Fishing DateStart TimeEstimated Finish TimeNameRemarks
10/11/202311:0017:00Paul DouganFishing
10/11/202311:0017:00Mark CumpstonFishing with a guest
22/10/202310:0018:00Ian MitchellTrying again with my guest
21/10/202313:0018:00Ian MitchellHoping to fish with a guest if we can get through the flooded roads...!
19/10/202310:3016:00Paul DouganFishing … as per Mark’s comment
19/10/202310:3016:00Mark CumpstonIntending to fish until the rain/thunder comes!
15/10/202311:3015:00Kevin VoyceFishing
07/10/202316:0018:00Paul Stevenson
06/10/202314:0018:00Paul DouganIntending to fish
06/10/202314:0018:00Mark CumpstonIntending to fish
04/10/202307:3013:00Steve WhitneyIntending to fish
29/09/202310:3017:00Paul DouganFishing …
29/09/202310:3017:00Mark CumpstonFishing …
26/09/202315:3018:30Ian MitchellIntend to fish
21/09/202312:0016:45Paul DouganFly fishing today
21/09/202310:3016:00Mungo MunroGoing fishing
21/09/202310:3016:00Ian BaguleyIntending to fish
15/09/202315:3018:00Jon EdwardsIntend to fish - dependent on Traffic
13/09/202310:3015:30David CarringtonIntend to fish
10/09/202311:3015:30Kevin VoyceIntend fishing
02/09/202315:0020:00David Blandintend to fish
30/08/202313:3015:00Guy Maling
27/08/202311:0015:00Kevin Voyceintend fishing
27/08/202313:0017:00Ian MitchellAttempting to teach a complete novice the fly fishing basics...! He might even catch something 😉
19/08/202317:0020:00Brian Owen
18/08/202310:0011:00Ian MitchellUnfortunately, cancelling today's visit with guest
17/08/202311:0014:00Mark CumpstonNow can’t make it fishing today, so cancelling my visit.
17/08/202317:0021:00Robin Hollands
17/08/202317:0021:00William Edwards
17/08/202317:0021:00Jon Edwards3 members fishing
17/08/202311:0014:00Mark CumpstonIntending to fish
15/08/202316:0018:30Mark CumpstonFishing (possibly) but mainly introducing a newcomer to fly-fishing
18/08/202310:0017:00Ian MitchellTaking a guest along to fish
13/08/202311:0014:00Mike HandysidePlanning to fish the water.
07/08/202316:3020:00Steve GaugeIntend to Fish
06/08/202309:4512:00David BarkerVery weather dependant!
04/08/202314:0018:30Paul DouganFishing …
04/08/202314:0018:30Mark CumpstonFishing …
01/08/202314:0017:00Paul DouganIntending to fish
01/08/202314:0017:00Mark CumpstonIntending to fish
01/08/202311:0015:00Mike HandysidePlanning to fish the water.
29/07/202310:0016:00Steven Murgatroyd
28/07/202311:0016:00Paul DouganTaking a guest
28/07/202311:0004:00Paul DouganTaking a guest
28/07/202311:0017:00Mark CumpstonFishing with P. Dougan
25/07/202318:0020:00Paul Oakley
25/07/202318:0020:00Neil Matcham
30/07/202311:0017:00David BarkerHoping to fish with Tom Reeves, very keen to join club and on waiting list
24/07/202311:0014:00Mike HandysideGoing out to fish.
24/07/202312:0018:00Web MasterTest Test
16/07/202311:0016:00Mike HandysideGoing out to fish.
09/07/202311:0016:00Kevin VoyceIntend fishing
08/07/202313:3013:35Ian MitchellCancelling, as lightning forecast this afternoon isn't great for fishing rods or picnics...!
