeze, caught first fish of just over a pound on a dry sedgehog by the outflow, it was rising to something, too fast first cast, nailed it second was in great condition ...the odd rising fish here and there, but not a lot of action, the rest on a pearl butt black pennel- on the middle dropper....would have liked to fish longer but had both boys with me. Canada goose is on four eggs on the south bank toward the willows, found a large owl pellet nearby, full of mouses bones.
Pat Conner28/04/2019Dolobran12:0014:302
Pat Conner28/04/2019Mathrafal14:3015:30
Wilf Nelson28/04/2019Dolobran11:0015:00121.4 at Meifod is a bit too much water, 1.25 is probably best. Lots of fly about but no rises. lost a big fish - hooked it on the point, played it for 5 minutes, then a 12 inch fish took the dropper which allowed the big one to smash me - bizarre! Wading is very tricky at this height
Wilf Nelson28/04/2019Mathrafal15:3017:3021Water looked better here, but it had already been fished
Robert Boutflower28/04/2019Mathrafal13:0016:001Probably the biggest wild brown trout I've ever caught, about 3lbs, end of beat. Rising fish but took a heavy goldhead in green. Will try to put him in the gallery.
Robert Boutflower28/04/2019Dolobran16:0018:001121Kept 1lb fish as there was a large fresh hole in its back, possibly heron wound, yet came from not far above the weir?Maybe some sort of parasite so dissection later! Good condition but played lamely. High water, touch of colour, pretty perfect really.
Mungo Munro29/04/2019Mathrafal10:3016:002822Wonderful day. All fish caught on dry fly. No prolific rise so had to search out rising fish, however the fish that did rise came to the fly readily. Most activity from 14.00 and most caught on size 16 black gnat. The 2 grayling were both about 16” and the best trout 14”. Missed nearly as many as I hooked. Nothing spectacular just an all round nice day.
Richard Herzog30/04/2019Llyn11:3013:30
Mungo Munro30/04/2019Llyn11:0016:0012Still cold on the hill 11deg C with south to south easterly wind. Very little surface movement. Trout caught in terrific condition.
Mike Handyside30/04/2019Dolobran13:0019:00121My guest didn't catch anything.
Jeremy Schrecker06/04/2019Dolobran12:0013:301Fished from Arwens field, caught on wet fly fast water
Jeremy Schrecker17/04/2019Dolobran16:0018:00
Jeremy Schrecker18/04/2019Mathrafal10:3018:002111Caught on small dry fly, grayling a good size, Vyrnwy trout fight hard
Jeremy Schrecker19/04/2019Graveyard10:3018:30112Graveyard trout 2lb, some fight . fished some of matherafel later in the day where the other two were caught.
Ian Baguley30/04/2019Llyn11:0016:00Regarded it as a "practice session." For my new landing net. Needs more practice.
Timothy Bell29/04/2019Llangedwyn Hall14:0016:301
Rob Park01/05/2019Llanerch Emrys11:0015:302Perfect conditions
John Wood22/03/2019Mathrafal11:3016:0002100100000
John Wood01/05/2019Llanerch Emrys11:0015:30022
Mungo Munro03/05/2019Carreghofa14:3016:00121
Mungo Munro03/05/2019Castellmoch Fawr11:0013:001
Mungo Munro03/05/2019Arllen Fawr13:0013:302
Rob Park03/05/2019Castellmoch Fawr11:0011:3001
Rob Park03/05/2019Caesiencyn11:3013:002
Rob Park03/05/2019Carreghofa14:3016:00244
Mike Handyside04/05/2019Mathrafal11:3017:00311
Mike Handyside05/05/2019Llangedwyn Hall13:0015:00221Good to be catching on dry fly again on the Tanat. Best just under 13 inches.
Kevin Voyce05/05/2019Glantanat Isaf11:0015:0013Bitterly cold with no hatch or rise to speak of. Grayling caught on Endrick's Spider and Hare's Ear Tungsten nymph. Prospecting blind with A Deer Hair Parachute Dry tempted a rather nice 10" brownie.
Wilf Nelson05/05/2019Ty Nant11:3013:3015.4 on gauge very clear, cold wind. A few fly about and the odd rise, livening up
Wilf Nelson05/05/2019Banhadla13:3017:004412Fish started rising at 2ish, olives, LDO and small blacks, a cumulative hatch. Fish looked up for an hour or so, biggest a very spotty, fit 14 inches. Nasty cold downstream wind probably knocked back a red letter day
Nick Browne05/05/2019Carreghofa06:3009:0000100000000A better fisherman would have banked at least 5 or 6 more ? Good sport for a few hours thou.. Excellent work on stiles To access river .
Pat Conner06/05/2019Mathrafal08:3014:3022cold but fish rising to the dry.
Mungo Munro06/05/2019Banhadla11:0015:001Mucked about with a dry fly for a few hours, cold down stream wind. Sporadic rise for about an hour prompted a few fish to rise. A bit more life about the river now.
Mungo Munro07/05/2019MathrafalThere will be a guest of the owner on the water on Tuesday 7th May. His name is Phil Bostock and he has permission to fish
Graham Lloyd06/05/2019Mathrafal14:0016:301
Michael Lloyd06/05/2019Mathrafal14:0016:301
Richard Herzog07/05/2019Carreghofa11:0013:302Had a close encounter with an otter. Fish rising quite well at times but no idea what they were taking.
John Wood07/05/2019Banhadla11:3013:30211
John Wood07/05/2019Glantanat Isaf14:3017:0021
Mike Handyside07/05/2019Banhadla12:0015:001
Jeremy Schrecker18/04/2019MathrafalJust noticed I filled out the catch return wrongly. I NEVER KILL BROWN TROUT or grayling
Mungo Munro09/05/2019Mathrafal11:0015:305111Cold and wet in the morning and only 3 fish caught. Afternoon a mixed hatch of flies saw a steady rise of fish throughout the beat. There is a really healthy stock of 10 - 11” trout. All bar one caught on dry fly.
Mungo Munro07/05/2019Mathrafal11:0016:00112This entry relates to the owners guest fishing return as noted.
Mike Handyside10/05/2019Mathrafal11:0017:3023All on dry. Largest weighed at three pounds and seven ounces. Some of the time was spent on the lower part of Dolobran.
Mike Handyside10/05/2019Dolobran14:0016:001111
Andrew Dale10/05/2019Bartholemew14:0015:00010000000Guage at about .55 and river coloured at Iron Bridge so went to Bartholemew's where clearer. Heavens opened while tackling up, so had to wait until it cleared. First cast with a hares ear nymph I had a stunning 16.5" brownie which must have been close to 2.5lbs. By the time I was fishing again the river was colouring and became unfishable shortly after. Certainly one of the best Tanat trout I have caught.
Pat Conner12/05/2019Mathrafal08:3012:30311All on dry, plenty rising.
Pat Conner12/05/2019Graveyard13:0014:30
Kevin Voyce12/05/2019Llangedwyn Hall12:0015:0012Clear blue skies almost put me off however a Hare's Ear Tungsten nymph tempted a 10" and a cracking 14" Grayling and small brownie all lying at the tail of short riffles downstream of submerged boulders. Flies hatching off, including a very early May Fly in the afternoon sunshine, and trout beginning to rise. The Tanat might have finally woken from it's winter/spring slumber.
Michael Lamb13/05/2019Glantanat Isaf10:0013:0002000000000very hard going very few risers . caught 1 trout on nymph . one on dry fly.
Michael Lamb13/05/2019Llanblodwel14:0016:0000000000000
Jeremy Schrecker12/05/2019Graveyard14:0015:00Plenty rising to aim at, not interested in the artificial.
Jeremy Schrecker12/05/2019Mathrafal15:0016:301Finally got a take on dry, so many refusals .
Pat Conner14/05/2019Glantanat Isaf08:0010:001
Pat Conner14/05/2019Banhadla10:3014:00
Mungo Munro14/05/2019Mathrafal09:3013:30141
Mungo Munro14/05/2019Dolobran14:0016:3011Lovely day fished both Dolobran and Mathrafal. Plenty of fly life but no sustained rise. Most of the fish caught in streamy water, all on dry fly. Grayling best fish at 15”.
Graham Lloyd13/05/2019Llanerch Emrys09:0011:30
Graham Lloyd13/05/2019Mathrafal13:3015:301
Michael Lloyd13/05/2019Llanerch Emrys09:0011:301
Michael Lloyd13/05/2019Mathrafal13:3015:30
Kevin Voyce14/05/2019Dolobran11:3015:30Ripping a great hole in my waders not only ruined my waders but also my fishing karma today (no not new type of curry before any asks) and to add insult to injury I blanked despite the great conditions and an abundance of flies hatching off.
Ian Baguley14/05/2019Mathrafal09:3016:30141Very warm and river way down at 1 meter and clear. Trout all in the morning when decent hatch going on. All on the dry in the heads of pools.
Rob Park15/05/2019Carreghofa10:0011:00111
Rob Park15/05/2019Llyn13:0015:3011What do expect on a lovely bright sunny day with nothing coming up. Gills bleeding ++ - killed
Timothy Bell15/05/2019Llyn10:3014:301
Richard Herzog16/05/2019Carreghofa12:3015:0011
Pat Conner16/05/2019Mathrafal08:0013:30131All on dry, fish rising steadily all morning. Lost a good fish at top of beat. A good day.
Pat Conner16/05/2019Dolobran13:3014:30
Rob Park17/05/2019Banhadla10:0013:3000Hundreds if tons of gravel moved along river.Bed silt plus algae plus crud. V little fly life. Jap knotweed reduced in mass by about 90%.
Rob Park17/05/2019Llanblodwel14:3017:0004221In spite of a few E. danica laying eggs on the water nil rising. If its going to happen it will be in next 3 weeks
John Wood17/05/2019Banhadla11:0013:3051
John Wood17/05/2019Llanblodwel14:3017:00
Mike Handyside17/05/2019Mathrafal11:0016:30141
Jeremy Schrecker18/05/2019Mathrafal11:3012:003Dull, rising freely by bridge
Jeremy Schrecker18/05/2019Graveyard12:3016:002521Took this particular Adams pattern freely, lost 4 more. Less inhibited in the dull weather perhaps. Plenty of fish showing , best 2 lbs.
Andy Renwick18/05/2019Mathrafal10:3013:00Blank, water quite low and thin....nothing much rising or showing, some fish in the pools nearer farm, had to go to 2.75lb floro tippet and a size 18 griffiths gnat to get an offer...missed three, lined a decent fish if maybe 2lb or more ( by the displacement). Tough, might have been better later.....
Andy Renwick18/05/2019Llyn14:3016:30Another blank.....had a few offers on a #14 black hopper, but nothing stuck, fish rising sporadically.....think their main feeding was done for the day, went flat calm at times....fished two dries, refusals even down to a #14 bobs bits..... maybe they were just taking emergers subsurface....
Mike Handyside18/05/2019Dolobran12:3017:301111
Kevin Voyce19/05/2019Banhadla07:3012:00Spattering of Mayflies hatching off, a sign of things to come.
Mike Handyside19/05/2019Carreghofa12:3016:0073
Wilf Nelson19/05/2019Llanerch Emrys11:3017:00111102River has woken up, lots of fly, including Mayfly, plenty of fish rising to them. A super piece of water. About half caught on dry, the rest on PTN. Otters, Mink, Dippers and Kingfishers to see.
John Hewitt12/05/2019Llyn11:0013:002Very dour day
John Hewitt14/05/2019Graveyard10:3014:00116Rather alot of Grayling, but very interesting potential
Pat Conner20/05/2019Carreghofa
Pat Conner20/05/2019Carreghofa10:3016:0052Olives hatching all day including good hatches of mayfly. All caught on dry, missed a few lost a few.
Michael Lloyd18/05/2019Llyn10:3015:0021
Michael Lloyd19/05/2019Graveyard08:3011:30
Michael Lloyd19/05/2019Dolobran14:0015:30
Graham Lloyd18/05/2019Llyn10:3015:00
Graham Lloyd19/05/2019Graveyard08:3011:30
Graham Lloyd19/05/2019Dolobran14:0015:30
Richard Herzog21/05/2019Llanerch Emrys11:0014:00221Encouraging.
Rod McNamara08/05/2019Llanblodwel12:0018:0021Difficult day but river looking good. Signs of some large fish beginning to move onto their stations.
Rod McNamara22/05/2019Dolobran12:3017:002Exploratory visit to this beat for the first time. Bumped into Mike and Andrew who seemed to having as hard a time as me. Winkle two little’uns Out from under trees on lower stretch feeding on aphids under trees on right bank. Moved to Mathrafal for evening rise.
Rod McNamara22/05/2019Mathrafal33 very nice fish taken during evening rise. The whole beat sparked into life at around 1830hrs. Two fish taken in tails if poolson lower half of beat weighed at just shy of 2lb. Third fish taken further up again in a tail weighed 2.5lb. And pricked another beauty in the head of the last pool before the farm. Lovely evening on this cracking stretch. I could have taken far more fish but was targeting the larger specimens. Non descript terrestrial accounted for two fish and parachute olive all size 18 did the trick for the third.
Mike Handyside23/05/2019Mathrafal11:3016:0021The largest was a beautiful two pound male, with golden-orange hues, that took most of the fly line off the reel in a downstream run.
Mike Thompson22/05/2019Mathrafal11:0014:301
Jon Edwards20/04/2019Arllen Fawr18:3020:3000000000000Lovely evening in an idyllic spot - knew it was to early for the river and it was! Perfect height & clarity
Jeremy Schrecker22/05/2019Ty Nant10:3016:3033More fish about than last year I felt. Stats seem to imply more larger fish, patchy risers, couldn't find the dependable fly, blue dun did ok.
Jeremy Schrecker24/05/2019Llyn11:0016:3053Mostly cloudy, Found a purple patch of water with fish rising in a fresh breeze. Black hopper probably the most favoured fly I could find. No fish under 10" seems average size carries on increasing although larger fish were just over 13". All fighting fit super condition and fat.
Ian Baguley24/05/2019Ty Nant16:0018:0012Lots of Mayflies hatching now with a few silly trout slashing at them. The river bed is unpleasant after being spoilt on the Vyrnwy, and I gave up when the slurry smell from the fields got too much. A shame but worth it to fish a dry mayfly again.
Jeremy Schrecker25/05/2019Graveyard10:3017:00341Best fish, a fat 17" probably over 2lb. No definitive fly, Adams, grey duster, grey wulff on mayfly, good presentation from distance helps. Missed a few.
Wilf Nelson25/05/2019Llanblodwel14:0016:002215Wonderful couple of hours, low and clear, but fish were active even if the Mayfly weren’t. If you like Nymphing in quick water, this is for you
Wilf Nelson25/05/2019Llangedwyn Hall14:3018:00Fish were rising, failed to catch them
Mike Handyside25/05/2019Llanerch Emrys12:0014:3011
Robert Boutflower25/05/2019Llanerch Emrys14:3016:30Plenty of fly life, just tricky to hook them.
Robert Boutflower25/05/2019Banhadla10:3016:3031My guest, thoroughly enjoyed himself
Robert Boutflower25/05/2019Church Fields19:3021:3013Superb fishing, spent mayflies but testing - only one chance. Best 2lb and the fattest fish I’ve met for a while!
Robert Boutflower25/05/2019Bartholemew16:3018:00With guest, trying to find less windy spot. Brood of 12 Gooosander ducklings... almost nettable. Not much doing.
Pat Conner26/05/2019Carreghofa10:3016:30123most on mayfly.
Mike Handyside26/05/2019Llanerch Emrys19:0021:3073
Wilf Nelson27/05/2019Llanblodwel17:3019:0011Faffing about waiting for a spinner fall, but it pissed down and the temperature plummeted. Hey ho.
