Vyrnwy - Banwy Confluence Beats Booking Form

  • Fishing is permitted from 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025 (trout and grayling only).
  • Bookings will be required in advance (or on the day if spaces are available) for the ‘Vyrnwy – Banwy Confluence Beats’ via the UTFC website booking system before commencing fishing.
  • A booking will cover all beats named in the ‘Vyrnwy – Banwy Confluence Beats’ group.
  • The maximum number anglers permitted to book on any one day is limited to four.
  • Catch returns to be mandatory and posted on the club website.
  • Fly fishing with artificial flies only with “Catch and Release”.
  • Members should park in the designated parking areas and display their UTFC badges.
  • Members are required to carry their UTFC identity cards.
  • Fishing is restricted to Full UTFC members only. Members are not permitted to take guests on these beats under the UTFC Guest Ticket system. Guests will have to purchase a day ticket.

This booking covers Broniarth Bridge, Mathrafal to Newbridge, Banwy Confluence and New Bridge Farm.

Fishing DateStart TimeEstimated Finish TimeNameRemarks
01/04/202409:0015:00Web MasterTest entry
01/04/202412:0014:00Kevin VoyceWEBSITE TEST
04/04/202411:0015:00Pat Conner
20/04/202411:0015:00Pat Conner
20/04/202411:0016:00Kevin Voyce
24/04/202413:0016:00Richard HerzogInvestigating.
25/04/202411:0016:00Ian MitchellExploring down from Mathrafal
04/05/202410:3015:00Kevin Voyce
12/06/202412:0004:00Sandy Chapple_Gill