08/07/202313:3017:30Ian MitchellIntend to fish and taking my daughter along for a picnic
30/06/202311:0017:00Ian MitchellFishing with Mark Brinkley
30/06/202311:0019:00Mark Brinkleywith guest (son)
27/06/202313:0018:00Brian Owen
23/06/202311:0017:00Ian MitchellIntend to fish
20/06/202317:3019:00Guy Maling
17/06/202311:0018:00Ian Mitchell
14/06/202318:0021:00Brian OwenHope to fish
14/06/202309:0012:00Mungo MunroMornings fishing
13/06/202317:0020:00Steve GaugeIntend to Fish
12/06/202315:3017:00Guy Maling
15/06/202310:0016:00Richard Skan
15/06/202310:0015:00Richard Skan
11/06/202314:3017:30Mark CumpstonIntending to fish
15/06/202314:0020:00Mark BrinkleyPlus one guest
15/06/202310:0014:00Jon EdwardsThere are four members & one guest - fishing Thursday 15th June - the party booking has been advised to the committee - party member bookings to follow. Not sure of exact fishing times - weather dependent
10/06/202309:3014:30Kevin Voyceintend to fish
10/06/202317:0018:30David Barker
07/06/202315:0017:00Guy Maling
07/06/202315:0017:00Guy Maling
07/06/202311:3016:00Wilf Nelson
05/06/202317:3019:30Paul Oakley
05/06/202317:3019:30Neil Matcham
04/06/202310:3018:00Ian MitchellChange of plan - going sea fishing instead
03/06/202318:0021:00Wilf Nelson
06/06/202311:0016:00Richard HerzogWould like to bring Ann Hall to fish please.
03/06/202311:0011:00Jeremy SchreckerIntend to fish with guest
04/06/202316:3021:30Steven Murgatroyd
02/06/202315:0017:30Mark CumpstonGoing fishing
04/06/202310:3018:00Ian MitchellGoing fishing
31/05/202310:3017:00Paul DouganGoing fishing
31/05/202310:3017:00Mark CumpstonGoing fishing
29/05/202313:0017:00David CarringtonGoing fishing (last minute as no one booked on so far today)
30/05/202310:0015:00Mungo MunroGoing fishing
27/05/202315:3018:30Ian MitchellGoing fishing
24/05/202310:0016:00Mungo MunroGoing fishing
26/05/202309:0017:00Jane Jones
23/05/202309:0014:00Michael LloydIntend to fish
23/05/202309:0014:00Graham LloydIntend to fish
20/05/202318:0020:00Guy Maling
20/05/202310:0014:00Neil Andrews
18/05/202317:0019:30Steve GaugeIntending to Fish
18/05/202311:0017:30Mark CumpstonIntending to fish with a guest
17/05/202317:3019:30Paul Oakleyintend to go fishing
17/05/202317:3019:30Neil MatchamIntend to fish
17/05/202311:0016:00Mark CumpstonIntending to fish
20/05/202315:0019:00Neil Andrews
20/05/202317:0019:00Neil Andrews
14/05/202315:3020:00Michael LloydGoing fisshing
14/05/202315:3020:00Graham Lloyd
13/05/202310:3016:00David Blandintend to fish
12/05/202310:3017:30Ian MitchellIntend to fish
10/05/202313:0017:00Mark CumpstonIntending to fish
05/05/202311:0014:00Ian BaguleyGoing to try out some dry flies
03/05/202311:0017:00Mungo MunroIntending to fish
02/05/202312:3017:00Ian MitchellIntend to fish
01/05/202309:3002:00Dylan BlandIntend to fish
28/04/202313:0018:00Brian Owen
29/04/202310:0018:00Steven Murgatroyd
16/04/202312:0015:00Wilf Nelson
13/04/202311:3017:00Paul DouganIntending to fish
13/04/202311:3017:00Mark CumpstonIntending to fish
08/04/202312:0017:00Jeremy Schreckerintending to fish with guest
08/04/202312:0017:00Jeremy Schrecker
03/04/202313:3018:00Mark CumpstonIntending to fish
27/03/202310:3015:00Mike Handyside
20/03/202309:0014:00Steve Whitney
21/02/202311:3004:30Paul Dougan
21/02/202311:3016:00Mark CumpstonIntending to fish with a guest
06/12/202208:0014:00Michael LloydIntend to fish
06/12/202208:0014:00Graham LloydIntend to fish
18/11/202210:0016:00Ian MitchellChange of plan - not fishing today now
19/11/202210:0014:00Brian OwenHope to fish
18/11/202210:0016:00Ian MitchellIntending to fish
07/11/202211:0016:00Paul Stevenson
19/10/202210:0017:00Paul DouganIntending to fish
19/10/202210:0017:00Mark CumpstonIntending to fish
12/10/202209:0013:00Brian Owen
07/10/202211:0016:00Jon EdwardsIntending to fish with Guest
02/10/202214:0018:00Andy RenwickComing with Charlie….