Wilf Nelson27/05/2019Church Fields19:0021:0024Wasn’t expecting much because of the cold, but the odd fish was rising. Mostly taken on Mayfly, if I wasn’t such a duffer at striking (far too quick) I’d have had more and better ( bumped off 3 good ones). Working parties should be praised for the utter transformation of here and Llanyblodwell, both now superb
Mike Handyside28/05/2019Mathrafal11:3016:3033Low water making very challenging conditions, but managed two either side of two pounds.
Ian Baguley27/05/2019Banhadla12:3016:3011Mainly went up to strim the grass / weeds around the hut. Strong downstream wind, showers, very low water. Mayflies ++.
Mungo Munro27/05/2019Banhadla12:3016:0011Better at strimming grass than actually hooking and holding on to fish. Hooking a decent fish first cast seems to have been a big mistake.
Mike Thompson25/05/2019Mathrafal14:0016:301
Mike Handyside30/05/2019Graveyard11:0011:30With little pull for the dry, conditions were made even worse with a layer of tree debris on the surface. Even changed to a nymph, something I rarely use in the trout season.
Mike Handyside30/05/2019Dolobran12:0015:001The same nymph accounted for the fish which took about seven minutes to land and weighed four pounds and one ounce. Hardly fished after that, just enjoyed the afternoon, so plenty of undisturbed fish for members over coming days.
Kevin Voyce30/05/2019Church Fields11:0012:001Gray Wulff
Kevin Voyce30/05/2019Carreghofa12:0015:001Parachute Adams
Kevin Voyce30/05/2019Llanblodwel15:0016:30
Richard Herzog31/05/2019Llanerch Emrys12:0015:002
Sandy Chapple-Gill31/05/2019Carreghofa15:3018:0000000000000Some Mayfly about and some fish rising close to the left hand bank
Rod McNamara31/05/2019Dolobran14:3021:004Fished only the upstream half of the beat into the evening rise. Scores of Danica and Lineata coming off which was probably why the fish I caught were all very fat and well fed. Saw some big fish, clumsy wading on my part put them down and I lined a nice one in the head of the last pool at the top of the beat. Also had a lot of half hearted takes from smaller fish. F-fly in yellow and natural size 18 accounted for three fish and a size 20 non descript terrestrial did for the other. With a bit more water this beat will provide some lunkers. Also lots of evidence of the otters feasting on signal crayfish.
Pat Conner01/06/2019Mathrafal09:0016:00542Small grey duster took a few first thing, then mayfly for the rest of the day.
Wilf Nelson02/06/2019Llanblodwel16:0018:0021low, clear, windy
Wilf Nelson02/06/2019Church Fields18:0008:30231Mayfly spinners were falling, but I had to leave, got the impression it was the end of it. Saw one very big fish move
Rob Park09/06/2019Mathrafal15:3017:30042
Mike Handyside09/06/2019Mathrafal11:3018:0015Moved briefly to lower end of Dolobran.
Mike Handyside09/06/2019Dolobran13:3015:0032
Wilf Nelson09/06/2019Dolobran17:0020:305141Massive amount of olive spinners on the bridge as I left, should have stayed for the fall. Good amount of water
Jon Edwards02/06/2019Carreghofa18:3020:3002100000000Some Mayfly about but cold wind soon brought any action to a close. Sad to report a family of Goosanders just above the bottom weir
Nick Browne15/06/2019Glantanat Isaf13:3014:3000000000000
Nick Browne15/06/2019Caesiencyn15:0017:3002100000000
Kevin Voyce15/06/2019Bartholemew13:0015:301Water clear from any sediment and carrying a good peaty stain. Strong flow but could be waded safely. No rising fish, tungsten hairs ear nymph tempted one fish sheltering in the slower running water of the margins.
Wilf Nelson16/06/2019Dolobran12:3016:30531213Plenty of water and colour, all on the nymph
Mike Handyside16/06/2019Mathrafal12:0016:001513
Michael Lloyd01/06/2019Llanerch Emrys15:0019:001
Michael Lloyd02/06/2019Llyn09:3015:004
Graham Lloyd01/06/2019Llanerch Emrys15:0019:00
Graham Lloyd02/06/2019Llyn09:3015:003
Nick Browne04/06/2019Glantanat Isaf11:0014:0000120000000Mayfly hatch was on and raining . All caught on a submerged mayfly pattern . Loads of follow in's banging into the fly they were going mad for it. All good size fish very exciting.
Rob Park05/06/2019Glantanat Isaf12:0015:000205412Beat recovering from excavations at Christmas loads of silt on slower sections.Now a fence centre stream from Iwrch confluence to LH beat end - it won't last long. Power cable down above the ford. Grayling say just under 2lb.
Mike Handyside05/06/2019Mathrafal12:0017:00345
Jeremy Schrecker05/06/2019Carreghofa12:0017:003Still enjoyable because of extra losses of larger fish, quite a few rising in tails. Water a little cloudy after rain previous day.
Rob Park09/06/2019Mathrafal10:0012:00041
Rob Park09/06/2019Dolobran13:0015:0005412
Robert Boutflower16/06/2019Arllen Fawr13:3015:00Water going down, touch of colour... then water going up, lots of colour. So went to the Llyn, to stare morosely at sheeting rain and blowing a hooley - I didn't get out of the car.
Graham Lloyd15/06/2019Dolobran19:3021:301
Michael Lloyd15/06/2019Dolobran19:3021:301
Ian Baguley21/06/2019Dolobran10:0020:00211Looked lovely but only two fish rising above weir to which I threw every size 18-20 I had. I think they're educated. Small fish on nymphs in the riffles.
Mike Handyside22/06/2019Llanerch Emrys12:3014:302
Mike Handyside23/06/2019Mathrafal12:0016:301212Part of the time was at Dolobran.
Mike Handyside23/06/2019Dolobran14:0014:302
Michael Lamb23/06/2019Dolobran09:0015:300110040
Kevin Voyce23/06/2019Llanerch Emrys10:0015:0011Adams Parachute & Iron Blue Parachute
Jeremy Schrecker23/06/2019Llyn10:3015:00542Some large insects so used size 10 black daddy. Lost 9 more invariably large fish off barbless hook to 2lb Sport died after lunch
Nick Browne25/06/2019Llangedwyn Hall10:3012:3000110000000Arrived as the river was on the up ...awesome fishing in the jungle undergrowth and torrential rain, rewarded with some good fish.
Nick Browne25/06/2019Ty Nant13:0015:0002300000000Most IV ever caught here I think. River on the drop lovely copper colour . fell over twice in the slippy bank conditions but hey beats stood on a platform by a pool any day of the week. again some nice fish on this beat .
Michael Lamb27/06/2019Mathrafal09:3012:300100000000
Michael Lamb27/06/2019Dolobran13:0015:300000020000
Kevin Voyce28/06/2019Llyn12:3016:001
Ian Baguley28/06/2019Llanerch Emrys09:0011:304Hot and bright with river looking lovely. Sporadic rises from small fish
Ian Baguley28/06/2019Llyn12:3015:302Very warm with lots of small fish moving. 4 pound line smashed on the take by a decent fish going after sedges close to the bank.
Pat Conner29/06/2019Carreghofa18:3021:3023
Wilf Nelson30/06/2019Llanblodwel13:3015:3052112good amount of water, decent colour too, nothing rising or hatching, all on Nymph
Wilf Nelson30/06/2019Church Fields16:0018:00111very quiet, the odd fish rising, but the classic too late in the day!
Ian Baguley01/07/2019Dolobran18:3020:001211Lovely evening rise. 18 celcius and no wind. All on Spinners. Best a beauty at 16 inches.
Mungo Munro02/07/2019Llyn10:3016:00141Best fish a beautiful fat 16”. Not much of a rise, and wind strong from the north west. If you have not fished this water you are missing a real treat. Note: the gate is padlocked at the moment as the farmer has sheep in the field and someone has been leaving the gate open. Please park clear of the track.
Kevin Voyce28/06/2019Dolobran11:0015:3011Having selfishly shown my guest all the best runs he landed a nice 9" grayling and small brownie while I landed none.
Mike Handyside02/07/2019Llanerch Emrys19:3022:004413
Rod McNamara03/07/2019Llanerch Emrys13:3018:3023121Lovely stretch of water far more sheltered from the sun than I expected and with yellow sallies coming off all afternoon had some lovely sport. A couple of beat photos submitted via the email address for the website.
Michael Lamb10/07/2019Banhadla18:0020:0001100000000Both fish on dry fly, missed a few good takes from decent fish. Not a lot rising. But very plesent few hours.
Michael Lamb03/07/2019BanhadlaSorry my the last catch return the date was wrong should have been the 3-7-19
Steve Whitney04/07/2019Banhadla12:0015:00631Bright, hot sun, clear shallow water, and suicidal Brownies! Go figure! All on dries. Also missed several takes.
Michael Lamb04/07/2019Wigley's Fields09:3016:3000700021004Great day on the tanat. Took the grayling on duo. And the rest all caught on emergers and drys, on a tenkara rod. Had a good day.
Rob Park05/07/2019Llanblodwel19:3021:00Should have been perfect. Set up dry walked entire beat not a single fish rising Caenis only on the wing . Failed to induce on likely places . The Landlord reports v little activity this year on the Beat
Mike Handyside06/07/2019Carreghofa10:3013:00332
Wilf Nelson07/07/2019Llanerch Emrys11:3014:306114Hot and clear, but fish were looking up. Hard work
Wilf Nelson07/07/2019Carreghofa16:0020:0010512616Lovely afternoon, all taken on #16 PTN, all the Grayling below the weir, bar the biggest at 17inches, all the trout above the weir, biggest 16ins, caught the next cast after the big Grayling!
Pat Conner07/07/2019Church Fields06:0007:302
Pat Conner07/07/2019Llanerch Emrys19:3021:00313
Ian Baguley07/07/2019Banhadla18:3020:0031Basically tried walking metal bridge down to the ford above the hut. Didn't think I would get out alive its so overgrown unless you wade through the margins. Fished spinners.
Graham Lloyd06/07/2019Llanerch Emrys18:3020:302
Michael Lloyd06/07/2019Llanerch Emrys18:3020:3011
Mungo Munro11/07/2019Graveyard13:0015:00River level very low and clear, almost impossible not to spook fish
Mungo Munro11/07/2019Mathrafal15:3018:301011No hatch, although all fish caught on dry fly. Larger fish not showing.
Ian Baguley11/07/2019Graveyard13:0015:0011
Ian Baguley11/07/2019Mathrafal15:3018:302Persisted with a 16 pheasant tail nymph for too long. It never got touched. Very little rising.
Pat Conner12/07/2019Carreghofa11:0014:307111Some on nymph some on dry. Naughty down stream wind
Pat Conner12/07/2019Llanblodwel14:3016:0041
Timothy Bell11/07/2019Llyn10:3014:0001
Jeffrey Olstead09/07/2019Ty Nant
Mungo Munro13/07/2019Llanerch Emrys07:3009:302Fished top half of beat, nothing rising. Both caught fishing dry fly blind. Nice way to spend the early morning.
Steve Whitney14/07/2019Ty Nant12:0015:004912All on dry or emerger patterns. Lots of medium sedge mating and egg laying. The margins are black with shoals of fry!
Pat Conner14/07/2019Glantanat Isaf12:0015:006212All on dry, plenty rising. Lost a large fish under farmers bridge.
Pat Conner14/07/2019Wigley's Fields15:3016:302
Pat Conner15/07/2019Mathrafal08:3015:3047423All on emerger pattern, best fish 18 inch. Fish were rising all over the beat. Perfect day.
Michael Lloyd14/07/2019Llyn11:0016:0013
Graham Lloyd14/07/2019Llyn11:0016:003
Jeremy Schrecker15/07/2019Graveyard11:3016:301111Use a wading staff if you don't want to get wet
Jeremy Schrecker10/07/2019Glantanat Isaf15:0016:30
Jon Edwards07/07/2019Banhadla18:0019:3002000000000Very brief visit - showing "she who must be obeyed" the hut - lovely evening but fishing was hard and sadly brief!!
Pat Conner18/07/2019Carreghofa09:3013:30212
Pat Conner18/07/2019Llanblodwel13:3015:301
Michael Lamb18/07/2019Ty Nant10:0014:0000100010001Very low and clear
Michael Lamb18/07/2019Banhadla14:3015:3000100000000
Ian Baguley18/07/2019Arllen Fawr12:0013:3011First time here. I suspect it will be unfishable once the schools break up.
Ian Baguley18/07/2019Wigley's Fields14:0015:30Apart from shoals of fry and a 3 inch fish by my feet, not a sign of anything worth catching. That plus lethal wading in the lower half only redeemed by 3 excellent new stiles.
Mike Handyside20/07/2019Mathrafal13:0016:002312
Wilf Nelson21/07/2019Glantanat Isaf10:3014:309421.33 and clear black tea. Fair bit rising - mainly Grayling at a guess, stuck to the nymph in the hope of a bigun- got a 17 inch trout, so nearly!
Mike Handyside21/07/2019Carreghofa13:0015:3021Cut brambles on paths to some pools. Could save a few members' waders from being damaged.
Mike Handyside21/07/2019Wigley's Fields16:0017:0011
Pat Conner21/07/2019Ty Nant07:0010:30312Very little rising, spent most of the morning caught in trees, vegetation and untangling cast.
Pat Conner21/07/2019Banhadla11:0014:30863not much rising, caught a few here and there fishing blind with dry fly. The last hour fish started rising everywhere, some launching themselves out of the water after small sedges. Caught seven on the trot out of one pool on a 14 whickams, it goes to show how many fish are in the river.
Kevin Voyce21/07/2019Llanerch Emrys17:0020:003Turned up for the evening rise, however the trout missed the invitation to supper with very little rising in the peat stained water. Endrick spider in the riffles accounted for all three fish. Have created a couple of paths through the balsam upstream and downstream of the 'Indiana Jones' bridge. Revised beat maps showing the position of stiles and other access points have been replaced in the frames at the hut, plus a new frame added displaying maps for the Llyn and Vyrnwy waters.
Andrew Dyas18/07/2019Dolobran11:3013:001
Mungo Munro24/07/2019Banhadla11:3013:002Water slightly on the rise and dirty from thunder storm last night. Not nice colour. Suspect mainly road run off. No fly life at all. At least it was cool wading.
Andrew Dale25/07/2019Banhadla16:3017:301A quick hours fishing after river fly monitoring. Water rather coloured; a few sporadic rises, probably to small sedges.
Mungo Munro26/07/2019Mathrafal14:0017:0062Spent morning with Ian clearing Himalayan balsam, area from weir down to farm cleared, if anyone reads this and is fishing the Vyrnwy beats please take every opportunity to pull balsam. The Vyrnwy does not have the same infestation as the Tanat and can be cleared of this invasive weed. Trout all on the small side, grayling 11 and 13” but still in need of conditioning. Please ensure the fish are fully rested before releasing.
Ian Baguley26/07/2019Mathrafal14:0017:30511
Mike Handyside27/07/2019Llanerch Emrys14:3016:00
Mike Handyside27/07/2019Wigley's Fields16:3017:001Just read the water manager's comments about balsam. I had the same idea and have pulled approximately 500 up in the last four visits to Marthrafal.
Pat Conner27/07/2019Mathrafal09:0016:0063222
Kevin Voyce27/07/2019Glantanat Isaf11:0012:30River approaching summer low flow conditions.
John Hewitt31/05/2019Graveyard11:0014:300130
Robert Boutflower25/07/2019Church Fields20:3022:001A little low, no evening rise
Mungo Munro01/08/2019Llyn10:0013:0033All fish between 12” and 15” in superb condition.
Pat Conner02/08/2019Carreghofa09:3013:30341all on grhe in the surface film.
Pat Conner02/08/2019Glantanat Isaf14:0016:30231Not much rising but managed to tempt a few on an elk hair sedge.
Mike Handyside03/08/2019Carreghofa13:3015:0011
Mungo Munro03/08/2019Llyn16:3020:00222Lovely evening until it went flat calm. Not a lot of surface activity. Best fish 17”.
Jeremy Schrecker03/08/2019Graveyard11:3018:00411Spooky fish, not much rising , no definitive fly, needed to cast long lines. Good sport.
Mike Handyside04/08/2019Llanerch Emrys19:0021:002
Ian Baguley03/08/2019Llyn16:3020:001No excuses. Excellent conditions. I was just fishing terribly as usual.
Pat Conner05/08/2019Mathrafal09:0012:30111Pulled some Balsam.
Mungo Munro07/08/2019MathrafalNote: owners guest rod fishing beat. Name: Phil Bostock
Rod McNamara07/08/2019Llyn10:3015:3042Windy day but beautiful location. My first time on the Llyn. Missed quite a few until I got my eye in. Lots of insects been blown onto water so surface action was good. Terrestrials and sedges did the damage.
Richard Herzog08/08/2019Banhadla11:3013:001
Mungo Munro07/08/2019Mathrafal10:0013:001Riparian owners guest fishing
Wilf Nelson11/08/2019Mathrafal12:0014:30211Rising river, very cocoa coloured, 1.44 on gauge, so pleased to have caught. The wildlife here is so abundant - is that down to lack of modern farming?
Steve Whitney13/08/2019Mathrafal08:0013:00152These fish have wised up! Multiple refusals until I found the right fly - small and dark with no bright colour.
Mike Handyside15/08/2019Dolobran13:0016:00411
Mike Handyside18/08/2019Llyn11:3018:004152
Rob Park19/08/2019Ty Nant11:0013:30097112
Rob Park19/08/2019Banhadla14:0015:3031014
Rob Park19/08/2019Glantanat IsafEntry error.I fished Glantanat not Ty Nant. Oh dear Grayling are in season too. Park write out 100 times - "you will make a catch return".
Steve Whitney20/08/2019Mathrafal10:3014:00233
Wilf Nelson20/08/2019Banhadla11:0017:301451342.5 clear but tea stained. Fished the Duo, most on a PTN. Fish were on till about 4 pm, then weren’t. Best fish were on the flat 300 yards below the Hut, a 2lb Grayling and a 14inch trout nearly as heavy - very well built. Give it a couple of days and I suspect mayhem!
Rob Park21/08/2019Mathrafal09:3012:3000302112Nice level 1.18 but still coloured + downstream wind. Fished team of Clyde style flies -Hen Blackie,woodcock and Harelug, and Magpie Tail for a change.Water became more turbid ? from leat so finished.
Charles Morris21/08/2019Llanerch Emrys17:3019:0000This sortee was more "walking the water"than fishing. Access was very difficult. I hooked one for a millisecond! Saw a couple rise. One consolation prize was the beautiful kingfisher which darted past me and landed nearby, probably having more luck than me!
Steve Whitney22/08/2019Llyn10:3012:30233Horizontal rain and high wind didn’t stop fish feeding off top. Largest was a beauty of 15ins that nailed my dry sedge. Others also on a Bibio dropper. First time here and many thanks to Rob for “a memorable day”!
Rob Park22/08/2019Llyn10:3012:3002Heavy rain and wind in the company of a maestro! Needed a particularly large scotch and hot bath to recover.
Kevin Voyce23/08/2019Ty Nant11:3012:301tungsten hairs ear nymph - Attempted to access Llangedwyn Hall beat but couldn't locate stiles, lost to Himalayan Balsam, so give up.
Kevin Voyce23/08/2019Church Fields13:0015:301211Grayling have switched on, taking Hackled and Deer Hair Sedge dry fly patterns
Pat Conner23/08/2019Ty Nant08:3012:3021
Pat Conner23/08/2019Banhadla13:0013:303111
Pat Conner23/08/2019Glantanat Isaf14:3016:3011
Richard Herzog23/08/2019Banhadla11:0014:307
Mike Handyside23/08/2019Llyn10:3018:00652
Charles Morris24/08/2019Llyn13:3017:30Very bright. Wind coming over dam - light breeze. One on briefly.
Jeremy Schrecker23/08/2019Llyn11:3007:00121Best fish 14" lost the correct fly ( black daddy)
Jeremy Schrecker24/08/2019Graveyard12:0016:302112Best trout 17" fat, landed 40 yards downstream in high water.
Jeremy Schrecker25/08/2019Graveyard09:3013:0031113Shoal of large grayling saved the day 15" 16" 17" . too hot to continue fish beginning to sulk.
Mike Handyside26/08/2019Graveyard09:3012:00121Largest 16 inches. Pulled masses of nylon attached to new spinners out of the trees. Same situation at Dolobran a little while ago. Shows how important it is to have the regular members out on these beats. Dolobran has hardly been fished in recent weeks. We put the big trout back. They don't.
Pat Conner26/08/2019Mathrafal07:3012:30524
Mike Handyside27/08/2019Wigley's Fields14:0015:001112
Mike Handyside27/08/2019Church Fields14:3016:301
Steve Whitney29/08/2019Mathrafal09:3012:002162
Steve Whitney29/08/2019Dolobran12:3015:0032
Steve Whitney29/08/2019Mathrafal09:3015:008132Guest Rod.
Timothy Bell29/08/2019Glantanat Isaf11:0013:000
Kevin Voyce30/08/2019Mathrafal10:3016:00223Flash back PTN in riffles and Iron Blue Parachute and Hackled Sedge in slow glides hitting rising fish. Interesting to see grayling switching on to rise when intermittent out flow from from hydro-electric scheme hits confluence with main river.
Rob Park02/09/2019MathrafalMr Jones the farmer at Mathrafal is doing some work registered with the NRW on the weir consequently the beat may be affected for the week commencing 2nd September
Pat Conner01/09/2019Carreghofa08:0011:004517Most on nymph in the surface film and a couple on dry. A mother Otter and her cubs gave me a show for ten mins in one of the pools. And a mepp spinner stuck up a tree near Carreghofa bridge.
Pat Conner01/09/2019Llanblodwel11:0012:0021
Wilf Nelson01/09/2019Llanblodwel11:3013:30102118Lots of Parr about, can never tell the difference between Salmon and trout.
Richard Herzog02/09/2019Carreghofa14:0016:00222
Graham Lloyd01/09/2019Llyn14:0016:00
Michael Lloyd01/09/2019Llyn14:0016:00
Steve Whitney03/09/2019Church Fields10:3011:3023
Steve Whitney03/09/2019Wigley's Fields12:3014:30112
Rob Park03/09/2019Llanerch Emrys12:3013:300101
Paul Stevenson31/08/2019Graveyard13:0019:0010Great to explore this new water but hard work and didn't see a lot of fish ! Also some time at Dolobran.
Paul Stevenson01/09/2019Castellmoch Fawr10:3013:30Bright, windy and low water - nothing sighted or caught. Also Arllenfawr.
Ian Baguley03/09/2019Llyn12:0012:301lovely wave and 15 degrees allegedly only spoilt by being in a cloud so getting thoroughly cold clammy and miserable. Left after 45 minutes having lost another.
Mike Handyside04/09/2019Banhadla11:3015:3011132
Jon Edwards01/09/2019Llanerch Emrys17:3020:002For the amount of fly on the water and overhead conditions - have to confess bit disappointing! Fished dry-fly only so guess that is the excuse! Lost a couple of others (barbless hooks). Still lovely evening in a stunning location
Jon Edwards01/09/2019Glantanat Isaf17:3020:00Guest - Ed Dawes - lost a couple of small fish - dry fly
Mike Handyside07/09/2019Llyn11:3015:30142
Mike Handyside08/09/2019Mathrafal09:3012:302
Pat Conner08/09/2019Carreghofa08:0012:301123
Kevin Voyce08/09/2019Banhadla07:3011:301Early start on a great autumnal morning proved too early for the fish who didn't start rising until 12:30 pm and in to the late afternoon, if observations from the decking of the hut were anything to go by. Have a lie in and start your fishing from midday.
Michael Lamb10/09/2019Mathrafal10:0016:300043021004Levels riseing all day got very coloured all fish caught on single Davie mcfales carrot nymph. 1 grayling caught on 18 Griffiths Nat, on a tenkara rod. Nice day.
Michael Lamb10/09/2019Mathrafal10:0016:3000430021004river rising all day and very coloured .caught all on a single Davie McPhail carrot nymph , apart from 1 grayling which was caught on a size 18 griffiths nat on a tenkara. nice day.
Richard Herzog13/09/2019Carreghofa11:3013:3031
Mike Handyside13/09/2019Llyn10:3016:3082
Wilf Nelson15/09/2019Banhadla10:3016:002101911Low and clear, fish not looking up, little fly. Tails of pools and riffles, all bar one on the nymph
Rob Park16/09/2019Carreghofa13:3014:3002032Fished below the weir.
Michael Lloyd15/09/2019Llyn14:0016:001
Graham Lloyd15/09/2019Llyn14:0016:00
Pat Conner17/09/2019Glantanat Isaf10:3013:30341131All on weighted nymph.
Pat Conner17/09/2019Banhadla13:3014:3022
Mungo Munro17/09/2019Mathrafal11:0015:00111Tough going no hatch, but pleasant day out.
Charles Morris18/09/2019Mathrafal16:0017:3011
Richard Herzog19/09/2019Llyn11:3014:0011
Pat Conner20/09/2019Carreghofa09:0014:0014142All on nymph, very little rising. saw a Mink.
Mike Handyside21/09/2019Llangedwyn Hall10:3012:00Cleared paths in the balsam down to some pools. Will help other members' access.
Mike Handyside21/09/2019Wigley's Fields12:3013:30
Ian Baguley19/09/2019Ty Nant17:3019:30Basically wanted to fish an evening rise but there wasn't one. Plenty of flies just no rises. Dabbled a nymph unsuccessfully for a while.
Pat Conner25/09/2019Banhadla09:0012:004321Water up and coloured, fished the slack stretch below Glantanat bridge best Grayling 16 inch all on nymph.
Pat Conner25/09/2019Glantanat Isaf12:3013:301
Mike Handyside25/09/2019Llyn11:0016:0014
Andy Renwick29/09/2019Llyn12:3014:00111Windy, but had to get the boys and the dogs outside for a couple of hours.....on the top dry hopper black and a foam daddy.... sideways rain to go with the 30mph winds put a cap on it.
Pat Conner04/10/2019Banhadla10:3013:0012Just had a couple of hours trying out a new build rod, river was too high but managed to find a slack bend and catch a few. Lost a big Grayling couldn't get it near me as the river was too strong.
Mike Handyside05/10/2019Castellmoch Fawr11:3013:30111
Mike Handyside05/10/2019Bartholemew14:0016:003
Ian Baguley07/10/2019Llyn11:3015:003Wonderful last casts of the trout season. Fish of 13, 14 and 17 inches all in superb condition. All caught just sub surface.
Rob Park08/10/2019Glantanat Isaf11:0012:001012
Rob Park08/10/2019Banhadla12:3013:301241
Mungo Munro07/10/2019Llyn12:0015:30122Last cast of the season on the Llyn. Best fish 15”. A great place to finish the trout season.
Mike Handyside10/10/2019Ty Nant13:0015:30212
Neil Andrews26/09/2019Llyn17:0018:0011Cold, windy and wet
Mike Handyside14/10/2019Glantanat Isaf11:0013:003
Rob Park17/10/2019Banhadla11:3015:00023330Best G 17in
Mike Handyside17/10/2019Mathrafal10:3014:301
Pat Conner18/10/2019Banhadla10:3012:302
Pat Conner18/10/2019Glantanat Isaf12:3015:00322
Rob Park23/10/2019Ty Nant12:0013:300113
Ian Baguley23/10/2019Caesiencyn13:3016:3021Perfect conditions. 0.6 but falling and clear. Leaves just beginning to be problem. All on Czech nymph.
Ian Baguley24/10/2019Banhadla15:0017:0031Nymphs hard on the bottom.
Mike Handyside23/10/2019Banhadla13:0016:00123
Mungo Munro24/10/2019Banhadla15:0016:00A quick hour after spending g the day spraying. Lost 2 otherwise a strong downstream wind didn’t help.
Michael Lamb30/10/2019Mathrafal09:3015:300000001020113Great day mostly nymphing. Had a short spell of fish rising and took 5 grayling on 18 black Nat.
Wilf Nelson30/10/2019Mathrafal10:0016:00591192Lovely day, all on a pair of PTN, saw a Salmon too
Mike Handyside31/10/2019Banhadla12:0016:00242The largest was just over two and a quarter pounds.
Andrew Dyas31/10/2019Glantanat Isaf13:0015:302Landed approx 27" salmon by accident with 5# ,8ft6 , 5lb line on barbless grayling pink fly. approx 46/60 mins to beach with help of Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson31/10/2019Banhadla13:0015:301
Wilf Nelson01/11/2019Mathrafal10:3015:3084311.32 and rising, not too coloured, but leaf soup, had 7 in the first half hour in the bottom pool, became a struggle after that, a bit too much water/colour.
Mike Handyside03/11/2019Glantanat Isaf11:3015:002215
Wilf Nelson04/11/2019Glantanat Isaf11:0016:00310.73 but fairly clear. A bit too much water. A fair few olives about, the trout were in the riffles, couldn’t find the Grayling
Mungo Munro06/11/2019Mathrafal10:3014:3051Fished in leaf soup.
Ian Baguley06/11/2019Mathrafal10:3014:3021.36 meters a tad too fast. 6 degrees a tad too cold. More leaves on the water than on the trees.
Andrew Dyas05/11/2019Banhadla11:3014:3022
Rob Park18/11/2019Banhadla11:0014:002
Mike Handyside18/11/2019Castellmoch Fawr12:0013:3031
Mike Handyside18/11/2019Glantanat Isaf14:3015:30
Michael Lamb18/11/2019Mathrafal09:3015:3000000131
Mike Handyside19/11/2019Mathrafal11:0015:30125
Andrew Dyas21/11/2019Banhadla11:3014:3012Water .63 , strong east upstream wind , fished deep with pink shrimp
Wilf Nelson24/11/2019Mathrafal10:0015:3013151Very grey day, windless and mild, water at 1.19 - spot on for winter - and clear. Everything looked perfect but I just couldn’t find the Grayling. Trout fairly active, but it wasn’t a riot. All on beaded GRHE and PTN fished under a bit of yarn. Trout looked more like Char
Mike Thompson21/11/2019Banhadla11:3016:3003
Mike Thompson26/11/2019Banhadla11:3015:001Dead salmon looked like otter kill and a brace of snipe to liven up the day. The trout was 16" and in good condition
Andrew Dyas26/11/2019Glantanat Isaf11:3014:30Water .75+ bit too high really
Mike Handyside30/11/2019Banhadla10:3016:0023312The three largest grayling were 15 inches. Good to see an olive hatch.
Wilf Nelson29/11/2019Mathrafal10:3015:30453
Wilf Nelson01/12/2019Glantanat Isaf10:0015:002411Cold and clear, .61 on gauge, trout still active, Grayling less so!
Michael Lamb01/12/2019Mathrafal09:3015:30000002002Very slow and hard work.
Mike Handyside03/12/2019Llanerch Emrys12:0015:301
Ian Baguley05/12/2019Wigley's Fields11:0012:30111The biggest was fully 17 inches. Clear and running 0.51m but a bitterly cold downstream wind put an end to the enjoyment.
Mike Handyside18/12/2019Banhadla11:3015:0011
Mike Handyside23/12/2019Glantanat Isaf11:3014:3031
Mike Handyside28/12/2019Mathrafal12:0015:001
Rob Park30/12/2019Ty Nant10:0012:305
Mike Handyside01/01/2020Church Fields10:3012:001
Mike Handyside01/01/2020Banhadla13:3014:302
Wilf Nelson05/01/2020Banhadla11:0015:30629.47, warm and clear. Not a riot, all on PTN. Lot of river bed movement after recent high water
Rob Park25/01/2020Banhadla10:3012:30Blank
Mike Handyside31/01/2020Franklin12:0015:3012
Ian Baguley30/01/2020Carreghofa14:0015:30Zilch (despite perfect conditions.)