21/09/202216:0019:00Brian Owen
19/09/202211:0016:00Kevin Voyceintend fishing with 1 guest
18/09/202210:0018:00Ian MitchellIntend to fish and bringing a guest
13/09/202215:0016:00Mark CumpstonIntending to fish
09/09/202211:0017:00Mike Thompson
09/09/202211:0017:00John Wood
05/09/202210:3016:00David Carrington
01/09/202210:0018:00Paul DouganIntending to fish
01/09/202210:0018:00Mark CumpstonIntending to fish
31/08/202209:0018:00Mungo MunroIntending to fish
31/08/202209:3017:00Ian BaguleyIntending to fish
29/08/202210:0018:00David Bland
29/08/202210:0018:00Dylan Bland
26/08/202210:0015:30Rob Park
23/08/202215:0018:00Mark CumpstonIntending to fish
24/08/202209:0016:00Brian OwenTry hard to get there
24/08/202210:0014:00Robin Hollands
26/08/202210:0018:00Mungo MunroIntending to fish possibly taking guest
24/08/202209:4513:00Ian BaguleyGoing up to show new member Robin Hollands and to fish
19/08/202211:0015:00Kevin VoyceIntending to fish
19/08/202210:0017:00Mark Brinkley
18/08/202208:0013:00Mungo MunroIntending to fish
19/08/202211:0017:00Jon Edwards
16/08/202216:0018:00Paul Stevenson
16/08/202209:3017:30Ian MitchellIntending to fish
13/08/202215:0016:30Leigh Jones
13/08/202201:0004:00Brian Owen
15/08/202210:0018:00David Bland
11/08/202217:3021:00Nick BrowneDropped in for an evening
10/08/202214:3018:00Paul DouganFishing with guest
10/08/202214:3018:00Mark CumpstonFishing with Paul Dougan
10/08/202217:0021:00Guy Malingplanning to take my son as a guest
09/08/202215:0018:30Howard CookeFishing with my two sons - I'll book a pass for the one and share mine with the other
09/08/202214:3017:30Roger Widdowsonintend to fish
06/08/202219:0021:00Guy Maling
04/08/202218:3021:00Dylan BlandMay bring guest
01/08/202217:0020:00Guy Maling
02/08/202215:3018:30Richard HerzogWould like to bring prospective new member to 'study the water'.
06/08/202214:3017:30Ian MitchellIntending to fish
30/07/202214:0018:00Dylan Blandintending to fish
30/07/202214:0018:00David Bland
31/07/202210:0018:00Ian MitchellIntending to fish
29/07/202217:0021:00Ian BaguleyFishing
28/07/202218:0021:00Dylan Blandmay bring a guest
26/07/202216:3020:00Steve Gauge
27/07/202212:0021:00Ian BaguleyMay bring a guest.
27/07/202212:0021:00Ian BaguleyMay bring a guest.