Pat Conner06/01/2020Banhadla10:0012:001
Pat Conner08/01/2020Mathrafal10:0013:0021
Pat Conner08/01/2020Graveyard13:3015:002
Steve Whitney08/01/2020Glantanat Isaf08:3012:301314Very mild day. Fish looking up and most took a dry in preference to a nymph.
Mike Handyside10/01/2020Dolobran12:0015:0022
Wilf Nelson11/01/2020Dolobran11:0013:3032Windy!
Mike Handyside11/01/2020Banhadla13:0014:301
Wilf Nelson19/01/2020Mathrafal11:0013:30Nowt! 1.3 and fairly clear. Big frost, no fish.
Mike Handyside19/01/2020Castellmoch Fawr12:3014:3011
Mike Handyside20/01/2020Banhadla13:0016:0011
Pat Conner24/01/2020Dolobran10:0013:003
Pat Conner24/01/2020Graveyard13:3015:0011
Ian Baguley23/01/2020Glantanat Isaf13:3015:3010.58 falling. Running clear. Misty afternoon.
Wilf Nelson25/01/2020Bartholemew14:0015:3012.5 is a good level here
Mike Handyside25/01/2020Glantanat Isaf11:3013:001
Wilf Nelson25/01/2020Glantanat Isaf16:0017:001
Mike Handyside25/01/2020Castellmoch Fawr14:0015:00
Mike Handyside05/02/2020Banhadla12:3016:001The grayling was two pounds or over.
Pat Conner03/03/2020Dolobran10:0013:3031Fished the lower end in the slacker water, very cold but saw LD olives. Good to finally get to the water.
Mike Handyside05/03/2020Mathrafal12:3016:3012
Pat Conner06/03/2020Mathrafal10:0014:0012
Mike Handyside06/03/2020Banhadla12:0016:0031
Ian Baguley07/03/2020Bartholemew13:0015:0011
Kevin Voyce06/03/2020Franklin12:3015:00Cynlliath tree lined sections make for tricky casting would suit 7' brook rod and 3# weight line. Tested the river with a set of spiders but no takes. River at 0.7m was clear but a bit too high for me although great the break the cabin fever and get out.
Mike Handyside14/03/2020Mathrafal11:3015:302
Mike Handyside19/03/2020Llyn11:3015:00
Mungo Munro20/03/2020Llyn11:3014:0011First day out this season. 5 degrees with a stiff easterly wind. No surface activity. 2 fish caught on one cast, Only fish touched.
Nick Browne20/03/2020Glantanat Isaf10:3012:3000000000000Nice day for a walk bit of a chilly wind Standard catch return for me at this time of the year... Lots of debris underfoot from recent floods take care.
Mike Handyside20/03/2020Banhadla14:3016:30
Mike Handyside21/03/2020Dolobran11:0015:0022
Wilf Nelson21/03/2020Mathrafal10:3016:30011216Water very cold and a bit coloured, cold upstream wind. Brief hatch of Olives and LDO in afternoon. Couple off the top, rest on PTN. Pretty good considering.
Pat Conner23/03/2020Dolobran10:0013:0013
Ian Baguley23/03/2020Dolobran14:3016:303LDO hatch at 2.30 nice to see. Caught on dry fly.
Rob Park13/05/2020Carreghofa08:3014:30since not a booking may move. not remotely bothered if others cut in as long as social distancing just glad to be out. 1ROD
Rob Park17/05/2020Llanblodwel09:3015:002 RODS - Brian Owen accompanying Not a booking system so don't be put off just good to be out
Mike Handyside13/05/2020Carreghofa10:3016:00Going out to fish.
Steve Whitney13/05/2020Church Fields11:0014:00Out fishing
Steve Whitney13/05/2020Wigley's Fields14:3016:30Out fishing
Rob Park13/05/2020Carreghofa08:3012:002221All that you would expect clear low water algae++ nil rising and cold. No fry. Little insect life -all in all poor fishing. Thats the negatives out of the way marvellous to be out good to be alive and it beats the awful alternatives so many are facing right now.
Steve Whitney13/05/2020Church Fields11:0015:00422Nymphs and dries. Good hatches from about 1pm with a very few Mayfly peeling off. Unable to fish Wigleys as called away early.
Mike Handyside13/05/2020Carreghofa12:0017:00141All on dry. Best two were 13 and 14 inches.
Robert Boutflower16/05/2020Church Fields11:0015:00Fishing + picnic!! I’m lodging at Nantmawr just above so happy to give way to distance travellers.
Kevin Voyce15/05/2020Church Fields11:0015:30fishing 1 rod, chasing trout and freedom
Andrew Dale14/05/2020CarreghofaGoing out to fish from about 14.00
Rob Park17/05/2020LlanblodwelPlease ignore earlier entry Brian and I may go elsewhere given the changed circumstances
Mike Handyside15/05/2020Llanblodwel11:0016:00Going out to fish.
Sandy Chapple-Gill19/05/2020Mathrafal14:0018:00If anyone else will be there happy to move to upper Tanat
Ian Baguley15/05/2020Carreghofa13:3017:00Thought I would give it a go
Robert Boutflower16/05/2020Church Fields11:0015:00Pulling out because I now believe I currently reside in Wales...
Robert Boutflower15/05/2020Glantanat Isaf14:0017:00Going fishing
Rob Park17/05/2020Wigley's Fields09:3014:30Fishing with Brian Owen=2 rods
Rob Park17/05/2020Llanblodwel09:3015:00Fishing with new Member Brian Owen = 2 rods
Mike Handyside15/05/2020Llanblodwel12:0017:3012Really difficult in such low water, but best two were around 13 and 14 inches again.
Robert Boutflower15/05/2020Glantanat Isaf14:0017:3021Liberating.Nice to see I was checked out by Neil! Lots of wildlife.
Kevin Voyce15/05/2020Church Fields11:0016:0041Good fly hatch buzzing off the water all day, with trout rising from midday and throughout the afternoon along the entire beat. Baby Sun and Iron Blue Parachute dry flies proved best.
Ian Baguley15/05/2020Carreghofa13:3016:301220.23m Few mayflies but trout not interested. PTN for all. Oh....and next time I'll remember my waders!!
Robert Boutflower16/05/2020Llanerch Emrys13:0017:00Going fishing one rod
Robert Boutflower16/05/2020Llanerch Emrys13:0017:001Pied flycatchers, wood duck, and lots of fly life. Low water quite tricky.
Steve Whitney19/05/2020Church Fields09:3013:00One Rod
Steve Whitney19/05/2020Wigley's Fields13:3016:00
Rob Park17/05/2020Wigley's Fields15:0016:00Walked down and up with Brian effective fishing v little. No flies no dimpling.He has a good grasp of all the English water now.
Rob Park17/05/2020Llanblodwel13:3014:30Walked both ways dipped in a couple of times with Brian nil happening
Rob Park17/05/2020Carreghofa11:0012:0021Walked from the Horseshoes to Welsh Border bottom below the weir.No aerial flies apart from some midges nil rising or at least one did and was caught.Totally enjoyable occasion with Mr Owen who I hope enjoyed looking at the river.
Brian Owen17/05/2020Llanblodwel13:3014:30Thanks to Rob today for giving me his time and guidance. Low water, bright sunshine wasn't helpful
Brian Owen17/05/2020Llanblodwel13:3014:30Thanks to Rob today for giving me his time and guidance. Low water, bright sunshine wasn't helpful
Brian Owen17/05/2020Carreghofa11:0012:00
Brian Owen17/05/2020Wigley's Fields15:0014:00
Steve Whitney19/05/2020Church Fields09:3013:0012“Saw lots of fish and they saw me!” Very low and clear. Good hatches after 11am. All on dry fly in faster water.
Steve Whitney19/05/2020Wigley's Fields13:3015:00
Mike Handyside19/05/2020Llanblodwel19:0021:30Going out to fish.
Sandy Chapple-Gill19/05/2020Mathrafal14:0018:00022A few fish rising Water a bit thin Great to be on the river again
Mike Handyside19/05/2020Llanblodwel19:3021:3011The large one was 14 to 15 inches.
Charles Morris20/05/2020Carreghofa17:3018:30one or two rising. No fish but caught 2 poachers with the help of the Police!
Robert Boutflower25/05/2020BanhadlaGoing fishing
Kevin Voyce24/05/2020Carreghofa11:0015:30fishing 1 rod
Wilf Nelson24/05/2020Llanblodwel09:0012:00Fishing!
Sandy Chapple-Gill27/05/2020Mathrafal15:0020:00Plan to fish
Mike Handyside24/05/2020Church Fields13:0017:00Going fishing here later.
Andy Renwick24/05/2020Llyn12:0015:000010Blowy, cold wind, nothing showing Consistently ..... had the fish on the far side where there’s those stones 2/3 the way back to the dam...... couple of other pulls. Evaded the police in case 12 miles wasn’t local enough !
Mike Handyside24/05/2020Church Fields21Thought I had done really well landing a beautiful trout of about one and a half pounds, but got broken at the end by one which could have been twice the size or even bigger.
Wilf Nelson24/05/2020Carreghofa12:0016:30825Low, but various flies were hatching so fish were moving. Good fun
Wilf Nelson24/05/2020Llanblodwel09:0011:30722Clear and windy, but they were on, nymph and dry
Kevin Voyce24/05/2020Carreghofa11:0016:0021Trout smashing a steady but light mayfly hatch. Lots of hits and two fat trout on a Mohican May Fly pattern. Salmon parr was 6 to 8 inches. Retrieved 10m of line and a treble hook spinner from a tree about 300m up stream of weir. Designated parking area on grass verge could do with revising as a little tight for passing tractor and trailer traffic.
Rob Park26/05/2020Carreghofa15:0020:00I rod goin fishin
Mike Handyside25/05/2020Llanblodwel17:0021:30Going to fish this evening.
Richard Herzog26/05/2020Llanblodwel11:0016:00Would like to fish please.
Mike Handyside25/05/2020Llanblodwel17:0021:301
Richard Herzog26/05/2020Llanblodwel11:0015:302Enjoyably challenging. An inch or two of rain would be very welcome.
Steve Whitney27/05/2020Llanblodwel09:0011:30One Rod
Steve Whitney27/05/2020Wigley's Fields12:0015:00One rod
Rob Park26/05/2020Carreghofa15:3017:302345
Robert Boutflower25/05/2020Banhadla12:0018:0011Very low, bright and windy. Late hatch of Mays caused us to stay later, but nothing stuck although decent fish moving intermittently. The Barbie has a wasps nest in it... no longer.
Steve Whitney27/05/2020Llanblodwel09:3014:30251All on emerger patterns.
Ian Baguley28/05/2020Llanblodwel09:0016:00Intend to fish
Mungo Munro28/05/2020CarreghofaIntend to fish 9.00 to 16.00
Sandy Chapple-Gill27/05/2020Mathrafal18:0020:3000100000000Missed s couple
Mike Handyside28/05/2020Church FieldsGoing to fish later in afternoon.
Ian Baguley28/05/2020Llanblodwel09:0015:00131Ridiculously low clear and hot for May. A few rising fish. Mayflies about in the morning.
Andrew Dale14/05/2020Carreghofa13:0017:0000000000River very low and clear. Quite a good hatch of fly incl clouds of smuts, and occasional duns and mayfly; good numbers of fish rising, but they wouldn't look at anything on my line.
Nick Browne28/05/2020LlanblodwelGoing fishing 1800 onwards cheers
Mungo Munro28/05/2020Carreghofa09:3015:3023Extremely low, extremely hot, very little fly life. Flogged Carreghofa and Llanyblodwel. Missed a few, persisted with dry fly and had to go down to a size 24 Adams which took me 10 minutes to get the line through the eye and I couldn’t see half the time, before I had any joy. Obviously not in the same league as Wilf and Rob. Think I will wait for a bit more water or drop in temperature. Should have grubbed the bottom with a weighted nymph!!
Nick Browne28/05/2020Llanblodwel19:0021:0000100000000Mayflys on the top bumbling about just like me with my dry imitation... Reverted to a mayfly nymph bingo.........
Mike Handyside28/05/2020Church Fields17:0021:004
Robert Boutflower29/05/2020Wigley's Fields18:3020:001Very wary, plenty of fly but very tricky.
Wilf Nelson30/05/2020Church Fields19:3021:301211Dropped in on way back from Gamefishers. Nice olive spinner fall at 9pm in the quick rocky water at the top of the beat, some really nice fish moving - mainly away from me
Robert Boutflower30/05/2020Wigley's Fields19:3021:001River down 2” on previous night! Very little fly (compared to Wilf’s report), and only grayling at the top end showing. Have concerns about the resident merganser...
Steve Gauge02/06/2020Llanerch Emrys17:0020:30At least it was nice Evening, Didn't seem to be a lot of movement, half a dozen rises maybe but first go on the beat so not sure what 'good' looks like
Rob Park04/06/2020Carreghofa14:3016:0011
Andy Renwick04/06/2020Church Fields17:3019:3000000000Despite low water the pools are still deep, fished like a duffer, raised four nothing big, missed them all..... not much fly
Andy Renwick04/06/2020Ty Nant19:3021:0001Very thin, not much rising, had one beautiful small trout on a mayfly emerger......
Andy Renwick06/06/2020Carreghofa11:0012:3001Lost an hour helping a farmer rescue a cow we found fallen down the bank..... my guest Andy Barkley had a trout on a dry mayfly ..... very low, no pace to it
Andy Renwick06/06/2020Llanblodwel12:3013:30Nowt, very few flies, no mayfly, couple small fish rising.....
Andy Renwick06/06/2020Church Fields14:0014:3001My guest caught the fish, little seen, we moved on when the farmer started spreading muck
Andy Renwick06/06/2020Banhadla15:0017:00Very, very low, very quite some fish seen, lots of changes from the floods, saw two kingfisher say together
Sandy Chapple-Gill09/06/2020Mathrafal15:0019:00Plan to fish
Mike Handyside03/06/2020Llanblodwel12:3015:001
Wilf Nelson07/06/2020Franklin09:0013:00582Very clear, but lots of fly about and fish rising, and lots visible. Most on the dry, lost a 2lb+ job on a nymph. Lovely bit of water.
Wilf Nelson07/06/2020Llanerch Emrys13:3016:3032Fair few fish about at the bottom of the stretch. All on dry, left a fly in a good one. Some massive trees in the water, Mungo will need a giant chainsaw....
Steve Whitney08/06/2020Llanblodwel08:3015:30One rod.
Steve Whitney08/06/2020Llanblodwel09:3015:00362“Saw lots of fish...” but they didnt see me this time! Extra long leader, 7X tippet and CDC’s.
Nick Browne07/06/2020Banhadla18:3021:000210000000Sorry for late entry A haze of evening fly life not much surface activity apart from tiddlers splashing about. Low water the trout were bashing the fry about made for a very eventful and surprising catch.
Steve Gauge08/06/2020Junction16:3019:001Water very low along pretty much whole beat. Couple of decent fish moving in the bigger pools close to vwrnwy confluence but i spooked them from the high bank. oops
Robert Boutflower07/06/2020Glantanat Isaf15:0018:001Now very low, one chuck on a very long fine tippet or they’re gone. Challenging stuff! No rise particularly, just off fish mostly small.
Pat Conner09/06/2020Carreghofa09:0011:3043122Plenty rising, all on un weighted nymph.
Pat Conner09/06/2020Llanblodwel11:3014:0041
Pat Conner09/06/2020Church Fields14:3015:302
Ian Baguley09/06/2020Ty Nant12:0015:00211A struggle. Very few rising up here. 0.185 from memory far too low. Best fish 14 inch. Nymph better than emerger.
Mike Handyside12/06/2020Llanblodwel13:0016:3011
Timothy Bell12/06/2020Glantanat Isaf13:3015:3011
Kevin Voyce13/06/2020Llangedwyn Hall11:3013:30Low flow conditions, glides were clear and shallow not holding many fish. Tried dry fly but with no success.
Kevin Voyce13/06/2020Llanerch Emrys13:3016:3011Switched to Endrick spider on point and another rainbow bead headed spider on the dropper, landed both trout in the same cast off a riffle in to a deeper pool. Catchment desperately needs some rain otherwise it is going to be a long hard summer for fishing.
Wilf Nelson14/06/2020Franklin17:0020:3021Still low, still clear. All on dry. Fished up from Gamefishers below - saw some immense Grayling there, and one huge one on Franklin’s - mind boggling
Pat Conner15/06/2020Franklin08:3013:3051
Pat Conner15/06/2020Church Fields14:0015:3013
Ian Baguley15/06/2020Franklin12:3015:3032CDC emerger.
Mike Handyside15/06/2020Llanblodwel12:3015:00
Mike Handyside16/06/2020Carreghofa12:3016:0022
Wilf Nelson19/06/2020Ty Nant14:0017:00251Bit of water and colour, and rain and wind! Huge changes to the course of the river after the floods, like fishing a new river. Mostly in riffles on the nymph, fished the top end.
Wilf Nelson19/06/2020Banhadla17:0020:0079121Fairly pleasant evening, a few off the top, the bulk on the nymph. Good day.
Jon Edwards14/06/2020Llanblodwel19:0022:0032Dry Fly - excellent evening - lost another three and missed several more - better fisherman would have caught more!!
Steve Whitney20/06/2020Llanblodwel09:0014:3047612
Kevin Voyce20/06/2020Franklin11:0015:301Trawled the beat from top to bottom with a PTN nymph and spider. Didn't see a single fish rise all day.
Robert Boutflower14/06/2020Franklin15:3018:30Blank needs water
Wilf Nelson20/06/2020Glantanat Isaf08:3015:0022522Not the riot it appears to be! Early on was tiddler snatching on the dry, then in the pots and riffles from the farm and up, better fish on the nymph. State of the river is appalling- blanket brown algal covering everywhere. If we don’t question the farming practices In the valley - viz current muck spreading on the flood plain up to the rivers edge at Henblas, we’ll soon Have nothing.
Jeremy Schrecker20/06/2020Ty Nant13:0017:0041One pool completely vanished after floods leaves the old oak tree dry and stranded amongst pebbles. A few rising here and there, I managed to latch onto most of what I targeted with a Thorax Adams dry. Pleased to see the river taking the longer route though the steamer weed bit left side of the island going up.
Andy Renwick21/06/2020Llanerch Emrys10:0013:000110River was rising, caught the fish klink and dink on the nymph, lots of algae in the water, will be better tomorrow. Couple of rises and just the two fish, but it was like French onion soup....nice to see a bit of flow
Mike Handyside20/06/2020Llanblodwel13:0017:30213
Rob Park22/06/2020Ty Nant10:0012:30621
Rob Park22/06/2020Carreghofa14:0015:30221
Pat Conner22/06/2020Banhadla10:0012:30534
Pat Conner22/06/2020Glantanat Isaf12:3015:00632
Steve Gauge22/06/2020Church Fields17:0021:0011
Mike Handyside22/06/2020Llanblodwel12:0016:0031
Timothy Bell23/06/2020Glantanat Isaf10:3012:30000000Nothing moving
Ian Baguley23/06/2020Church Fields09:0011:30912Cracking grayling of 15 inches. Lively morning by my standards. Klink n dink mixture. All the accesses now cleared. Peter who lives at the top end is creating a garden from the field but is happy for us to fish through.
Terry Carrington22/06/2020Banhadla14:0016:0001000000000No rises. Strong downstream wind made things difficult.
Richard Herzog23/06/2020Llanblodwel10:0012:003
Steve Gauge23/06/2020Ty Nant17:0020:00Didn't see a fish at all until right at the end but i'd had enough by then
Ian Baguley25/06/2020Wigley's Fields07:0010:00522Insanely warm. All caught on emergers. Forgot you need nerves of steel to wade here.
Wilf Nelson27/06/2020Franklin08:3011:00121Low and clear and quiet, except for the 10 minutes when I parted company with 3 big fish on the bounce. Grrrrr
Wilf Nelson27/06/2020Llanblodwel11:3016:00121Very wet and quiet. Bottom end of beat has some nice new pools since the flood - with a bit of water should be good
Steve Whitney30/06/2020Carreghofa08:3014:003624
Andrew Dale30/06/2020Banhadla15:3017:00321River up a bit (.37 on the gauge) and carrying a bit of colour. Scattered hatch of fly hatching including a few late mayflies, a few fish rising but no sustained move just oncers. All fish but one on nymph.
Steve Gauge30/06/2020Llanerch Emrys17:0019:301
Pat Conner01/07/2020Franklin09:0013:306114Poor in the morning caught nothing but Parr until noon, a good hatch of small olives got them rising.
Pat Conner01/07/2020Glantanat Isaf14:0016:00913All the days fish caught on a 18 Duster , I lost count of fish lost including a large fish which moved deep and slow until it spat the hook.
Rob Park02/07/2020Franklin11:0011:30Didn't actually fish 2 anglers I have seen here in the past were setting up their spinning rods and sporting barbed triples on the metal work- I departed. I feel we either have this water and set the standard or go back to Phillip Franklins ticket £3/session. In the last 10 years it can be great water some of the best on the Tanat.I suspect they were going to fish the confluence for salmon with illegal tackle or were out to murder the trout/grayling.
Rob Park02/07/2020Llanblodwel12:0015:0005120115Only the grayling on emerger rest on nymph. Nil rising a few E.ignita 2pm plus some medium sedge.
Mike Handyside01/07/2020Llangedwyn Hall13:0016:00623
Ian Baguley02/07/2020Banhadla14:0017:001111Morning spent strimming. There are now paths you can walk through
Wilf Nelson02/07/2020Wigley's Fields10:0011:30314a few fish looking up, all on the dry except the parr. lost the usual lunker, this time a grayling - one day my luck will change
Pat Conner02/07/2020Carreghofa11:0014:0043
Terry Carrington02/07/2020Carreghofa13:0016:300200021210
Kevin Voyce02/07/2020Glantanat Isaf12:0017:0012Iron Blue Parachute & Griffiths Gnat dry flies
Wilf Nelson03/07/2020Banhadla09:0016:003921Very clear and low, fished up from the hut, lots of interesting new features. All on GRHE nymph
Nick Browne03/07/2020Llangedwyn Hall10:3014:0001010000000Very low water but rewarded with a cracker of a brownie.
Steve Gauge03/07/2020Junction16:0018:30111
Mike Handyside04/07/2020Llangedwyn Hall13:0015:0032With the river up good to be catching fish still on a kink and Yellow French Partridge may fly.
Mike Handyside04/07/2020Wigley's Fields15:3016:00
Mungo Munro02/07/2020Banhadla14:0016:00111
Mike Handyside05/07/2020Banhadla11:3015:0023Satisfied with five on a dry fly, although one took it submerged.
Mike Handyside05/07/2020Banhadla11:3015:0023Satisfied with five on a dry fly, although one took it submerged.
Wilf Nelson05/07/2020Ty Nant08:0011:308224very windy, bit of colour in the water helped
Wilf Nelson05/07/2020Llangedwyn Hall12:0015:004125
Mike Handyside06/07/2020Mathrafal11:3017:0046212
Steve Gauge06/07/2020Banhadla17:0020:30211
Wilf Nelson07/07/2020Mathrafal08:3014:306512215clearer than expected, no surface activity, cold and wet. Everything stopped at about 1pm. All on GRHE
Wilf Nelson07/07/2020Dolobran15:3016:30111had a quick go at the top, rose one of the big boys and pulled the fly out of his mouth, then hooked him next cast on the nymph - as per usual he came off.
Mike Handyside08/07/2020Banhadla11:3015:3081
Steve Gauge08/07/2020Ty Nant10:0015:302Foul weather. Slow fishing. Better than being at work
Wilf Nelson08/07/2020Llanblodwel09:0016:30951215.3 is just about right here. Very few rising fish, though as the deluge started some fish started rising. mostly on PTN, best fish a very chunky 14 inches. missed far more than I landed, they were skittish.
Pat Conner08/07/2020Glantanat Isaf09:3011:3072
Pat Conner08/07/2020Banhadla11:3015:0051
Wilf Nelson09/07/2020Llyn11:0016:30711Too much water int river, so braved the track to the Llyn. Just caught the end of a good rise, all fish taken off the surface, biggest 17 inches. Plenty of good fish showing for the first 2 hours, went very dead after that.
Mike Handyside09/07/2020Llyn12:3017:0081
Steve Gauge10/07/2020Llyn09:0014:3021
Pat Conner10/07/2020Mathrafal09:0015:006152cold down stream wind made it hard going, all fish caught on heavy hares ear near the bottom. Plenty rising but have a feeling they were taking emerging midge, tried everything in fly box.
Wilf Nelson10/07/2020Llyn09:0013:0061Very windy, and the fish were coming short - trying
Wilf Nelson10/07/2020Castellmoch Fawr14:0017:307134Good height at .42, nice clear tea colour. All on #16 Ptn, plenty came off too. Grayling were superb - 2 at 16ins, and one nearly 18
Pat Conner10/07/2020Mathrafal09:0015:00611312Correction! I forgot Grayling were in season
Kevin Voyce10/07/2020Banhadla12:3017:0061My guest accounted for 4 trout on Iron Blue Parachute and PTN, I had 3 on soft hackle dry fly. Well done to the grounds staff for a well strimmed path allowing easy access to the bend up stream of the hut.
Kevin Voyce11/07/2020Mathrafal11:0016:002Both grayling and trout freely rising all day and taking dry fly. Iron Blue Parachute and Klinkhammer tempted two good sized grayling. Two days out fishing out on the trot, you can tell the wife is away for the weekend!
Mike Handyside12/07/2020Llyn11:0014:303
Andy Renwick12/07/2020Llyn10:0013:30051Bright, sporadic rises, nothing to dries, pulled wets on an intermediate
Andy Renwick12/07/2020Llanerch Emrys14:3018:00021Lost a clonker on a nymph ( maybe 1.5lb) in the run below the old foot bridge.....size 16 hook didn’t find a proper purchase
Brian Owen12/07/2020Llanerch Emrys14:3018:0011Both on dry fly
Brian Owen12/07/2020Llyn10:0013:3022Nice Brownie over 2lb, all took an imitation tadie
Robert Boutflower12/07/2020Castellmoch Fawr15:3017:301
Charles Morris12/07/2020Llyn14:3015:301Got one immediately near the dam and then the rise stopped and no further action. I enjoyed the picnic
Ian Baguley13/07/2020Arllen Fawr10:0015:0031218All on nymph despite lots of little fish interested in my dry fly.
Pat Conner14/07/2020Glantanat Isaf08:3011:3042
Pat Conner14/07/2020Banhadla11:3014:30213
Terry Carrington14/07/2020Carreghofa14:0016:30002004000
Charles Morris15/07/2020Church Fields16:3018:301
Richard Herzog16/07/2020Banhadla10:0013:3021Spotted some nice fish. 18" grayling my best in a few years.
Terry Carrington16/07/2020Llanblodwel13:0016:30021003010
Terry Carrington16/07/2020Llanblodwel13:0016:30021003010
Wilf Nelson16/07/2020Carreghofa16:0020:0031651Good to start with but went very dead from 5ish - picked some belting cherries which made up for it
Pat Conner17/07/2020Carreghofa08:3012:004231All on dry and better fish on the move than of the last week or so best grayling 16" best trout 17".
Pat Conner17/07/2020Franklin12:3016:0063All on grhe wind picked up, spotted some large trout here and there. Best fish 18" A very good day.
Mike Handyside15/07/2020Llanblodwel19:3021:3011
Jeremy Schrecker19/07/2020Graveyard11:0014:3011Gin clear water, bright sunny , fish mostly hiding
Jeremy Schrecker11/07/2020Graveyard10:0016:3011111River level was a bit high, used a dry , should have tried a nymph
Steve Gauge17/07/2020Castellmoch Fawr15:0017:30000000Water very low and wind making it very tricky. Kites, Kingfishers and an Otter made up for it
Steve Gauge19/07/2020Church Fields14:0016:3001
Kevin Voyce20/07/2020Church Fields10:0014:001Quieter than a covid19 paranoid shopping centre.
Wilf Nelson19/07/2020Llyn08:3012:0031Fish were rising a plenty on arrival, but stopped pretty much dead after 9am. Dawn start must be worth a try!
Wilf Nelson19/07/2020Dolobran13:3017:301112low, gin clear, no fly, made for trying conditions. Saw some good fish and lost a decent one.
Steve Gauge20/07/2020Carreghofa17:0019:30111
Richard Herzog21/07/2020Banhadla11:0015:0011
Mike Handyside22/07/2020Llanblodwel19:0022:0032
Richard Herzog24/07/2020Llyn10:3014:00122Two peregrines chasing a mallard was highlight of the day.
Mike Handyside24/07/2020Llyn12:0015:002
Mike Handyside24/07/2020Llanblodwel20:0021:30
Wilf Nelson25/07/2020Caersws08:3016:3076131I booked this on my Gamefishers card, but thought it worth noting My return for the interest of other members. Fished the upper llandinam stretch, which was busy - 5 other anglers. Low, but still lots of water, clear and difficult. It’s a great piece of water, would recommend not fishing it on a weekend though. Too late in season for a hatch, but I’m reliably informed that in season, fly life is good.
Pat Conner26/07/2020Glantanat Isaf11:3013:0011
Pat Conner26/07/2020Wigley's Fields13:3015:002
Steve Gauge03/08/2020Llanblodwel17:0020:001Lost a good one 5 minutes in and landed a nice one 5 mins before finishing. Very little happened in between.
Terry Carrington04/08/2020Llanerch Emrys14:0016:30010000000
Paul Stevenson05/08/2020Caersws11:3017:00Intend to fish 5/8
Jeremy Schrecker25/07/2020Llyn12:3016:3024A few fish taking off the surface near the trees
Kevin Voyce26/07/2020Banhadla13:3016:001
Mike Handyside28/07/2020Mathrafal11:0017:00621
Mike Handyside29/07/2020Franklin11:3014:30213
Steve Gauge28/07/2020Glantanat Isaf17:0020:303
Steve Gauge30/07/2020Llyn07:0014:0012
Pat Conner30/07/2020Mathrafal09:0014:00311
Pat Conner30/07/2020Graveyard14:0015:00
Richard Herzog30/07/2020Llyn16:3020:30523
Pat Conner31/07/2020Carreghofa06:0009:30242232So glad I got up early it was a nice cool morning with plenty of fish rising, all on dry best fish 15".
Terry Carrington31/07/2020Llanblodwel10:3013:00000005000
Robert Boutflower01/08/2020Church Fields06:3008:30111PTN How much slurry can they spread on Church Fields???
Robert Boutflower01/08/2020Junction09:0010:00Reccy
Wilf Nelson01/08/2020Llyn07:0011:0012fish rose for an hour and then stopped - hard work
Wilf Nelson01/08/2020Franklin12:0016:30421low, clear, but a few started rising about 2 pm - all the good ones on the dry
Graham Lloyd02/08/2020Llyn09:3013:30
Michael Lloyd02/08/2020Llyn09:3013:3021
Ian Baguley06/08/2020Mathrafal09:0019:00PHIL BOSTOCK is the Riparian rod who fishes Mathrafal very occasionally. He will be on this water tomorrow, just in case you intend to fish and should meet him, or wish to leave him in peace.
Paul Stevenson05/08/2020Caersws11:3017:300010111Plenty of water, but strong downstream wind made it hard going.