27/07/202212:0020:00Mungo MunroSome work to do then fish
28/07/202210:0018:00Ian MitchellIntending to fish
26/07/202217:0021:00Guy Malingplanning to fish
23/07/202216:3021:00Kevin Voyceintend fishing
20/07/202218:0021:00Guy Malingintending to fish if weather ok
20/07/202208:0014:00Ian MitchellIntending to fish
16/07/202218:0022:00Wilf Nelson
15/07/202218:0021:00Guy Malingplanning to fish
14/07/202210:3017:00Paul DouganIntending to fish with Mark Cumpston
14/07/202210:3017:00Mark CumpstonIntending to fish with Paul Dougan
13/07/202216:0021:00Mungo MunroIntending to fish in the evening
12/07/202218:0021:30Guy Malingintending to fish tonight
15/07/202208:0013:00Ian MitchellIntending to fish
11/07/202208:0011:00Mungo MunroIntending to fish early
10/07/202218:0022:00Wilf Nelson
12/07/202210:0016:00Brian OwenIntend to fish with guest
07/07/202214:3017:45Ian BaguleyGoing to have a brief foray
07/07/202213:0016:00Leigh Jones
07/07/202211:0017:00Wilf Nelson
13/07/202209:0015:00Ian BaguleyBringing one guest
04/07/202210:0014:00Mungo MunroIntending to fish
09/07/202214:0018:00Ian MitchellNew member exploring
01/07/202215:0016:00Ian Baguley
01/07/202215:0016:00Ian Baguley
01/07/202215:0017:00Leigh Jones
02/07/202209:0001:00Andy RenwickHoping to find four hours to take my boys to the reservoir while my wife has her hair done . I’ll be in a blue Ford Fiesta - which is a bit snug
30/06/202213:0018:00Mike ThompsonGuest A Dyas
29/06/202209:0012:00Mungo MunroIntending to fish
28/06/202208:3014:30Graham LloydIntend to fish
28/06/202208:3014:30Michael LloydIntend to fish
27/06/202211:3017:00Wilf Nelson
24/06/202210:3015:30Kevin Voyceintend fishing
24/06/202217:0021:00Andy Renwick
22/06/202218:3021:00Charles Morrisintending to fish
21/06/202218:0000:00Brian OwenIntend to fish
21/06/202216:3019:30Steve GaugeIntent to fish
19/06/202214:0018:00Mark CumpstonIntending to fish
17/06/202212:0015:00Brian OwenIntend to fish
17/06/202212:0016:00Ian BaguleyWill be there with brushcutters from 9.30 to 12.00 cutting the paths in. May then fish if the predicted 28 degree heat isn't oppressive.
17/06/202210:0016:00Mungo MunroStrimming accesses in morning and if cool enough a few hours fishing
12/06/202212:3016:30Kevin Voyceintend fishing despite the windy conditions
13/06/202215:0018:00Guy Maling
12/06/202210:0018:00Mungo MunroIntending to fish, taking guest
08/06/202209:0015:00Graham LloydIntend to fish
08/06/202209:0015:00Michael LloydIntend to fish
09/06/202214:3017:30Ian Baguleyintending to fish
09/06/202210:0017:00Mungo MunroIntending to fish
02/06/202211:0013:00John Hewett
07/06/202210:0015:00Jane JonesIntend to fish
01/06/202215:0018:00Guy Maling
01/06/202215:0019:00Neil Andrews
31/05/202212:0016:00David CarringtonIntend to fish this afternoon
30/05/202210:0015:00Ian BaguleyMyself plus a guest intending to fish.
29/05/202210:0013:00Tom NewallIntending to fish
29/05/202210:0013:00Tom Newall
24/05/202209:0015:00Graham LloydIntend to fish
24/05/202209:0015:00Michael LloydIntend to fish
10/05/202217:0020:30Steve GaugeIntending to fish
29/04/202212:0016:00Paul Stevenson
21/04/202210:3016:00Kevin Voyce
21/04/202209:0017:00Mungo MunroStrimming and fishing