Pat Conner06/08/2020Banhadla09:0013:0051322
Pat Conner06/08/2020Glantanat Isaf13:3015:0031
Mike Handyside06/08/2020Llyn12:0016:30632Largest was two and a quarter pounds.
Kevin Voyce07/08/2020CaerswsOne rod to fish Caersws on Friday 7th August
Terry Carrington06/08/2020Ty Nant14:0017:0002
Ian Baguley06/08/2020Llyn16:3019:0031Rising VERY selectively.
Paul Stevenson06/08/2020Llyn10:0013:0011Some rising off the damn early on
Paul Stevenson06/08/2020Church Fields14:3017:002
Paul Stevenson06/08/2020Mathrafal18:3020:3011Evening session. Watched what I thought was a young otter but having checked was probably a mink ... ?
Kevin Voyce07/08/2020Caersws10:3016:001122Regulation releases from Clywedog reservoir providing a cool relief to the hot conditions. Easy wading across wide level gravel and stone river bed. Both trout and grayling rising freely until about mid afternoon. All caught on Soft Hackle dry and Iron Blue Parachute, best fish a hard fighting 12" trout.
Andrew Dale08/08/2020Llyn14:0016:30022Rather bright with an intermittent light breeze. A few fish rising to small surface flies, probably flying ant. All fish caught on small dry black and ginger emergers.
Paul Stevenson08/08/2020Franklin12:3014:301Hot and no surface activity. Tried Glantanat after and the same.
Michael Lloyd08/08/2020Mathrafal18:3021:00
Michael Lloyd09/08/2020Llanerch Emrys13:0014:30
Graham Lloyd08/08/2020Mathrafal18:3021:001
Graham Lloyd09/08/2020Llanerch Emrys13:0014:30
Jon Edwards02/08/2020Church Fields19:0021:0011Few fish moving early on and then went quiet eerily quiet - lost one - upstream dry fly - great fun as ever
Richard Herzog11/08/2020Llyn12:3016:0051Much better than expected considering bright calm conditions. Best fish 16 inches. Apologies to the chairman for 'water disturbance'.
Ian Baguley11/08/2020Llyn15:0018:0012Ashamed to say got snapped twice. But it wasn't the Greater Pale Herzog which also swims this water. Be warned.
Mungo Munro24/07/2020Llyn12:0016:00821
Mungo Munro12/08/2020Llyn16:0019:30711Interesting evening although very short session due to the end of the world being nigh. (Massive thunderstorm) watched the water for a while sheltering in the car and there was a rise of fish many of which were large. Guest fishing with me, we both rose and lost around a further 10. Not bad for just short of an hour and a half of fishing. Very difficult journey home as the roads were under about 6” of water.
Pat Conner13/08/2020Llyn07:0015:00921All fish caught on a small muddler due to spasmodic hatches of sedge, had a lot of refusals and missed lots of takes. Best fish a fat 17". Well worth sunstroke and that track.
Ian Baguley14/08/2020Dolobran12:0015:00121Best 18 inches. Lots of larvae, few hatching, fewer still rising fish, but CDC emerger brought them up.
Wilf Nelson16/08/2020Banhadla09:0014:3016522445If I wasn’t such a dolt would have got a lot more - all on the nymph, they were spitting a #14, but taking a #16. Biggest Trout 19ins 2,75 lbs, Grayling 18 ins. Seemed like hard work at the time, not after!
Mike Handyside17/08/2020Franklin12:0014:3011Largest was seventeen and a half inches.
Rob Park17/08/2020Ty Nant10:0012:300340114Perfect conditions to start them the downpour + retreated.NZ all on nymph 1 Otter 2 Mink 4 Kingfishers 1 salmon
Kevin Voyce18/08/2020Banhadla12:0016:00Banhadla Farm intend using fishing hut for afternoon party on Tuesday 18th August. Banhadla beat will still be open for fishing as normal.
Pat Conner18/08/2020Banhadla10:0013:3041
Steve Gauge09/08/2020Banhadla07:3010:001
Steve Gauge14/08/2020Llyn07:3014:301Tried everything, well obviously everything except the right thing, Fish moving but very little expression of interest
Steve Gauge17/08/2020Glantanat Isaf17:0018:30River was swollen, fast and filthy, wasn't a lot of fun, then it started raining for good measure
Mungo Munro19/08/2020Llyn10:3014:0062Wild overcast day. Great ripple but very little surface movement. Plenty of healthy 8-9” fish.
Pat Conner19/08/2020Caesiencyn10:0014:003
Pat Conner19/08/2020Llyn15:0018:0071
Mike Handyside20/08/2020Mathrafal12:3016:3055
Rob Park20/08/2020Mathrafal10:3011:0021Walked straight to the bottom of beat to find the water at a good ht but chocolate coloured able to see about 3in into the water- suspended particulates don't know nature but certainly not the pristine water of a couple of years ago when MM and I first fished it.Packed up and walked up find water in the leat but the turbine was not working but perhaps earlier.D/W MH and seemingly the water cleared over the next few hours.
Rob Park20/08/2020Dolobran11:3014:3032110Needed more water gin clear .Tough access with summer vegetation
Rob Park23/08/2020Llyn13:0015:30552
Mike Handyside24/08/2020Mathrafal12:0017:30412Fished Dolobran between 13.00 and 15.30.
Mike Handyside24/08/2020Dolobran13:0015:3031131Largest brown trout was two and a half pounds.
Terry Carrington24/08/2020Llyn11:0016:000542All but two fish caught by my guest my son, might have to reconsider future invitations!
David Barker24/08/2020Llyn09:0010:300020Beautiful morning on the Llyn, no wind at all and blue skies. Plenty of fish rising and lost 4 at the take. Both fish took a white Klinkhammer. Some excellent lunges on a skated Daddy. Great fun.
Terry Carrington26/08/2020Llyn11:0015:300102Return covers two rods.
Pat Conner27/08/2020Llyn09:3017:00165Cold and damp and not much rising but fortunately they were looking up. Good day.
Wilf Nelson30/08/2020Glantanat Isaf07:0010:0083111Very cold morning, .61 on gauge, didn’t get a touch till the run below the farm. Mad hour - all the fish came from there, 17 and 19 inch trout, and an 18 inch Grayling too. All on a super heavy #12 ptn. Didn’t get a touch anywhere else
Mike Handyside31/08/2020Banhadla13:0016:3045311
Steve Gauge31/08/2020Llyn07:0010:30111
Michael Lloyd31/08/2020Llyn10:0015:004
Graham Lloyd31/08/2020Llyn10:0015:005
Pat Conner02/09/2020Glantanat Isaf09:0012:00351Fished up with various nymphs and never had a touch then changed to spiders to fish back down, best two hours ever on a welsh river. smallest 12" biggest 18".
Pat Conner02/09/2020Banhadla12:0014:001242
Steve Gauge01/09/2020Ty Nant16:3019:301
Kevin Voyce04/09/2020Church Fields11:3014:3011River running clear but at 0.56m a bit too high not making for comfortable fishing. Nothing rising, both fish on deer hair caddis.
Timothy Bell04/09/2020Glantanat Isaf13:3015:301211
Andrew Dale31/08/2020Caesiencyn12:3014:00Nothing interested.
Andrew Dale31/08/2020Glantanat Isaf16:3017:3000201
Mike Handyside05/09/2020Banhadla11:0016:3063114
Rob Park05/09/2020Glantanat Isaf15:3017:301233
Mike Handyside06/09/2020Franklin11:0013:3011
Mike Handyside06/09/2020Llanblodwel14:0016:3012
Brian Owen06/09/2020Franklin11:0013:30
Brian Owen06/09/2020Llanblodwel14:0016:3011Many thanks to Mike for his company and direction, I learnt a lot.
Jeremy Schrecker04/09/2020Glantanat Isaf12:3016:0011
Jeremy Schrecker06/09/2020Ty Nant12:3016:30111
Wilf Nelson06/09/2020Banhadla08:0012:0022232
Pat Conner07/09/2020Castellmoch Fawr13:0015:00131
Pat Conner07/09/2020Bartholemew15:3016:3012
Mike Handyside07/09/2020Mathrafal11:0015:0041332
Richard Herzog08/09/2020Banhadla11:3014:001111
Pat Conner08/09/2020Carreghofa09:3012:301131
Pat Conner08/09/2020Glantanat Isaf13:0015:001
Ian Baguley09/09/2020CaerswsIntend to go and try it out
Terry Carrington09/09/2020Llanblodwel11:0015:0000300000
Ian Baguley09/09/2020Caersws11:0016:00411Best 16 inch. All took dry emerger and ignored the nymph despite little hatching. Hot day.
Rob Park10/09/2020Caesiencyn12:0012:30Too low
Mike Handyside10/09/2020Franklin11:0011:3011
Mike Handyside10/09/2020Llanerch Emrys12:0016:303114
Rob Park10/09/2020Franklin12:3013:00Didn't fish. Hookagat/Annscroft AC 2 rods had tip off about the water. Used to able to get on here
Rob Park10/09/2020Llanblodwel13:0013:30Water became "milky" with silt consequent of bankside work above the bridge. Unfishable not a great start
Rob Park10/09/2020Banhadla14:0016:00121
Pat Conner10/09/2020Mathrafal09:0016:0025368512Not a touch until mid day then it all went hectic, almost every cast was a fish which were all on P&0 spider. Very incouraging the amount of salmon parr on both rivers this year.
Pat Conner10/09/2020Dolobran16:0017:0011322Mad hour on the top pool.
Richard Herzog10/09/2020Llyn12:0014:003Cool breeze, little movement. Redshank! Never seen one here before.
Kevin Voyce12/09/2020Banhadla10:3013:0011Fulfilled my promised to take my wife fly fishing via a guest ticket. After 4 missed hits she landed a nice brownie and a grayling on an Iron Blue Parachute, not bad for a first timer. Although if the truth were known she was more excited by the picnic lunch and a bottle of white wine at the hut than the prospect of actually fishing. My reward, many brownie points were awarded!
Wilf Nelson12/09/2020Mathrafal10:0017:00611313Unbelievably hard. strong downstream wind was a nightmare and chilled me to the marrow. Not much fun.
Mike Handyside13/09/2020Carreghofa12:3016:00331
Charles Morris08/09/2020Carreghofa15:3017:30water quite muddy, strong wind
Pat Conner14/09/2020Ty Nant07:3011:301
Pat Conner14/09/2020Dolobran11:3017:00952Very hot day with plenty of surface activity, all caught on black beetle.
Steve Gauge15/09/2020Banhadla16:3019:002
Richard Herzog15/09/2020Llyn15:0018:0041
Pat Conner14/09/2020Llyn11:3017:00My entry for Dolobran was for meant Llyn, apologies
Mike Handyside16/09/2020Llyn11:0015:3032
Terry Carrington17/09/2020Mathrafal10:3015:3020111Return covers two rods.
Rob Park18/09/2020Mathrafal09:3014:30121234Poaching evident bottom of beat spinner and braid in tree it’s still there!
Mungo Munro18/09/2020Llyn11:0015:301031Lovely day on the Llyn. Fished with guest. Great wave all day, however only the occasional rise. Best fish a fat 15”. The track up is an obstacle course of pheasants as they are feeding them by spreading the feed along the middle of the track. Best way to avoid the pheasants is not to slow down too much. They will get out of the road. The gamekeeper is leaving the gate open, if you find the gate open please close as it is just laziness on his part.
Kevin Voyce19/09/2020Mathrafal11:0016:00121All to dry flies
Wilf Nelson19/09/2020Llanblodwel11:0017:002423very clear
Wilf Nelson20/09/2020Glantanat Isaf16:3017:001lovely balmy evening, not much happened, water gin clear, bottom still covered in grot
Steve Whitney01/09/2020Glantanat Isaf08:0013:0021
Pat Conner21/09/2020Llyn11:0014:301My guest/wife had the only one of the day, less said about that the better.
Richard Herzog22/09/2020Wigley's Fields13:3015:3014
Nick Browne22/09/2020Llyn11:0014:0000000000000The wind was blowing and temp dropped there's my excuses and I'm sticking to them... Great to get up there in challenging conditions. Cheers once again great club.
Steve Gauge19/09/2020Llyn08:3010:301North Easterly and low cloud cover made it bitterly cold and removed some of the fun.
Steve Gauge19/09/2020Arllen Fawr11:3013:300000000Quite Low and never saw a fish but very pleasant after being frozen at the Llyn
Mike Handyside24/09/2020Franklin10:3011:303
Mike Handyside24/09/2020Banhadla12:0017:002251
Rob Park25/09/2020Glantanat Isaf11:3014:302231V challenging casting in strong wind and cold just good to be out.Small rise overnight water peaty coloured.Leaves ++
Mike Handyside26/09/2020Llanblodwel11:0016:0056Fished at Carreghofa briefly.
Mike Handyside26/09/2020Carreghofa13:0014:0031Largest trout were 13 and 15 inches.
Wilf Nelson26/09/2020Glantanat Isaf08:0010:3021Cold, clear
Mike Thompson22/09/2020Llyn11:0014:0001
Jon Edwards13/09/2020Bartholemew18:3020:00Stunning evening as was the condition of the River other than the lack of fly life / surface activity. Missed a couple to the dry fly - need to do better but didn't matter - just fab as ever!!
Pat Conner28/09/2020Mathrafal10:0016:30325313
Richard Herzog28/09/2020Banhadla13:0016:00116Hares ear nymph. Little surface activity.
Steve Whitney01/10/2020Banhadla10:0013:003121
Mike Handyside01/10/2020Llyn11:3013:001
Mike Handyside01/10/2020Banhadla15:0018:0021114The largest trout was near 13 inches and of the four big grayling the best was 16 inches.
Mike Handyside02/10/2020Llanerch Emrys10:3013:302132
Mike Handyside02/10/2020Wigley's Fields14:0014:30111
Graham Lloyd03/10/2020Mathrafal11:3015:30
Michael Lloyd03/10/2020Mathrafal11:3015:30
Mike Handyside07/10/2020Banhadla12:0015:302141
Mike Handyside07/10/2020Glantanat Isaf16:0017:001222
Ian Baguley07/10/2020Llyn10:0015:00Few takes just couldn't hook them. Few rising at the top end.
Steve Gauge07/10/2020Carreghofa16:3018:001
Mungo Munro07/10/2020Llyn71Last throw of the season for the Llyn. Great to see more Members fishing this great little Llyn.
Wilf Nelson10/10/2020Bartholemew11:0014:0011240left my vest behind, so limited flies, and i fell in. Plenty of water .6 on the gauge. best trout an 18 inch beauty
Wilf Nelson10/10/2020Glantanat Isaf15:0017:301112 nice trout from the bridge pool
Mike Handyside10/10/2020Glantanat Isaf12:0013:303
Mike Handyside10/10/2020Banhadla14:0015:302
Mike Handyside11/10/2020Castellmoch Fawr12:3014:001
Mike Handyside13/10/2020Franklin11:0013:3015
Terry Carrington14/10/2020Glantanat Isaf10:0015:0001100
Terry Carrington14/10/2020Glantanat Isaf10:0015:0001100
Steve Whitney15/10/2020Banhadla09:0014:00125Trout - 2 over 13ins, 3 at 9-13ins.
Terry Carrington16/10/2020Caersws10:0016:00Intend to fish subject to any releases from clywedog.
Paul Stevenson16/10/2020Caersws11:0017:00Intend to fish 16/10
Paul Stevenson15/10/2020Arllen Fawr11:0014:301Good conditions, 0.6 on the scale and clear water, just couldn't find the fish
Paul Stevenson16/10/2020Caersws11:3016:300024Fished top end of Llandinam.
Terry Carrington09/10/2020Caersws10:3015:001511Return covers two rods.
Terry Carrington16/10/2020Caersws10:3015:001511Return covers two rods.
Andrew Dale17/10/2020CaerswsAndrew Dale and Jeffrey Olstead intending to fish.
Kevin Voyce17/10/2020Dolobran11:0015:30111Flood drawdown releases and leaf fall made for tricky wading and fishing conditions. Access along beat could be improved with a couple of stiles. Picked off all three, and missed a whole lot more on dry fly just above the weir.
Steve Whitney15/10/2020Bartholemew09:0014:00Mistakenly put Banhadla as beat fished on this date so please use that catch return for Bartholemew, where I did actually fish. Apologies for mistake!
Mike Handyside18/10/2020Banhadla11:3014:302
Wilf Nelson18/10/2020Glantanat Isaf10:3018:002322Water unbelievably clear after the rise in the week. A small hatch of olives and a rise to go with it at 2 ish. Saw a salmon, a dipper and an egret. Hard work
Steve Whitney19/10/2020Llanerch Emrys09:0013:00326Trout - all 9-13 ins.
Ian Baguley19/10/2020Mathrafal11:3015:304321Flotilla of leaves eventually stopped play. All grayling were rising and took a dark parachute.
Ian Baguley20/10/2020Caersws10:0016:30Intend to fish
Mungo Munro20/10/2020Caersws10:0016:30Intending to fish
Mike Handyside19/10/2020Llanblodwel14:0015:302
Steve Whitney22/10/2020Ty Nant08:3013:306541Trout: 3 x 9-13ins, 1 x over 13ins.
Richard Herzog22/10/2020Banhadla11:3013:3031A full, clear river. 2 on dry 2 on nymph.
Charles Morris20/10/2020Banhadla15:3016:30Water was clearing but strong winds made casting difficult so I packed up early
Mike Handyside23/10/2020Franklin12:0014:3031
Brian Owen23/10/2020Llanblodwel12:0016:0041Super Grayling 16in, the leaves were a real pain!
Mungo Munro20/10/2020Caersws11:0014:30Very low water, nasty down stream wind, no rising fish.
Andrew Dale17/10/2020Caersws11:0016:003Return for two anglers. No grayling but three nice trout best of which was 15". V.nice water.
Wilf Nelson08/11/2020Franklin12:3015:30118Fished up from Gamefishers below, trout very active on the shallows, Grayling less so. Hooked a monster Salmon on Gamefishers, well over 20lbs, there are a few about!
Pat Conner09/11/2020Banhadla10:0015:003312
Brian Owen09/11/2020Ty Nant13:3015:0000000000000Nice walk
Mike Handyside10/11/2020Franklin11:0012:30
Mike Handyside23/11/2020Llanblodwel12:0014:001
Pat Conner23/11/2020Mathrafal10:3015:00115
Pat Conner24/11/2020Banhadla10:3015:00413
Mike Handyside24/11/2020Franklin12:0014:00
Mike Handyside26/11/2020Carreghofa11:3014:0021
Rob Park28/11/2020Carreghofa09:3012:00221Driech
Rob Park28/11/2020Church Fields13:0014:303
Brian Owen26/11/2020Banhadla11:3015:3011
Brian Owen28/11/2020Church Fields10:0012:00
Brian Owen28/11/2020Wigley's Fields12:0013:00
Brian Owen26/11/2020Franklin13:0015:0011
Andy Renwick28/11/2020Church Fields10:0012:0011Clonker of a grayling at 2lb 4oz ( weigh net) lost another
Andy Renwick28/11/2020Wigley's Fields12:0013:00Nowt but lost two..... rusty
Andy Renwick28/11/2020Franklin13:3015:00Nothing seen or hooked or landed, dead as a door nail ....
Andy Renwick28/11/2020Bartholemew15:0016:00Nothing- lost the light
Rob Park03/01/2021Llanerch Emrys13:3015:0011
Brian Owen03/01/2021Llanerch Emrys10:0013:001
Brian Owen03/01/2021Llanerch Emrys13:3015:301
Brian Owen09/01/2021Church Fields11:0012:00
Brian Owen09/01/2021Wigley's Fields13:0014:0011
Robert Boutflower10/01/2021Carreghofa14:3015:30Bit late but ‘daily exercise’. Met Roger Taylor, landowner.
Andy Renwick10/01/2021Llanerch Emrys11:0013:00121Quieter than I thought it would be, lost a decent grayling...... put a ‘no parking’ sign on the gate
Pat Conner30/11/2020Mathrafal10:0014:00215
Pat Conner01/12/2020Banhadla10:0013:0041
Pat Conner01/12/2020Glantanat Isaf13:0014:30
Rob Park30/11/2020Llanerch Emrys10:0014:00001
Mike Handyside05/12/2020Banhadla11:3014:001
Mike Handyside07/12/2020Banhadla12:0014:301
Pat Conner08/12/2020Ty Nant10:0014:0016All out of one run on nymph, never had a pull anywhere else.
Pat Conner15/12/2020Mathrafal10:0012:00
Pat Conner15/12/2020Dolobran12:0014:0032
Mike Handyside02/01/2021Church Fields11:0013:302
Wilf Nelson02/01/2021Franklin13:3014:301Fished up from Gamefishers below, surprising amount of activity, everything on the shallows where the water was steady
Wilf Nelson02/01/2021Llanblodwel15:3016:0011Missed quite a few too
Rob Park03/01/2021Llangedwyn Hall10:0012:302
Andy Renwick03/01/2021Llanerch Emrys10:0013:302Couldn’t catch a grayling, must be something wrong with my flies, water still a bit pushy
Andy Renwick03/01/2021Llangedwyn Hall14:0015:00Nowt, to be fair a cormorant had just been through the first bit..... even he looked hungry as Rob Park had beaten him to it in the morning!
Andy Renwick14/02/2021Llanerch Emrys11:0012:00Day cold and grey, low light - a little sleet driven in from the East.....
Andy Renwick14/02/2021Llangedwyn Hall12:0013:301Finally found a couple of fish- lost the first at the net when it shot under my right arm close to my body and snagged the dropper in my waistcoat - shook itself off the barbless hook. Had an identically sized fish five minutes later.....
Mike Handyside28/02/2021Franklin11:3013:00
Brian Owen05/03/2021Church Fields10:0012:001
Brian Owen05/03/2021Wigley's Fields12:0013:00
Brian Owen05/03/2021Llanerch Emrys13:3015:30
Andy Renwick05/03/2021Church Fields10:0011:30Nowt
Andy Renwick05/03/2021Wigley's Fields11:3012:302One grayling in fast water about a foot deep..... the other from the pool at the top
Andy Renwick05/03/2021Llanerch Emrys13:3015:30Lost two, expected to do better...... lovely to be out though
Pat Conner30/03/2021Dolobran10:3012:3021Nice to be out. Too much water but managed to catch two on nymph and one on dry.
Pat Conner30/03/2021Mathrafal13:0015:00
Ian Baguley01/04/2021Llanblodwel13:0016:0020.54 clear and very cold. Used a coch-y-bondhu across and down. 12 and 13 inches but had a few other knocks.
Kevin Voyce03/04/2021Carreghofa11:3015:3021Slow cold start with first fish to PTN nymph on Klink and Dink set up followed by a couple of knocks on partridge and orange spider with PTN nymph. 13:30 to 14:30 classic early April Large Dark Olive hatch bringing a number of fish to the surface, switched to a Soft Hackle CDC dry fly to land a 10" Grayling and a 8" Brownie.
Pat Conner04/04/2021Mathrafal10:3015:3011Lost a nice fish in the morning then nothing until 2:30 when a hatch of March browns brought them up, largest was a lovely fat fish of 19 inch.
Robert Boutflower03/04/2021Caesiencyn12:0014:003 prs of Goosanders
Robert Boutflower03/04/2021Castellmoch Fawr14:0016:002 prs Goosanders and a nesting female
Robert Boutflower03/04/2021Arllen Fawr16:0017:302 prs Goosanders. Nice walk, just such a lovely stretch of water with a couple of frightened fish in it.
Pat Conner08/04/2021Banhadla10:0013:001
Kevin Voyce08/04/2021Carreghofa11:3015:0021Started off quiet with no interest in black spider and PTN nymph. Fly hatch (March Brown?) from 13:45 raised a couple of fish. All fish caught during hatch on Soft Hackle Dry fly.
Mike Handyside09/04/2021Llanblodwel11:3015:3012
Mike Handyside12/04/2021Franklin12:3014:00
Pat Conner13/04/2021Carreghofa11:0015:00311
Mike Handyside13/04/2021Mathrafal11:0011:30
Mike Handyside13/04/2021Dolobran12:3017:00113Largest brown trout was two and a half pounds.
Kevin Voyce13/04/2021Dolobran11:3015:004Light hatch of March Browns and Olives from 13:45 to ~15:00 tempting fish to the surface. Grayling between 8" to 10" all caught on Soft hackle dry fly.
Ian Baguley13/04/2021Mathrafal13:3016:00Fished the lower stretch intensely without a nibble until I saw 6 eyes watching me. 3 adult mink far bank. Do you think there's a connection?
Pat Conner21/04/2021Mathrafal11:0015:30
Pat Conner14/04/2021Mathrafal11:0015:30Pressed the wrong button on previous return it should be 14th sorry.
Wilf Nelson16/04/2021Mathrafal09:3010:00too low and clear, decided to move
Wilf Nelson16/04/2021Banhadla11:0016:001a last minute OSG saved a blank. Water incredibly clear, and I think the overnight frost put them down. A smattering of Grannom about - rose 2, missed one the other came off. The floods have effected a total change, nothing is the same. Saw quite a few good sized/large fish, but they werent playing ball
Terry Carrington16/04/2021Llanblodwel11:3014:00000000
Mike Handyside17/04/2021Llanerch Emrys11:3012:30
Mike Handyside17/04/2021Carreghofa17:3018:00Only fished for 15 minutes as came across someone who had decided to have several days holiday camped next to and under the road bridge! As the idividual had included fishing, by rod and line (worming), in his holiday package I spent the entire evening waiting for the police. They didn't attend, but Paul from the Horseshoes pub kindly helped during the incident.
David Carrington18/04/2021Carreghofa12:0015:00004002021Very good few hours in the afternoon, warm, sunny spells. Hatch of fly around 1pm, brought fish up. Fished Kink and dink, with a grey Klinkhammer + PTN. All fish in excellent condition (will plump up more through May). Great first day on the river.
Rob Park05/04/2021Llangedwyn Hall11:0014:003
Rob Park13/04/2021Ty Nant11:0014:00000312 of the brownies 18in usual minor predator damage
Nick Browne19/04/2021Llangedwyn Hall10:3013:0000000000000
Pat Conner19/04/2021Franklin10:3015:00112
Terry Carrington19/04/2021Llanblodwel12:0014:00020000
David Carrington20/04/2021Llanblodwel13:3016:000021The Grayling was 15” long, and was looking tired from spawning, took a bit of time to recover, but swam off strong eventually. Not much rising today, but a hatch of fly all the same.
Michael Lloyd18/04/2021Mathrafal15:0016:30
Graham Lloyd18/04/2021Mathrafal15:0016:30
Mike Handyside20/04/2021Mathrafal11:3013:301
Mike Handyside20/04/2021Dolobran14:0015:301
Kevin Voyce21/04/2021Glantanat Isaf11:3014:30No sign of fly or fry
Pat Conner22/04/2021Ty Nant12:0015:00☹️
David Carrington24/04/2021Banhadla13:0015:00000000Bright afternoon, small hatch of fry, nothing rising, nothing seen.
Robert Boutflower25/04/2021CaerswsIntend to fish
Paul Stevenson30/04/2021Caersws10:0016:00Intention to fish Fri 30 Apr
Pat Conner26/04/2021Mathrafal10:3014:00151Plenty rising but very easy to spook, but a long leader managed to fool a few here and there.
Pat Conner26/04/2021Dolobran14:3016:302A nice 21 inch beauty to finish the day. All fish on dry.
Mike Handyside27/04/2021Mathrafal11:0012:301
Mike Handyside27/04/2021Dolobran13:0016:00131The largest trout was very slightly under three pounds.
Pat Conner29/04/2021Carreghofa11:0015:001611Intermittent olive hatches, cold downstream wind was a pain but had a 15 inch beauty for my hard work.
Mike Handyside02/05/2021Banhadla12:0014:001
Pat Conner02/05/2021Franklin11:0014:301
Pat Conner02/05/2021Wigley's Fields14:3015:301
Andy Renwick01/05/2021Llanerch Emrys15:3018:3011Fished with Andy Barkley my guest, he had a lovely trout of 1lb 15oz on a dry.... rare fish indeed ( as rare as 19lb 15oz salmon). I’d forgotten my dry fly boxes and had to fish with tungsten nymphs - so not productive
Michael Lloyd03/05/2021Mathrafal10:3012:00
Michael Lloyd03/05/2021Dolobran10:3014:0012
Graham Lloyd03/05/2021Mathrafal10:3012:00
Graham Lloyd03/05/2021Dolobran12:3014:00
Charles Morris02/05/2021Banhadla15:0016:00
Mike Handyside05/05/2021Mathrafal11:0016:30514All on dry, except the first two small fish. Largest trout were three pounds and just over three and a half pounds. Two hours of this time was at Dolobran.
Mike Handyside05/05/2021Dolobran14:0016:0011
Pat Conner06/05/2021Mathrafal10:3017:30433Plenty rising, caught fish first thing then nothing until 4:30 then had a mad hour. Very cold and windy.
Ian Baguley06/05/2021Dolobran11:3013:301Only two fish rose. Spent the afternoon Mink searching and I thing the Mathrafal ones have now cleared off.
Mike Handyside07/05/2021Church Fields13:3015:3032
Ian Baguley07/05/2021Banhadla14:3016:30111The grayling was 2 pounds plus. Small olive hatch around 4 pm.
Pat Conner07/05/2021Dolobran10:3013:3011
Pat Conner07/05/2021Graveyard14:0017:00634All on clink and dink and the grayling were all around 15 inch.
Wilf Nelson07/05/2021Llanblodwel12:0016:3053quite good really, plenty of fly hatching - mainly olives, a few grannom, hawthorn and march Browns, and a few fish looking up. Carreghofa would probably have been a better bet. Thankfully most of the grot has been shifted by the high water.
Nick Browne10/05/2021Glantanat Isaf10:3014:0000110000000The biggest of the browns was a smasher wen unhooking it there was probably 3or4 earth worms and fry in its mouth/ throat. Water coloured up copper colour dropping of nicely.
Graham Lloyd10/05/2021Llanerch Emrys15:0016:30
Michael Lloyd10/05/2021Llanerch Emrys15:0016:302
Robert Boutflower12/05/2021Mathrafal16:0018:304Size 14 March Brown, missed several good fish 2 Goosanders only
Mike Handyside13/05/2021Mathrafal11:0017:30223Everything today on dry. Two hours at Dolobran. Largest trout at Marthrafal was two and three quarter pounds.
Mike Handyside13/05/2021Dolobran14:0016:004Largest trout was again two and a quarter pounds. The fish on the previous entry was just under (two pounds and 11 ounces).
Mike Handyside13/05/2021DolobranTwo and three quarter pounds, not two and a quarter!
Paul Gompertz14/05/2021Mathrafal13:0017:001
Terry Carrington19/05/2021Caesiencyn12:0014:3000000000Awkward down stream wind,no fish showing.
Terry Carrington19/05/2021Ty NantBeat fished Ty Nant not Caesiencyn.
Mike Handyside27/05/2021Mathrafal10:3016:30223One weighed four pounds and three ounces.
Pat Conner27/05/2021Dolobran10:0015:0033
Freddie Allinson27/05/2021Ty Nant11:0012:301
Freddie Allinson27/05/2021Dolobran16:0019:00no dice
Mike Handyside28/05/2021Banhadla12:3014:00
Rob Park28/05/2021Castellmoch Fawr12:0014:300000
Terry Carrington28/05/2021Llanblodwel12:0014:00000000
Kevin Voyce31/05/2021BanhadlaPlan to use hut for family BBQ 12pm to 4pm, beat open to anyone who wants to fish.
David Carrington31/05/2021Mathrafal13:0016:0000100Found pockets of rising fish, but impossible to catch, tried various different dries and eventually caught one, haven’t a clue what they were taking!! Sun burnt through late afternoon and went very hot.
Terry Carrington31/05/2021Mathrafal13:0016:0000000
Mike Handyside01/06/2021Church Fields18:0021:0042
Michael Lloyd01/06/2021Graveyard09:0010:302
Michael Lloyd01/06/2021Llanerch Emrys12:0013:30
Graham Lloyd01/06/2021Graveyard
Graham Lloyd01/06/2021Llanerch Emrys12:0013:30
Ian Baguley03/06/2021Carreghofa10:3012:3031On a big dry fly. Few Mayfly about. One fish about 1.5 lb. All action before 11.00.
Pat Conner03/06/2021Mathrafal08:3013:00
Pat Conner03/06/2021Graveyard14:0015:00
Mike Handyside04/06/2021Llanblodwel10:3014:30111
Paul Gompertz03/06/2021Mathrafal11:3016:3011Hard work and a tricky wind
Paul Gompertz04/06/2021Mathrafal10:3014:301
Paul Gompertz04/06/2021Banhadla17:3019:3021
Mike Handyside05/06/2021Carreghofa11:0015:30831
Paul Gompertz05/06/2021Banhadla10:3015:003
Paul Gompertz05/06/2021Mathrafal17:0019:304
Kevin Voyce06/06/2021Carreghofa12:0016:001Trout splashing around chasing a steady Mayfly hatch.
Pat Conner07/06/2021Carreghofa07:0012:00311Walked up the llanyblodwel beat nothing rising caught all and missed a few fish before 9am on spent mayfly until I lost it up a tree.
Mike Handyside07/06/2021Mathrafal11:3017:0023
Ian Baguley07/06/2021Carreghofa09:3012:301Hard work. Warm muggy and a rare up stream breeze. Eventually one took a size 12 Mayfly.
Graham Lloyd06/06/2021Mathrafal09:3014:00
Michael Lloyd06/06/2021Mathrafal09:3014:001
Pat Conner08/06/2021Glantanat Isaf09:0011:0021
Pat Conner08/06/2021Franklin11:0015:0052All on mayfly missed a few and lost two good fish.
Richard Herzog10/06/2021Wigley's Fields10:0011:0011Very little activity. Bigger fish 16 inches.
Richard Herzog10/06/2021Carreghofa11:0012:001
David Carrington10/06/2021Franklin14:3017:30000000Walked and fished the whole stretch, very nice water. Very quiet, nothing moving, not a fish seen. Fished a Mayfly, Mayflies hatching and dancing in the field top end of the beat.
Pat Conner21/06/2021Carreghofa09:3012:3032
Pat Conner21/06/2021Llanblodwel13:0015:001
Terry Carrington22/06/2021Carreghofa12:0015:30020100000Larger fish 16inches.
Terry Carrington23/06/2021Llanblodwel11:3014:0001000000
Kevin Voyce26/06/2021Llanerch Emrys12:0013:00
John Wood10/06/2021Banhadla12:3014:0000100000100Good conditions, but little moving - only saw a handful of mayfly
John Wood10/06/2021Carreghofa14:3015:30
Pat Conner10/06/2021Mathrafal09:3015:00Very little rising and a frustrating downstream wind.
Mike Handyside11/06/2021Llanblodwel18:0020:302
Wilf Nelson11/06/2021Franklin14:3018:001Difficult! Nothing rising, but river at a good level, and saw plenty of good fish. Suspect they were waiting for the main event - whilst a few mayfly were hatching, as I walked back there was a huge amount of spinners ready to fall - I’d suggest starting at 6.30 would pay over the next few days. Lost one big trout.
Kevin Voyce12/06/2021Mathrafal11:3016:001
Mike Handyside12/06/2021Carreghofa11:3014:3011
Pat Conner12/06/2021Carreghofa18:3009:0022Plenty rising but not to mayfly, I caught on a 16 dry. All went quiet 8pm
Jeremy Schrecker12/06/2021Graveyard11:0017:00
Pat Conner13/06/2021Franklin17:3008:0032Had to go down to a size 18 dry and had good sport, lost three good fish due to small hook. Very warm.
Pat Conner15/06/2021Mathrafal09:3014:30
Mike Handyside16/06/2021Llanblodwel18:0021:00312Combined catch including the day ticket.
Charles Morris16/06/2021Franklin17:3018:30Nothing rising
Jon Edwards12/06/2021Wigley's Fields15:3018:0000000000000Lost two and missed a few to dry fly
Jon Edwards12/06/2021Banhadla18:3020:30Disappointingly quiet - very few fish showing despite reasonable numbers of Mayfly
Kevin Voyce26/06/2021Llangedwyn Hall13:0016:00Attended wakes with more life! Fished every wadable stretch of both this and Llanerch Emyrs on a dry, nymph, klink dink and nymph and spider combination. Not one single rise spotted all afternoon. Rapidly coming to the conclusion that Tanat Trout are like picky girl friends, take them to the finest restaurants and they still turn their noses up at everything on offer on the menu.
Robert Boutflower27/06/2021Glantanat Isaf13:0015:00Nuthin’ doing, cold and windy. “Chilly for June”…
Robert Boutflower27/06/2021Wigley's Fields15:3017:00I did see a fish rise.
Mike Handyside27/06/2021Carreghofa12:3016:00112
Richard Herzog01/07/2021Carreghofa14:0016:303Low water making fishing hard. Looked at banhadla in the morning - nothing showing.
Mike Handyside03/07/2021Carreghofa18:3021:0014
Mike Handyside05/07/2021Dolobran12:0018:307433
Nick Browne05/07/2021Church Fields10:0011:3000100000000
Nick Browne05/07/2021Banhadla12:0013:3000000000000
Pat Conner07/07/2021Mathrafal07:0010:00
Pat Conner07/07/2021Graveyard16:0017:001
Mike Handyside09/07/2021Carreghofa12:0017:30553Two trout were over one and three quarter pounds.
Charles Morris10/07/2021Mathrafal15:0017:00water level very low but water clear. Nothing rising. saw an otter up near the quarry
Mike Handyside12/07/2021Mathrafal12:0017:0011112
Kevin Voyce19/07/2021BanhadlaNOTICE up date 06/08/2021 - please note the wasps nest underneath the decking area of the fishing hut has been dealt with. Safe to access once Again
Robert Boutflower14/07/2021Church Fields19:3021:3011
Mike Handyside25/07/2021Llanblodwel11:3020:30233Fished at midday and returned for the evening.
Kevin Voyce01/08/2021Caersws10:3016:001121With the Tanat in low flow Caersws provided a refreshing regulated alternative. Fish and birds were competing for hatch of small olives with both trout and grayling rising to dry fly and bead head PTN. Well worth a visit.
Mike Handyside31/07/2021Mathrafal12:0016:3031
Ian Baguley06/08/2021Llanerch Emrys10:3015:00122Low, but rose 0.5 whilst there. 2 "klinked" and 3 "dinked."
Mike Handyside09/08/2021Dolobran11:3017:3012212
Mike Handyside11/08/2021Franklin12:0020:001411Fished until 3pm, then returned at 6pm for two hours. Evening rain, put them off the dry fly.
Pat Conner12/08/2021Carreghofa09:3012:301411
Kevin Voyce13/08/2021Carreghofa11:0015:30Friday 13th turned out to be unlucky for my guest and I, as we both blanked.
Mike Handyside17/08/2021Mathrafal12:0017:0011221
Rob Park18/08/2021Church Fields11:0014:00112Always the hardest beat to access now nearly back to the state of 12 years ago.Large pool at bottom of beat now has two large fallen trees altering it. Sorry Steve Whitney right across your Riverfly sampling site. The rest nature is taking back plus with annual summer vegetation some would find impenetrable.
Rob Park18/08/2021Llanblodwel11:0016:001211Combined score I joined my guest later who fished Tenkara some of the time.It would probably fish better later in the day.
Kevin Voyce20/08/2021Caersws10:3016:001121PTN on point with greenwell spider on dropper accounted for the grayling and soft hackle dry the trout.
Ian Baguley24/08/2021Banhadla13:3014:30A flying visit. Grayling rising opposite the hut but that was it.
Jon Edwards15/08/2021Mathrafal18:3020:304First time fishing the beat really lovely - good numbers of fish rising but cold wind picked up that killed it. All on dry-fly. Unfortunately saw a full grown Mink just below the farm buildings - does this need reporting to the farmer?
David Carrington25/08/2021Carreghofa12:3016:0000000040Plenty of Grayling rising, hatch of fly in the afternoon.
Terry Carrington25/08/2021Carreghofa12:0016:0000000010
Terry Carrington27/08/2021Mathrafal12:0016:00000002101
David Carrington27/08/2021Mathrafal12:0016:0001000010River very low, nice Grayling 13”. Watched a shoal of Grayling, some big fish amongst them. Land owner in the river in his Manitou collecting the bricks that where piled up from 2 months ago!
Mike Handyside30/08/2021Mathrafal12:0017:0021122
David Carrington03/09/2021Caersws10:0016:000020031Good day, cool and drizzle in the morning, warmer in the afternoon. Used klink and dink, with a Hares ear nymph. One Grayling over 15”
Terry Carrington03/09/2021Caersws10:3015:00010000100Out fished again!
Robert Boutflower01/09/2021Banhadla11:3013:301
Robert Boutflower01/09/2021Mathrafal15:3018:301Between me and guest. Good lunch at hut…
Pat Conner02/09/2021Franklin10:0014:00111
Jon Edwards29/08/2021Llanblodwel17:3019:301Few fish moving - access tricky. Be aware the bridge is closed to traffic - pedestrian access only
Mike Handyside04/09/2021Carreghofa12:0015:302261
Mike Handyside09/09/2021Dolobran12:0017:0012431
Rob Park11/09/2021Graveyard09:3012:30032A small amount of water has been released in last couple of days resulting in better sport throughout A. Vyrnwy .Tricky wading and overhangs Could only fish across and down WHB and Ettrick ontop half but best two handsome fish netted about 18in with two better lumps lost.Deep central gutter a third down is where the bigguns are. Fished dry BSF at bottom of beat for 3 smaller ones. Went somewhere easier. UTFC Top of Beat sign has gone but replaced by Glyndwr Fishery sign! Arwen has had planning consent for houses hence Sale sign at bottom of beats so it may change parking in the future.
Kevin Voyce11/09/2021Mathrafal10:3015:3021Caught on a Griffiths Gnat, in between embargos.
Pat Conner14/09/2021Franklin10:0013:001423
Rob Park14/09/2021Ty Nant15:0015:3000000Impenetrable summer vegetation.Started. Llangedwyn bridge
Rob Park14/09/2021Glantanat Isaf15:3018:00040Disappointing with the perfect conditions. You don’t need to be a Native North American to see that an angler has walked the banks so there’s either a poacher or non recorder. Thought I’d be first in for a change!
Terry Carrington15/09/2021Caersws10:0016:0001100000
David Carrington15/09/2021Caersws10:0016:00032All Trout on Hares Ear. Lost two Grayling on the dry fly. Good day, if a bit too sunny and bright!
Mike Handyside15/09/2021Franklin12:0015:001221
Mike Handyside16/09/2021Carreghofa12:0016:302834All on dry fly. The largest trout was just over two pounds.
David Carrington16/09/2021Franklin12:0015:30011Odd small fish rising, looks perfect for the dry fly, but struggled a bit!
Terry Carrington16/09/2020Franklin12:0015:3000000002
Terry Carrington17/09/2021Franklin12:0016:0000000002Date should be 16th September 2021. Should have put my glasses on!
Richard Herzog22/09/2021Wigley's Fields14:0015:3011
Pat Conner22/09/2021Carreghofa09:0016:00363471All on nymph and lost a lot of fish due to small fly very good day despite low levels.
Mike Handyside23/09/2021Mathrafal12:0016:00153
Mark Brinkley12/06/2021Llanblodwel14:0017:0000000000000
Pat Conner06/10/2021Mathrafal10:0015:0017122
Mike Handyside07/10/2021Glantanat Isaf12:3016:005212The two biggest trout were 15 inches.
Kevin Voyce08/10/2021Dolobran11:0015:303242Combined catch for my guest and I. Good dry fly action, leaves haven't started to fall on the river as yet.
Terry Carrington13/10/2021Caersws10:3015:30000010
David Carrington13/10/2021Caersws10:3016:000413Quite a few Trout (out of season now), rising, they’re fattening themselves up for spawning and winter!
Mike Handyside11/10/2021Franklin11:3014:301121
David Carrington15/10/2021Dolobran11:0012:00000Nothing moving very quiet, fished section above the weir.
David Carrington15/10/2021Mathrafal12:3014:30000Odd small fish rising, very quiet as well, fished a dry fly on both beats, not a touch. Land owner has done some fair in-channel gravel moving just below where the 'hydro' tributary enters the main river.
Kevin Voyce15/10/2021Carreghofa11:0014:002Two good sized 10" and 12" out of season brownies tempted by Iron Blue Parachute dry fly, no sign of any Grayling. River still largely free from leaves.
Rob Park09/10/2021Banhadla11:3015:00522Huge gravel movements.Didn't see many fish. No sign of anyone travelling along the banks. Collapsed pier opposite hut on RHB pushing river across and now stream eroding under the pier on hut side. It would make a nice house boat.Large deep pool developed above the hut. Styal overgrown in hedge.Hard work finding the grayling.
Rob Park15/10/2021Banhadla11:0015:30813Combined return for 2 rods- guest.Took loppers to hedge blocking stile.It will be interesting to see how this water fishes now we are out of drought. It looks great but should have fished better in our estimation compared with elsewhere.David and Steven very welcoming haven't seen an angler for many months.
Terry Carrington15/10/2021Dolobran11:0012:00000
Pat Conner16/10/2021Franklin10:0013:301
Kevin Voyce23/10/2021Banhadla09:3012:001Nothing much stirring, brownie tempted by bead head PTN. No sign of any grayling.
Mike Handyside08/11/2021Banhadla11:3016:00222One of the big grayling was around two and a half pounds, the other larger.
Rob Park08/11/2021Llangedwyn Hall11:0013:00
Rob Park08/11/2021Llanerch Emrys13:3015:00Well done MH defo went wrong place . Devoid of life.
Mike Handyside12/11/2021Llangedwyn Hall11:3015:002Combined catch with guest.
David Carrington14/11/2021Llanblodwel13:0015:00022 Grayling around 10” taken on a team of wet flies, nice couple of hours.
Terry Carrington14/11/2021Llanblodwel13:0015:00000
Pat Conner15/11/2021Mathrafal10:3015:001
Pat Conner16/11/2021Franklin10:3012:301
Pat Conner16/11/2021Banhadla13:0015:00
Ian Baguley19/11/2021Banhadla11:0015:00110.4 and gin clear. Brief rise between 2 and 3 pm.
Rob Park21/11/2021Ty Nant11:0013:002Bright and cold . Couple of salmon showing .
Mike Handyside24/11/2021Llangedwyn Hall11:0014:00111
Rob Park28/11/2021Castellmoch Fawr10:0012:302Disappointing good conditions early on . Tried all the usual places with no result with 2 bugs .Large amount of gravel moved up here . The big grayling of 10 years ago seem to have disappeared.
Wilf Nelson28/11/2021Glantanat Isaf11:0015:002743very cold, but river in good fettle - mad 1/2 hour in Iron Bridge pool at 11.30am - hooked 10 one after the other and landed 8. 2 biggest 17 inches -both with recent Cormorant strikes on them
Rob Park30/11/2021Dolobran10:3014:001431
Mike Handyside30/11/2021Banhadla11:0013:00
Mike Handyside20/12/2021Banhadla12:0016:0012Combined catch with guest.
Mike Handyside22/12/2021Franklin11:3013:001